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Power of Networking


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This Presentation is about power of Networking....

Published in: Marketing
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Power of Networking

  1. 1. Hello! Are you busy running everyday trying to fulfill your ‘BIG’ dreams?
  2. 2. So, what are your ‘BIG’ DREAMS ?
  3. 3. A Luxury Car…
  4. 4. A Luxury Bungalow…
  5. 5. International Holidays…
  6. 6. Family Time…
  7. 7. Child’s Education..
  8. 8. Big Bank Balance…
  9. 9. Child’s Marriage…
  10. 10. International Holidays Lots of Friends…
  11. 11. Retirement Security…
  12. 12. But, what is your ‘BIG’ Plan??
  13. 13. Well, now that you are here, may be you need some help!! Let me share with you about MLM to help you Achieve Your Dreams!!
  14. 14. WHY DIRECT SELLING IS FOR YOU? Easiest and Fastest Way to Achieve Dreams Requires Very Little Investment No Manpower, No Office, No Inventory Requires No Education Qualifications Best Business to Leverage Time and Income Lifeis1000 15 Opportunity to Own A Business Expands your Social Networking Very High Scalability
  15. 15. Why Joining Networking Industry?  It is the One of the Fastest Growing Industry in the world, No other Industry has produced more MILLIONAIRE than Networking industry in the history of the world.  Be your Own Boss , Start your own business with a very little Investment.  Earn even in case you stop working in future, that is called Residual Income.  You Know, Time + Effort=Money, You can not increase time and effort after a certain level in your job or business , but in Networking, you can enjoy unlimited Time and Effort and unlimited Money through your team.
  16. 16. Ask Yourself? • Does Your Job Provide enough Income and Security for your Future, if Yes How Much? Will it be enough to fulfill all your Responsibilities and Dream? • Will you be able to earn, if you can not work in case of Accident or any other unforeseen event? • How much Investment you need to made in traditional business in order to earn 50000-100000 per month ? Is there any other business which provides you genuine opportunity to earn so much with so little investment? • Does your job will be able to provide 7 Figure Monthly Income in Future?
  17. 17. • Bill Clinton speaks to Network Marketers: “You strengthen our country and our economy not just by striving for your own success but by offering the opportunity to others.” • “When I read in Fortune Magazine that Warren Buffet, the billionaire investor, was investing in direct sales (Network Marketing) I decided I was missing something.” ~ David Bach • “Network Marketing has produced more MILLIONAIRES than ANY other industry in the history of the world.” ~ Les Brown • “Direct selling is actually one of the oldest, most respected business models in the world and has stood the test of time.” ~ Donald Trump, Billionaire Businessman.
  18. 18. Robert Kiosaki Donald Trump Warren Buffet Bill Gates Bill Clinton
  19. 19. You You You
  20. 20. You (1) You (2) You (3) 10 Joining 2200 Joining 50 Joining You (4) New Joining Income Income Income
  21. 21. FAQ 1.Why ID No 2 is important as that ID does not contribute ? Ans.: You may not know which side will be your Power leg and which one will be weaker . That is why it is important to keep your own ID in both side. Moreover that ID will also be useful in earning more in future. 2.Is it important to start with 4 ID? Ans.: No, You should start with 3 ID, work below ID No-2 & ID No-3,Once Confirmed the weaker and power leg, you should take another ID (4) in weaker leg as shown in the Diagram.
  22. 22. Power of Duplication If Everyone bring just 2 Person • 1st Month: 2 Joining • 2nd Month:4 Joining • 3rd Month: 8 Joining • 4th Month:16 Joining • 5th Month:32 Joining • 6th Month:64 Joining • 7th Month:128 Joining • 8th Month:256 Joining • 9th Month:512 Joining • 10th Month:1024 Joining • 11th Month:2048 Joining • 12th Month:4056 Joining You Just assume how much you can earn with 8110 Team Member and Growing everyday with Power of Multiple ID.
  23. 23. Quality Needed in Network Company • SUSTAINABILITY: Company must have the ability to sustain in the long run . Some of the question you must raise: 1.Are Company Management well experienced with good track record? 2.Company having own patented product or not ? If not Does the Company have any Industry or not? 3.Does the MLM the only business company have? Company is the MLM Company or MLM is just the marketing way of the company? 4.Since how many years , company business is running? Does it follow all legal Laws of the Land? 5.Does Company provide unreasonable Return? • PRODUCT: Product Quality should be good, Price should be reasonable and of repurchasable nature. • BUSINESS PLAN: Business Plan Should be good both for Company and Networker . It should be simple, easy to understand and must have the possibility to provide Residual Earning in Future . Software should also be good, easy to handle by common people and should be error free.
  24. 24. Moidul Hoque 91-8822521448