Radio advert evaluation


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  • Leah this is a good start with some Media and technical language. Include images more in your next presentation. Your advert needed bedding music for sure and the sped up voice did not say the website clearly.
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Radio advert evaluation

  1. 1. By Leah Gibbons
  2. 2.  When we were recording the parts for our radio advert, we couldn’t find enough people who were able to be the voices so we had to ask one person to do two different characters, but in different voices. It worked quite well and is also quite humorous. Our radio advert was extremely over the time limit so we had to cut out a lot such as the sound effects and un-important speaking roles.
  3. 3.  We worked quite well, although one of the people we asked to voice a character wasn’t very confident and she often spoke quietly into the recorder, so we often had to record her parts more than once. We decided for our radio advert that we would record each line separately and then put it all together in audacity. This worked quite well but it took a lot of time to get everything in the right order and we struggled to finish it.
  4. 4.  We used a lot of repetition, having people exclaim “Waves!” as often as we could so that our target audience would remember the name of the shop. We wanted to add bedding music to our radio advert and if we had more time we would do that. We made our own sound effects to put into the advert but we had to cut them out because our advert was too long. We also made a jingle but we had to cut that out too.
  5. 5.  We used audacity to put together and edit our radio advert. It was really good for cutting out dead space and layering sounds, for example, we had three separate recordings of people shouting “Waves!” and using audacity we had these playing at the same time as if they were together. It was hard to use audacity at first but it’s a rather easy software and I learnt how to use the basics quite quickly.
  6. 6.  We created and used a catchy slogan for the shop, “it’s just the shop you need” so that the viewers will think of the slogan and remember the shop. We used repetition a lot in our advert with the name of the shop and the slogan so that it will get caught in the target audience’s head. We made our advert short, 30 seconds long so that it wouldn’t get too boring and will hopefully stay in the viewers head. We didn’t use any sound effects or a jingle as we couldn’t fit it in our advert.
  7. 7.  We are representing beach sporty individuals or families that live near the coast by having family characters that need beach equipment in our advert.
  8. 8.  We had some feedback informing us that our radio advert would have been better with some bedding music to keep the audience’s attention. I agree with this.