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Genevive pool

  1. 1. Thesis statement Hosting a ‘mega-event’ such as an Olympic Games or World Cup is an opportunity for urban development and infrastructure improvement in any city. However, for a developing city it may only be possible to deliver a successful event and positive urban legacies if it can produce a budget model and development plan that prioritises its people over its image . The legacy of a mega-event could be skills and knowledge for the city, rather than just physical improvements Genevieve Pool 382591
  2. 2. Arguments (Why should developing countries host mega-events?) Mega-events are opportunity for securing federal funding for improved: •Infrastructure: transport, communication, public utilities •Cleanliness and beautification •Housing •Sporting facilities The Olympic Port, built for Barcelona’s 1992 Olympics  It is in the spirit of the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Cup to share the hosting responsibility which promotes equality and diversity There can be immediate economic gains through tourism and the opportunity to re-image a city and country for future Tourism advertising for the London 2012 Olympics  tourism Genevieve Pool 382591
  3. 3. Counterarguments (Why developing countries shouldn’t host mega-events?) The costs associated with preparing a city to host a mega-event are usually well over $US1 billion. Health and safety standards can be very low in terms of constructing a number of buildings and at a fast pace, while ensuring healthy standards of drinking water and living conditions. The Commonwealth Games in Delhi, due to open The poverty in in 12 days, are in crisis after a footbridge some countries collapsed injuring 23 people. [Photo: Adnan Abidi/Reuters] means that sport is not a priority and people do not have time for it, so venues go unused after the event Two months after the World Cup, the Soccer City stadium looks old as if it had been obsolete for quite some time. [Photo:] Slums and construction workers’ housing near the Delhi stadium for the 2010 Commonwealth The event can draw attention to the negative Games. aspects of the city Genevieve Pool 382591
  4. 4. Conclusion Hosting a mega-event in developing country is an opportunity to attract funding and momentum for a variety of urban development projects which can help improve an economy and the social situation. If people are made the priority in the planning process, then the legacy of a mega-event could be skills and knowledge for the city, and relevant and maintainable physical and urban infrastructure. Genevieve Pool 382591