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The Elements of a Great Landing Page


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How landing pages work... the fundamentals, explained.

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The Elements of a Great Landing Page

  1. 1. Main Elements Of A Good Landing Page By Juho Tunkelo
  2. 2. The Headline Stack Pre-head: A short sentence that reminds them why they ended up on the page; Latches onto the emotional state they came in with Keeps their attention solid, and possibly aggravates the problem - so they want the solution “Tired of living in fear of cardiac disease? Help is near...”
  3. 3. The Headline Stack The Headline: A Strong Encapsulation Of The Main Benefit Or Reason ‘Why This Solution’ Emotional Appeal, Capture Attention, Max. 17-20 Words Long “What If... You No Longer Had To Worry About Which Disease Will ‘Get You’ And Lived FREE The Rest Of Your Life?”
  4. 4. The Headline Stack The Subheading: Gives A Preview Of The Actual Solution - Down To Practical Level May Introduce Product Itself, Take A Newsy Approach, Give Stats Or Position Agains Competition Age-Old Remedy Found Stunningly Effective In Preventing Modern ‘Lifestyle Diseases’
  5. 5. The Bullets The Best Benefits Clad In Punchy Statements Attract Curiosity, Increase Interest, Generate Intrigue, Indicate There’s More... Examples: The ancient stress cure everyone’s heard of... but only a select few know how to use! Why your doctor didn’t tell you about this (and yet might end up help pay for it)
  6. 6. The Proof Two Main Types: Endorsement & Testimonial Endorsements By High Status People Bring Credibility And An Air Of Prestige Testimonials By Regular People Bring Believability And Trust That This Will Work
  7. 7. Call to Action Promise Something Of Immediate Value For Their Opt-In (A Gift Of Some Sort, More Info) Manage Expectations: Tell Them What’s Going To Happen Next, How They’ll Be Better Off Ask For The Minimum Involvement At This Point: Just Email, Maybe Name, And Go...
  8. 8. The Big Idea Move The Prospect Closer To The Desired Result They’re After Specifically They Get A Taste Of The Idea, Then Feel What It Might Be Like... And Eventually, They Want to Buy In!