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Content Marketing - CBS presentation by Taylor Ryan


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Content Strategy - My 3 hour presentation for CBS covering content strategy, tools, growth hacking, and more!

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Content Marketing - CBS presentation by Taylor Ryan

  1. 1. Get ready to learn some cool shit Workshop 2: Content Marketing Google Success Online and MarketingLab
  2. 2. Taylor Ryan CMO of a Co-founded 5 startups 11+ years experience Published a few marketing ebooks Consulted on SEO/SEM for 4+ years Mentor, startup junkie, technical marketer, and growth hacker
  3. 3. Introduction Me, you, and goals for today 0 1 What is Content Why it matters, what is it? 0 2 Why Good Content Always Wins Only strive for greatness 0 3 Tips for the Best Written Content What works and how 0 4 Better Visual Content Images and visuals0 5 Video Is The Future Video content – what counts 0 6 Table of Contents Here’s what going down today
  4. 4. Amplification Getting seen and heard 0 7 Staying Organized Structuring your process 0 8 Measure Everything See how far you’ve come 0 9 Optimization Doing more with less, then making it better 1 0 Wrap up Images and visuals1 1 Questions? Video content – what counts1 2 Table of Contents Here’s what going down today
  5. 5. About Since 2012 and has taught over 30,000 Danish companies in digital marketing for free. Danish Business Authority, PwC, Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, ASE, FDIH, IT-Industry and IVÆKST are partners of Success Online In 2016, success online began teaching students to meet the high demand for digital marketers
  6. 6. I recently wrote an article about Networking in Denmark for …and pissed off a lot of people Fun Fact
  7. 7. My Goal for Today? Provide Value
  8. 8. Why are you here?
  9. 9. Content PR / Amplification SEO SEM Social Media Email Marketing Website Design CRO / UX Automation Onboarding Marketing Is All About Systems
  10. 10. What is Content
  11. 11. 105+ types of content marketing/content-to-fill-calendar/ It’s everything It’s what gets you noticed What is Content?
  12. 12. The Why Behind the Why • Discovery • Awareness • Legitimizes your business + expertise Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. (Source: DemandMetric)
  13. 13. Content Strategy
  14. 14. Target Your Content At Customers • Create Byer Personas -Who will buy this product / service -What are their pain points -What other interests they have -Most common questions -What is their life like? • Answer the questions they have -What are the industry secrets? -What do people in your own industry struggle with understanding? -What other topics do people in your industry find interesting? -What do people in your industry have in common?
  15. 15. Marketing Funnel
  16. 16. Marketing Funnel
  17. 17. Why Good Content Always Wins “Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.” -Ron Swanson
  18. 18. Strive to make something GREAT One piece of brilliant content can change an entire industry and make a company millions Truth
  19. 19. 20% of your content = 80% of your traffic Pareto Principle
  20. 20. Where do the best ideas come from? -Stealing the best content -News / Industry blogs -Relevance for your audience -Influencers
  21. 21. Ahrefs – Top Content
  22. 22. Tips for the Best Written Content
  23. 23. Title Generators Work Power + Emotions Work Better Titles Build lists Length: 8-12 words
  24. 24. How Long Should My Post Be? -3000+ words -Cover a topic in more detail -Long posts have better engagement -Search engine algorithms want “meaningful engagement
  25. 25. Considerations: SEO + Content LSI vs Keyword Focus Long Content = Better for SEO SERP ranking Boost authority Forget short keywords *6 months to build + 6 months to scale
  26. 26. Include Everything! Make a Checklist: -Cover your topic from every angle -Use every medium to explain, display, and describe -Visuals, graphics, memes, etc -Skimmable -Give people a chance to share it -Value
  27. 27. What if I’m a bad writer? -Practice -Voice to text – or any other solution -Find someone who does! -Article writing services exist at $5 - $100 per article (fiverr, Konker, Upwork, etc) -Plagiarism checkers
  28. 28. Finish Strong Go down every road. Finish every thought. The last 10% is always the hardest
  29. 29. Better Visual Content
  30. 30. Find your style Get a copy of photoshop Better Visuals Create in Bulk Schedule in bulk
  31. 31. Style sheetTemplates or
  32. 32. Video Is the Future
  33. 33. Tools for tools Statistics Video is the Future Future of video SEO
  34. 34. Creating + Editing Video Screen Capture software: Camtasia, useloom, screenr, or google it Video Editing: iMovie, Premiere, Finalcut, Camtasia, etc Stock footage: Storyblocks, slidely, dissolve Explainer Video Powtoon, Go!Animate, Moovly, Rawshorts
  35. 35. SEO for Video: Titles Description / export transcript Tags Thumbnails
  36. 36. Posting Video Best times to post: -Youtube: 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday -Linkedin: Tuesday at 3 and 9 p.m., Wednesday 3 to 4 p.m., Thursday 2 to 3 p.m. and Friday at 10 a.m. -Facebook: Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m -Instagram: Evenings between 7 and 9 p.m. -Twitter: 1 to 3 p.m. every day Natively for better engagement
  37. 37. Cracking the Code I posted it late on Sunday… it shouldn’t have worked My Best Engagement is Video… of nothing
  38. 38. SoMe
  39. 39. Social Media B2C vs B2B Not one size fits all Monitor fake / unengaged followers What platform does your audience use most? Automation Tools:
  40. 40. SoMe Algorithms Your post is exposed to >10% of your audience Early Engagement = more value Each type of engagement is weighted differently
  41. 41. SoMe Algorithms All social networks are pushing for “meaningful engagement” More success = more success + exposure Engagement on SoMe influences SERP
  42. 42. Linkedin Best for B2B Broetry Algo updates are all about “meaningful engagement” Articles + Groups are a waste Good for building your own following
  43. 43. Facebook Best for SEM Build a community via groups Biggest SoMe platform by FAR
  44. 44. Boosting Engagement Tips for More Engagement -If you’re writing lists tag people! Use the @Button -Try putting the link to anything in the first comment – TEST IT! -Tag Influencers / Pages / Friends / Colleagues -Early Engagement wins the day -#Hashtags Tag! You’re it!
  45. 45. Influencer Marketing + Hashtags Engage with influencers Research on medium sized folks Engage and provide value Hashtags Matter Get yourself into conversations Engage with Influencers: GROWING FROM ZERO IS HARD
  46. 46. Influencer Marketing + Hashtags Engage with Influencers
  47. 47. Amplification
  48. 48. Similar articles Templates Mentioned list SoMe
  49. 49. Amplification - Outreach: Tools to find email address Tools for outreach
  50. 50. Messaging for Outreach Test subject lines – Click Bait Works – Get crazy! Compliment + Compliment + Question Engage for following reasons: -Write a guest post / exchange -Share content -Participate in an expert interview -Feedback -Provide value
  51. 51. Staying Organized
  52. 52. Staying Organized Blog content calendar Video content calendar
  53. 53. Scheduling time to create Tips for Scheduling -Shoot more than one video series at once -Set 1-2 hours for writing once a week -Dictate using a voice to text app / Microsoft Make time
  54. 54. Measure Everything
  55. 55. KPIs: See how far you’ve come Traffic / Organic Conversions Monitor backlinks Keywords / SERP
  56. 56. KPIs Beware of Vanity Metrics What REALLY Matters? -Conversions > Traffic -Engagement > Followers -ROI > Sign Ups
  57. 57. 6 months to build, 6 more to scale (Saas) Anyone who tells you different is selling you something or an asshole How long does it take to get a ton of growth starting at zero?
  58. 58. Optimization
  59. 59. Add content Update Old Blog Posts Focus on LSI keywords Re-release same content
  60. 60. ebook Make Blog Content Downloadable Lumen5 Video List = Downloadable Re-release everything
  61. 61. Your email for my content Conversion Forms Everywhere Give it away- but get something!
  62. 62. Wrap up
  63. 63. Put in the Work Don’t be an “idea guy” We could all sit in a room for another 3 hours to come up with the best pieces of viral content Ideas VS Execution
  64. 64. Put in the Work Good / Bad Bosses Remember the negative feeling We will all work for someone who is dumber than us Never treat someone else in that way Not all of content marketing is the “fun stuff”
  65. 65. Taylor Ryan on linkedin Connect With Me Author
  66. 66. THANK YOU Questions?