System builder train july 20th 2013


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System builder train july 20th 2013

  1. 1. Saturday July 20th
  2. 2. In 2009, 140 banks failed, and another 157 in 2010 (FDIC 2010). The Failure of the Financial Industry 3 THE SLEEPING GIANT by Ken McElroy, 1st Edition, January 2011. Nov ’68 – May ’70 Jan ’73 – Oct ’74 Sept ’76 – Mar ’78 Jan ’81 – Aug ’82 Aug ’87 – Dec ’87 July ’90 – Oct ’90 Mar ’00 – Oct ’02 Oct ’07 – Mar ’09 Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss 36.1% 48.2% 19.4% 25.8% 33.5% 19.9% 49.1% 56.1% (Standard & Poor’s Corporation 2010) The Bear Market in the last 40 years:
  3. 3. The Failure of the Financial Industry 3 THE SLEEPING GIANT by Ken McElroy, 1st Edition, January 2011. For the last 20 years prior to December 31, 2008, the average annual returns of: Equity Fund Investor: 1.87% Fixed Income Fund Investor: .77% Asset Allocation Fund Investor: 1.67% Inflation Rate: 2.89% (Dalbar, March 2009) Real estate loss amounted to $3.4 trillion in wealth, about $30,000 per household. Stock market loss amounted to $7.4 trillion recently, about $66,200 per household. (The Sleeping Giant) 3
  4. 4. Prudential Financial US agents went from 20,000 to 2,450; Met Life from 14,000 to 8,000. Today, the average age of Life Insurance Agents is 56. (WSJ March 19, 2010) The Shrinking Insurance Industry In 1975: 18.9 million policies sold. In 2009: 10.2 million policies sold, a 46% decline. (ACLI Life Insurance Fact Book, 2010) Only 44% of US households do have life insurance, a 50 year low. Almost 8 in 10 US household do not have a personal life insurance agent or broker, and most of them say they never did have one. (LIMRA, August 2010) “Worst of all, 70% of career life agents in their second year make less than $35,000 a year. Fewer than 20% of the new agents are still on the job after 4 years.” (WSJ, March 19, 2010)
  5. 5. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. The Wake Up Call According to a recent survey by Manpower, 84% of employees plan to look for a new position in 2011. (, December 23, 2010) Half of all college graduates now believe that self employment is more secure than a full time job. 70% of today’s high schoolers intend to start their own companies. (US News and World Report, June 5, 2008)
  6. 6. Build Your Future FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. 3. Give yourself time. It takes months to receive basic training. It takes time to have a good team It takes at 3-5 years to have business in many locations and to build a solid foundation for your future. 1. Be a good student of the business: Teachable: the ability to learn Coachable: the ability to follow The fastest way to learn is in the field with your trainer. 2. Attend all the meetings.
  7. 7. The Magic of Match-Up The Match-Up System is the key to: • Width - Profitablibity • Depth - Stability • Trains Your Team Properly Match-Up Power Principles • Each new associate in the field within 24 to 48 hours with an experienced trainer • Helps retain your existing team by allowing them to make money field training new associates • Increases activity for the whole organization • 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing
  8. 8. Vice President “Life of it’s Own” I. A Recruit Isn’t a Recruit Until They have A Recruit! A new person really isn’t anchored into the business until they are: 1. Field Trained 2. A Crusader 3. Recruited a New Person II A Leg is not a Leg until it’s at least 4 deep Depth = Security Drive Deep • Find Leaders • Lock in Associates •Overlapping Leaders III. Leg has Life of it’s Own At Least Two layers of Leaders
  9. 9. VP “Life of it’s Own” 5 People to Train Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  10. 10. VP MatchUp System Trainer Trainer Trainer Trainer Trainer 5 Sales One Night vs. One Week You Split & Override Leverage Your Time Leverage Team Leverage Earnings
  11. 11. VP 100% of Zero is Zero VP
  12. 12. The Law of Averages And The Law of High Numbers The “Law of Averages” says that not everyone you hire will be a Super Star Plant Many Seeds Because Not All Of Them Will Grow Hire 25% of Prospects 400 Interview= 100 New People 100 People= 10 Agents 10 agents= One Strong VP Like Most Business: This Is a Numbers Business ** Remember you are not doing this by yourself you have a TEAM
  13. 13. Mindset  One sale a week  One personal recruit (4/4/30) See Income Calculator
  14. 14. “Are you in front of your computer?” Three People a Day
  15. 15.  Schedule Must Do’s  Fill The Nooks and Crannies
  16. 16.  Visibility  Build Huge Prospect Pools  Learn about People  Contact and Message
  17. 17.  Casual , Fun and Light  Pictures and Video  1 in 20 business rule post  Two Profiles  Political, Poor taste or R rated humor
  18. 18. Check your  Your Profile, Brand and Message
  19. 19.  Own Your Own channel  People love Video
  20. 20.  Go to Local Networking  Meetup and Coffee  Target People Take Notes  Follow up!!!!
  21. 21. Everyone -Natural Groups- Occupation CPA, Tax, and Attorneys Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, P&C, Title Health Agents
  22. 22. “Have Diversification of Income without Distraction” I show __________ how to have
  23. 23. “Turn Your Competition Into A Profit Center” I show __________ how to
  24. 24. “Help Your Clients and Help Yourself” I show __________ how to
  25. 25. If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people. (Chinese Proverb)
  26. 26. You only need a System if you want to have BIG business.
  27. 27. Small minds pay attention to personal skills and techniques. Great minds pay attention to the System.
  28. 28. The ultimate entrepreneur. Your main purpose is to build a large team and a big business, and you must build it through the System!!!!
  29. 29. Like a railroad track. You labor to build the track but when it's done it's easy to run on and the train picks up speed! It takes focused discipline and sacrifice.
  30. 30. You must master the System and follow the System religiously. If you want your team to copy you, you can't follow it once in a while. You must do it all the time. Following the System (Aim at recruits hit sales) must not be a phase of you business life but a WAY of your business life!!!
  31. 31. If your first generation duplicates you, your second generation will duplicate your first, and your third will duplicate your second and on and on. Systemize to multiply. Be fruitful and multiply.
  32. 32. The System shows you step-by-step exaclty what you need to do to arrive to your destination. Like a combination lock, like a key to a door, like a GPS system.
  33. 33. Confusion, frustration, chaos, internal conflict, uncoachability, unteachability, discouragement, quitting. Coachability is being submissive, humble.
  34. 34. Be a student of the business. You run the System and System runs your business. You wouldn't buy a Mcdonalds and then try to change the menu!
  35. 35. A simple solution for building a BIG business; A powerful growth machine, a clear focus System, a plan to simplify and multiply, a VAST new prospect market, an explosion of presentations and production, predictable and duplicatable, lowers barriers to all builders, easy to monitor, goal driven, clear aim for next step, wide-deep-geometric growth, a fast, efficient way to build a big Base Shop, train more trainers, creates urgency and mozone, mobilizes old and new builders, fosters teamwork, increases taprooting, liberates builders for expansion and more.
  36. 36. Aim to qualify for VP in your first 90 days The ultimate position! You run your own business at this stage. Great income potential, great security potential. Your aim then is to build an VP FACTORY!!!! You are either an VP or an VP in training!!!!
  37. 37. Being a VP is your business. This is your outlet. Your total focus is to identify, build and lead a large team of VPs. Your daily activities should be anything that helps you build new VPs. Everyone must know the VP promotion guidelines Everyone must know where they currently stand in reqard to their promotion. How many VPs can you build, how fast and in how many cities?
  38. 38. Join, meet the spouse, prospect list, personal financial strategy, match up for field building appointments, recruit 3 direct fast. A FAST START is everything!!!
  39. 39. 3 purposes 1. Resell the dream to existing team members. 2. Teach current teammates how to sell the dream. 3. Sell the dream to new prospects.
  40. 40. Arrive early with your guest, sit your guest in front, stay in the meeting, dress sharp, have your guest dress well, introduce your guests to your teammates and most importantly to the BOP presenter. After the meeting take your guest to your upline to schedule a follow up interview. Get them some literature to read.
  41. 41. Showing up on time, or late. Arrive early! Bringing a bad day to the BOP. Waiting for your guests in the parking lot. Leaving the meeting, talking in the meeting, answering rhetorical questions by the presenter, acting casual to a first time guest. Doing the BOP too much before the BOP!
  42. 42. Within 48 hours, during the day, with the the inviter.
  43. 43. 1.Stay after the meeting 2.Get some literature 3.Set a follow up interview 4.Keep the follow up interview and join 5.Develop a prospect list 6.Set goal (3 recruits fast) and action plan 7.Match up with a leader for field building 8.Finalize your personal financial strategy.
  44. 44.  Shows the Vision  Shows the Mission  A part time business
  45. 45.  We are looking for serious, committed, har d working people  We will accommodate you
  46. 46.  Let’s do your paperwork now.  Take this home to fill out…
  47. 47.  You need to be licensed in 8 weeks  Take your time
  48. 48.  Goal to be VP in 6 months!  Take your time…
  49. 49.  Let’s work together on your prospect list  Fill out your names list…
  50. 50.  Tell them the challenges  Make it too easy
  51. 51. If a new recruit does not have a fast start…. Then they will have a slow start. It is critical to have a strong start. A new recruit that starts fast tends to duplicate a fast start to their team.
  52. 52. 1. Join 2. Create your goals. 3. Make your prospect list. 4. Own the product. 5. Make appointments or get invitees to a BOP… have a Field Builder. The SPRINT AWARD is in 10 days from signing up a person had their goals, prospect list and owned the product! 6. focus on and get 3 personal recruits in 30 days!
  53. 53. Consistent, relentless focus on the Base will ensure long-term success to a new generation of big base-shop builders.
  54. 54. A true builder always maintains good recruiting numbers in the Base. She must prospect, invite, and do presentations consistently to cultivate the HABITS of a recruiting mentality.
  55. 55. You don’t build an VP. You build a recruiting and building machine. You build an VP factory!
  56. 56. Become a director of motivation. Meetings, events, FastStart School, annual convention, Dream Destination, BOPs, workshops, you are a product of these meetings. If you don’t like your performance then show up for rehersals!
  57. 57. Manage activites, but focus on results. The VP is a do-it-first leader. She runs the system, recruits, builds and motivates. The VP is the fireball of his business.
  58. 58. A common trap of many newly promoted VPS is they learn the role of the VP instead of the role of the VP factory! Your main focus should be to consistently identify 3 new people that are potential VPS-to-be- in your Base and help them become VPS.
  59. 59. When you’re in a team of great builders, your chances of winning increase tenfold!!! You have then greatness in your genes. This is the secret of success in our business. In the industry offices the people play the lonely, the professional game. It is very difficult to find big builders in the financial industry. Our goal is to help builders be in business for themselves but not by themselves. Builders build bigger together.
  60. 60. Coachablity = humility = submissive.
  61. 61. You cannot stretch your own vision so go to the events. There has never been a non-event attender that has gotten big in our business. The secret of success is not in your luck or talent. It is in your vision to surround yourself with many visionary people. “Where there is no vision (revelation) the people perish
  62. 62. Recruits are the lifeblood of your business. Your children keep you young. No recruits and your team dies, like a body lacking air. Without recruits there will be no BOPs, no HOPs, no meetings, no field building, no sales, no money, no promotions, no hope, ho dreams, and no mission. Without recruits you are in a coma.
  63. 63. Enthusiasm, influence and timing are the 3 keys to recruiting. 90% of recruiting is being excited. Your 10 WHYS for doing this business will get you excited! You infect them with your enthusiasm and inject them with your crusade. Recruiting is a transferal of belief. You recruit them with your belief.
  64. 64. Recruit quantity to get quality. Recruit up not downl Believe that this is your breakthrough. “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” William James.
  65. 65. “The army’s disposition of force is like water. Water’s configuration avoids heights and races downward. The army’s disposition of force avoids the substantial and strikes the vacuous. Water configures its flow in accord with the terrain; the army controls its victory in accord with the enemy. Thus, the army does not maintain any constant strategic configuration of power. Water has no constant shape.” Sun Tzu. Art of war book.
  66. 66. You are ONE name, one call, one contact, one invitation, one referral, one presentation, one BOP, one big event away from an explosion!
  67. 67.  Nothing is more exciting than recruiting and building a person from nobody to somebody!!!
  68. 68.  System  Duplication  Large Numbers  Monitoring  Build it BIG  (It’s only worth it if you do it BIG!!!)
  69. 69. You must build at least 5 to 7 strong direct builders. You don’t want to recruit 5 to 7 people. You don’t want to recruit 5 to 7 salespeople. You want to BUILD 5 to 7 BUILDERS! How? Prospect, contact, invite, pick the prospect up, present, BOPs, follow up interview, get started interviews, prospect list, create goals, get sales, follow up, drop by, call them remind them, get them to events.
  70. 70.  At least 10 ten new recruits a month for your team. At least 2 personal recruits per month. Aim at recruits hit sales.
  71. 71. BASE > Super BASE > Super TEAM > Infinity hierarchy. These are your businesses, your outlets, your cash flow machine. You must wake up everyday thinking about how to grow your business. 3 to 5 years from now what is your business going to look like? How many VPS will you have built?
  72. 72.  Works in the Business  Depends on the system  Lives in a built house  Waits for the BOP  Waits for upline  Builds step-by-step  Small picture/dream  Works ON the business  Builds the system  Builds a house to live in  Everyday is a BOP day  Waits for nobody  Stumbles forward  Big picture/dream
  73. 73.  Try to learn attitude  Takes 3 years to learn  Weak, reserved, negative  Slow decision maker  Uncoachable  Doesn’t see their own office  Startup company attitude  Takes 3 months to learn  Strong, excited, positive  Quick decision maker  Coachable  Wants an office ASAP
  74. 74. Build yourself locally first. You will need a very coachable, proactive person at a distance or a local team to build them. They appreciate you more. They will be more independent. They will grow up strong or die. They are willing to travel like you. They will appreciate and honor big events more. Be careful of the cost involved.
  75. 75. Get tough. Don’t take things personal. You do it first.. they do It later. You come first. They come last. They leave first, you Leave last. If you say 10 good things and 1 bad thing they will Remember the bad thing. T hey can criticize you but you can’t Criticize them. They come and go, but you always stay. They Do and they don’t but you always do it. They may win or they May lose but you have to win. You need them but you don’t Need them. You care for them but you don’t care for them.
  76. 76. You must build giants for long term profitability and security. A giant is a system builder with a strong team. A giant has an ambitious vision. They project a successful image. A giant maintains a strong base shop and builds strong frontline leaders. Super Base is the magical area. The cash zone! A giant is generation blind and hierarchy blind, a pure builder. A giant is fanatical about attending big events. A giant makes and saves money big time.
  77. 77. You can’t build peoples’ visions. Big events can. Big events stretch vision, bring the team to a higher level, fulfill major commitments, make major decisions, provide giant food for giants. You can never build a big team unless you understand the importance of the big event. In a big event there is magic in crowds. The environment creates a condition for change. When people travel far away from home and spend money and time, they listen more seriously. When people travel, the team works together with more intensity and urgency. People tend to compare themselves to others and when they see others do it it motivates them.
  78. 78. 1. The leader is distracted. 2. The leader begins to cool down. 3. The leader cares less about his business. 4. The leader lacks communication. 5. The leader lacks overlapping leadership. 6. The leader is not focused on building but sales.
  79. 79. 1. A high level of frustration. 2. An unusual surge in the attitude and vision of the leader. 3. A big dream written down in a specific plan in 6 places. 4. A mastermind alliance of key builders. 5. A daring action/ a bold move!!!!!!!!