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Cameron jones

  1. 1. Heritage Preservation & Urbanisation in Melbourne Presented By Cameron Jones (Student Number: 352 728)
  2. 2. Context/Background Residential Property – Overlays Two perspectives 1. Economic 2. Cultural Current Planning Policy Melbourne 2030 Melbourne @ 5 Million Suitable suburbs? Conflict in policy Urbanisation or heritage preservation; can we do both?
  3. 3. Where’s the value in heritage? Tells a story/cultural identity Developing countries - such as Brazil Employment New construction vs Rehabilitation Multiplier effect Heritage Tourism Beypazari Yeniden Project Embodied Energy Maintain vs Demolish & Redevelop Optimisation What’s really the greenest building?
  4. 4. What are the issues? Stress on urban growth boundary Prevents intensification Impact on ecosystems Gentrification Affordability crisis Ownership rights Maximise returns Right to protect rural ecosystems
  5. 5. Heritage & Property Values Limited Melbourne based literature Bendigo Case Study 20 year period – 1844% vs 1432% Surveys James Quigley 1987 Urban Consulting Group 1995 Overseas studies Robert Shipley 2000 - Canada Rypkema 1994 - Canada Leichenko et al. 2001 - Texas
  6. 6. Preservation vs Urbanisation Can we do both? Criticisms of Melbourne 2030 Links to infrastructure Relax protections in appropriate areas Let market dictate value – link to scarcity