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Stafford #WDYT


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The talk I gave in Stafford about Digital Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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Stafford #WDYT

  1. 1. © Noisy Little Monkey | 2017 #WDYT Digital Marketing Workshop Stafford on Mill Bank - September 2017
  2. 2. Hey Hey @MrJonPayne
  3. 3. Natasha Creative Director Nicola Managing Director Jon Technical Director Mr Dog VP Farts EMEA Lucy Account Manager Clare Operations Manager Claire Events Manager Ste SEO Manager Gertie Digital Marketing Exec James Digital Marketing Exec Zoe Junior Marketing Exec Natalie Digital Marketing Exec Josh Inbound Manager Joanne Junior Marketing Exec
  4. 4. Last year’s creds 40 million website sessions 1.2 million visitor hours on websites 1.1 million successful outcomes Driven primarily from Organic Search & Social Media @MrJonPayne
  5. 5. Last year’s creds 40 million website sessions 1 visit from the entire population of Canada @MrJonPayne
  6. 6. If each successful outcome was only worth £1 @MrJonPayne
  7. 7. @MrJonPayne
  8. 8. @MrJonPayne
  9. 9. This morning Trust signals IRL Who does it well Vital moments Foundations for success Local cooperation Measuring success Questions @MrJonPayne
  10. 10. Please Be Upstanding @MrJonPayne
  11. 11. CHOCOLATE @MrJonPayne
  12. 12. Exemplar @MrJonPayne
  13. 13. • Good ratio following : followers • Good number of RTs of relevant content • Link to website • Mainly posts photos or videos • Social cards
  14. 14. • Posts only videos or photos • Link to website • Likes relevant other pages • Replies quickly (ish)
  15. 15. • Photos of people • Good consistency • Link in bio
  16. 16. • Photos of people • Good consistency • Link in bio • Old bald guy features heavily
  17. 17. • They post stuff on LinkedIn • Link to website
  18. 18. • Maps could be better…
  19. 19. Vital Moments @MrJonPayne
  20. 20. 10.4 Touch Points @MrJonPayne
  21. 21. ZMOT @MrJonPayne
  22. 22. ZMOT @MrJonPayne
  23. 23. ZMOT @MrJonPayne
  24. 24. ZMOT @MrJonPayne
  25. 25. ZMOT @MrJonPayne
  26. 26. “The whole is other than the sum of the parts” Kurt Koffka @MrJonPayne
  27. 27. Gestalt @MrJonPayne
  28. 28. Gestalt Instagram Pinterest Facebook Twitter Search Maps Search Results @MrJonPayne
  29. 29. Foundations for success @MrJonPayne
  30. 30. Tone Of Voice @MrJonPayne
  31. 31. The strongest buyer personas are based on market research as well as insight . . . Meet the personas 31 Buyer personas Are fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers. They help you understand your customers better and create content tailored to their specific needs, behaviours and concerns. Competition Coach Colin Mum Mandy Active Alex Outdoor Olivia Wild Swimming Will @MrJonPayne
  32. 32. Marketing Manager MarkPERSONA NAME: S EC TI O N 1 : W HO ? IDENTIFIERS Demeanour? Communication Preference? M u m M a n d y • Mandy is 39 years old • She is married and lives with her husband in the suburbs of Bristol. She has 2 children; a boy and a girl aged 5 and 3 respectively. They live in a semi- detached house and own 2 cars. Her husband is a Software Engineer. She is currently works part time in a Digital Marketing office as part of the HR department. • She likes spending time with her kids and involving herself in their lives, but not in an overbearing way. • Is a massive foodie, likes to eat out, try new places and socialise with her friends. • Left-leaning political views, voted remain • Shops at Sainsbury’s and sometimes Aldi and Waitrose as they are closest to her. • Relaxed, both as a mum and as an individual. Gives her children structure but will often reward them with some later bed times. She doesn’t push her children into doing extra-curricular activities, but are supportive of the activities they actually want to do (like swimming). Will buy the best if it helps them achieve better results. • Prefers shopping in store for herself as she likes to try before she buys. When it comes to the children, she will shop online for them. • Has an iPhone 6 and likes using Facebook to keep up to date with friends. An occasional Twitter and Instagram user. Listens to Radio 2/4/6 and uses Spotify to listen to their playlists. • Word-of-mouth is the strongest influence for her.
  33. 33. Marketing Manager MarkPERSONA NAME: PURCHASE GOALS Primary, Secondary & Personal Goal? S E CTI O N 2 : WH AT? WHAT CAN WE DO WHERE DOES SHE HANG OUT? • Is impartial to a bit of shopping. Will buy online for the kids where it’s less of a risk that something might not fit or look right but will try before she buys for herself. • She’s constantly looking for sales and discounts as she wants to expand her wardrobe without breaking the bank • Show off ProSwim reviews and recommendations and get in front of her eye as this is the main thing that will convince her to purchase, particularly online. • Get a relatable (to an extent) brand ambassador to hype up the product for them so that Mandy can gain trust in the product. • Offers through social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. • Show video or image demonstrations of how good the goggles are, why they are worthy of purchase – their non-leak USP. • Make sure your website have a pleasing mobile UX as Mandy is likely to browse the shop while waiting for her kids to finish school or for them to finish their swimming lesson. • Reads the Guardian and the BBC for her news. Gets a bit from social media but mostly uses it for interacting with people. • Likes to share funny stories of her children on Facebook, but only the ones that are truly lol-worthy. She isn’t an “irritating Mum” on Facebook. • Enjoys hanging out at new food places that have been recommended to her. M u m M a n d y
  34. 34. People discover your website from mobile devices
  35. 35. Maybe Intagrate Instagram? @MrJonPayne
  36. 36. Local Search | Website Set Up @MrJonPayne
  37. 37. Website Set Up
  38. 38. Google Map & Website Set Up
  39. 39. Local Search | Maps Set Up @MrJonPayne
  40. 40. Maps Set Up
  41. 41. Google Map & Website Set Up
  42. 42. Maps Set Up Name Address Phone Website Opening hours Logo Photos Social @MrJonPayne
  43. 43. Maps Set Up Social Website Address Name Phone Logo Opening hours Photos @MrJonPayne
  44. 44. Gestalt (almost) Works On Algorithms @MrJonPayne
  45. 45. @MrJonPayne
  46. 46. @MrJonPayne
  47. 47. Other review sites To manage multiple reviews sites, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare and many others @MrJonPayne
  48. 48. Cooperation @MrJonPayne
  49. 49. Centroids @MrJonPayne
  50. 50. Centroids @MrJonPayne
  51. 51. Buy local. Review local. Buy Local | Review Local @MrJonPayne
  52. 52. Buy local. Review local. Share Local @MrJonPayne
  53. 53. Respond to reviews Respond To Bad Reviews @MrJonPayne
  54. 54. Respond to reviews Respond To Good Reviews @MrJonPayne
  55. 55. Measure The #Win @MrJonPayne
  56. 56. Measurement Framework Ker-ching Footfall Website Visitors (by source) Social Engagement Social Publishing
  57. 57. Questions @MrJonPayne for the slides
  58. 58. Start YESTERDAY for Xmas Black Friday @MrJonPayne
  59. 59. making profit fun @MrJonPayne