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The Essentials of content marketing


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The very essentials of content marketing - why do it, how to get started, what to expect...

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The Essentials of content marketing

  1. 1. The Essentials Of Content Marketing By Juho Tunkelo
  2. 2. Why Content Marketing? It Increases Impression Of Market Leadership And Improves Positioning In The Market It Brings In Long Term Qualified Traffic Without Content, You’d Have A Harder Time Selling Online - Better Let Them Decide!
  3. 3. Creating Stories Worth Spreading Charity Projects With a Unique Twist Are Always Stories Worth Spreading! Celebrities Having a Good Experience With Your Company & Your Products (Inexpensive) Regular People Having Lives Transformed Science Made Exciting And Relatable - ‘Get More Clock Cycles In Your Brain & Life’...
  4. 4. Blogging Still Matters Changing Content Is Important For Search Engine Rankings - Blogging Is Best For This New Content Is Important For Leads & Prospects - People Who Need More Time Only 1% Of All People Online (If That) Actually Publish Original Content - Easy For You To Differentiate! Just Begin...
  5. 5. Video Gets Even Bigger People Stay Longer On Site With Video - Improves Search Engine Rankings & Stickiness Needs To Be Topical, Punchy And Interesting Personal Touch Essential - No Faceless Rhetoric, Broadcast Style Or Too Ghetto Either Good To Work Off A Script - Then Improvise
  6. 6. Curation! Not All Content Needs To Be Created From Scratch! (You Can Create Original Content By Repurposing Existing Stories, Too) So Much Available Content - Topic Related News, Tons Of Available Video, Studies Etc. The Value To Reader Is Equal To Fresh - As Long As You Insert Some Character Into It!
  7. 7. Content Delivery & Syndication Email - Still The Best Delivery Rates! Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Video Networks - YouTube, Vimeo + Aggregators like Traffic Geyser, OnlyWire Etc. Backlinks - Still Important, Use Personal Networking, Guest Blogging Etc!
  8. 8. Getting Your Content Actually Found The Old Way: The More Links You Have Coming In, The Better Ranked You Are The New Way: The More Your Content Gets Shared, The More You Show Up In SERPs The Good: It Takes A Lot Less Effort To Rank The Bad: It’s Now Easier To Game The System
  9. 9. Action Plan! Assign A Person Responsible For Content Create A Content Calendar To Attend To Create Social Media Accounts Create A Repeatable System And Work It
  10. 10. Content Marketing Is The Long Game In January 2012, The Coca-Cola Company Announced Plans To Double Revenues... With Content Alone! You Always Pay For Traffic - Either In Money For Ads Or In Time & Effort For Content Show We’re Not Only Alive And Well But The Best Choice Out There, Active Content Creation Is The Best Way To Show This