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Tom Peters in Bahrain


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My personal notes from the Uber Guru Tom Peters as he presented on Personal Excellence in Bahrain on 10 Jun 2014 at the Gulf Hotel Convention Centre. Read more at

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Tom Peters in Bahrain

  1. 1. Jose Paul Martin! Investor. Trader. Advisor. Tom Peters in Bahrain on 10-06-2014
  2. 2. • -1/+1 = Number of companies related every 2 weeks on S&P aka - the world we’re living in is fragile • Silicon Vally = #1 (in business failures) • “The essence of capitalism is encouraging failure not rewarding success” - N. Taleb (FROM ANTI-FRAGILE) • “Be the BEST, it’s the only market NOT CROWDED”! • Don’t throw away a majority of your hours! • “OBSCENE PROFITS will allow you to hire OBSCENELY talented PEOPLE” Takeaways from Tom Peters
  5. 5. • 1,000,000 = no of Foxconn robots n/year • TECHNOLOGIES are running ahead, SKILLS are lagging! • ALGO on the board of a VC company, to make decisions. IT is the sixth board member! • Age of ROBOTS = NEVER WANTS vacation, works overtime, never late. • With #4B working, something is definitely going to happen. Takeaways from Tom Peters
  6. 6. • CEOs DON’T READ ENOUGH = BIGGEST PROBLEM TODAY.! • “If you want staff to give great service, give great service to staff” • “You have to treat your employees like customers” • OATH of OFFICE / Manager/ Servant Leader • Peter Drucker = Humanist = Believed in PEOPLE Takeaways from Tom Peters
  7. 7. • TRAINING AS INVESTMENT #1 (even for a 6 member company) • “We send NOTSO-GREAT staff to training and we get bad results, and we conclude TRAINING is BAD! • Randomly stop an employee - can he describe his development program for the next 12 months??? Takeaways from Tom Peters
  8. 8. • I cannot promise you… • Life Time Job • 12 Month Job • 6 Month Job • But I can promise you the best 6 months of your professional life! Takeaways from Tom Peters
  9. 9. • For a LEADER, it is always SHOWTIME! • BIAS FOR ACTION (my view, bias for MASSIVE ACTION!) • PLANNING Vs. ACTING • What makes God laugh…?! • People making PLANS! Takeaways from Tom Peters
  10. 10. • WHOEVER TRIES THE MOST STUFF = WINS • FAIL. FORWARD. FAST! • “Reward EXCELLENT FAILURES, punish MEDIOCRE SUCCESS” - Phil Daniels • Can your business FAIL FAST ENOUGH to succeed? Welcome to the idea economy. WTTMS ASTMSUTFW • The secret of fast progress is INEFFICIENCY. Takeaways from Tom Peters
  11. 11. • “You will become like the five people you associate with” - Bill Cox. • This can be a BLESSING or a CURSE. • Q: Who is the most interesting person you met, in the last 6 months, and tell me how I can meet them. Takeaways from Tom Peters
  12. 12. • The BOTTLENECK is at the TOP of the BOTTLE!!!!! • LBT = Little BIG things + TGR = Things Gone Right • ART OF LISTENING…. MUST ******* MUST **** MUST *** • + RESPONSIVENESS • “People get in trouble for responses, not for what they DID”! • legal suing - is an American favorite sport! (haha!) • MAKE-THE-THREE-MINUTE-CALL: Save disaster… Takeaways from Tom Peters