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Top Business Blogging Trends: 2015 Research


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Surveys of 1000+ business bloggers from this year and last reveal all kinds of insights how marketers approach creating, promoting and evaluating their content.

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Top Business Blogging Trends: 2015 Research

  1. Research RevealsTop BloggingTrends
  2. In both 2014 and 2015, Orbit Media conducted a survey of more than 1000 BUSINESS BLOGGERS. Find out how you stack up with blogging professionals worldwide.
  3. TOP TAKEAWAYSfrom the research Presenting the
  4. 0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% Less than 500 words 500 - 1000 words 1000 - 1500 words 1500 - 2000 words More than 2000 words 2014 2015 Taking time? How long is your typical blog post? Bloggers are investing more time creating posts.
  5. Serious business bloggers put more effort into their craft and are logging longer hours. 16% spend 4+ hours per post. 6% spend 6+ hours. 2.5 hours is the average time invested in writing.
  6. The top 6% invest 2x as much time as the bottom 70%. 54% knock-out blog posts in an hour or two.Will they achieve their goals?
  7. 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% Less than 1 hour 1- 2 hours 2- 3 hours 3- 4 hours More than 6+ hours 2014 2015 4- 6 hours Going long? How long does it take to write a typical post? Far more bloggers now pen lengthier posts.
  8. Blog posts of 1,500+ words have increased by 72%. Average word counts are up approximately 100 words compared to last year.
  9. Shorties Less than 20% produce posts of less than 500 words (which is lower than last year). The sweet spot The 500 -1000 range remains the most popular length (though it’s declined). Long Posts of 1000 - 1500 words have increased Longer The trend holds steady in the 1500 - 2000 word range. Longest About 2x as many bloggers now write posts upwards of 2000 words.
  10. 0.0% 7.5% 15.0% 22.5% 30.0% more than dailyr daily 2 - 6 Posts/Week weekly monthly less than monthly irregular intervals several per month 2014 2015 Publish much? How frequently are bloggers publishing? 85% publish at regular intervals.
  11. The majority of bloggers publish weekly or more. The number of bloggers publishing daily (or more) has risen. 53% publish at least weekly. Only 15% publish at irregular intervals. Daily bloggers report spending less time writing their posts.
  12. Moonlighting? 25.0% 35.0% 45.0% 55.0% 65.0% early morning during business hours after business hours at night on the weekends 2014 2015 When do bloggers blog? More blogging is being done during normal work hours.
  13. Blogging is less a hobby and more an occupation.
  14. 0.0% 25.0% 50.0% 75.0% 100.0% Social Media SEO Email Marketing Influencer Outreach Other 2014 2015 Paid Services Driving traffic? How are bloggers driving traffic to their posts? 93% of bloggers share their content on social networks.
  15. There is a general increase in the use of most promotion channels. Search, email, paid and influencer marketing are all up. Buying traffic has increased dramatically. $
  16. 0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% an image more than one image video audio Other 2014 2015 a list Got media? What media are bloggers including in their content? Images and lists are the most popular formats for blog content.
  17. Nearly half of all bloggers use multiple images in their posts. The use of audio has gone up.The use of video has gone down.
  18. 0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% I edit my own work “show it to a person or two”(informal) I use an editor (formal) More than one editor 2014 2015 Editor needed? Do bloggers use editors? The majority of bloggers do not have editors.
  19. Only 16% have a formal editing process. There is a 16% increase in using editors.
  20. 0.0% 12.5% 25.0% 37.5% 50.0% none less than 5% 5 - 25% 25 - 50% 75 - 100% 2014 2015 50 - 75% Guest posting? What percentage of your posts are guest posts? 64% write for more than one blog.
  21. 0.0% 15.0% 30.0% 45.0% 60.0% none less than 5% 5 - 25 % 25 - 50 % 50 - 75 % 2014 2015 75 - 100 % For hire? (posts written to promote businesses other than their own) What percentage of posts are written for clients? 57% write content on behalf of clients (at least some of the time).
  22. 0.0% 7.5% 15.0% 22.5% 30.0% I don’t have acces to analytics Never/Rarely Occasionally Usually Always 2014 2015 Who’s counting? How often do bloggers check their analytics? 95% have access to analytics, but only 55% regularly check them.
  23. WHAT’S NEW IN BUSINESS BLOGGING? Bloggers are stepping it up. Survey result comparisons from the past two years reflect an increase across the board in: Time spent per post Length of the average post Posts created for clients Working on blogging during office hours
  24. Original survey data Presentation design Research and writing
  25. Want to talk about content marketing? I invite you to share this research and welcome opportunities to present data-based insights regardingbusiness blogging, content marketing and web design and development. Andy Crestodina, strategic director