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Ben nahs


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ben nahs

  1. 1. Are We There Yet? The Importance of Infrastructure and its Delivery
  2. 2.  Why Infrastructure?  Very important  The base of Western wealth  Huge scale projects, some of national importance
  3. 3. What I am trying to show is that no country, region or city ever got rich or was able to forward itself economically with out offering something in return. This something usually was based on infrastructure
  4. 4. There are problems though “Coasting on Prosperity” Ernst &Young, 2008. GFC, Climate Change, Political Pressures, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ The Solution????
  5. 5.  The saviour: The Market  Public Private Partnerships  Build Own Operate transfer ‘BOOT’ Projects
  6. 6.  40km of road  3.2km of tunnels  17 interchanges  88 bridges  Six pedestrian overpasses  $2.5 billion  On time (5 months ahead of schedule)  On cost  Connect East/Thiess John Holland
  7. 7.  A great success, but why is the BOOT/PPP method so good?  “The right thing” and “The thing right” World Bank  High skills of private industry  Low risk for government  High incentive for industry  Innovations  Better maintenance  More can be produced when market is charged with delivering, what are we missing out on?
  8. 8. ?????????? No? Good, lets go home!