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BEN Autumn Workshop - SEO & Social


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The workshop Jon & Nic gave at Science City Bristol for BEN Events

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BEN Autumn Workshop - SEO & Social

  1. 1. SEO & SOCIAL MEDIA BEN Autumn Workshops 2012Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey| Science City Bristol| 16th October 2012
  2. 2. consultreport research do train
  3. 3. Who’d Trust A Monkey?Over 80 businesses, charities and government bodies in Europe, North America & Africa
  4. 4. intro where who do social you trust?media fits who do google your authority customers trust? credibility
  5. 5. Introduce Yourself• Who are you?• What product or service do you want to promote online?• What do you want to achieve this afternoon? If you can do this in under 60 seconds, that would be cool.
  6. 6. intro where who do social you trust?media fits who do google your authority customers trust? credibility
  7. 7. who do you trust?How do you know who to trust?What are some of the common signifiers ofcredibility and authority that you use everyday or are common in your area of business?Discuss on your table, feedback in 10 minutes.
  8. 8. intro where who do social you trust?media fits who do google your authority customers trust? credibility
  9. 9. How does Google search work? g
  10. 10. Links? gThe bits of a web page that, when clicked, will take you to another web page or fire off an event
  11. 11. Internal links gWhen page a links to page b, page a bestows some of its authority onto page b
  12. 12. Outbound links’re saying to your visitors (and Google), g “Hey, you can trust this other site, because I do”
  13. 13. YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD THIS ONE“The more links you have, the higher you will rank”
  14. 14. That’s bull! g
  15. 15. Inbound links g Cool! So long as this other site is trusted and not nasty / spammy
  16. 16. Reciprocal links Beloved of ‘SEO’ companies. gUnless there is a ‘real world’ partnership , you could be penalised by Google
  17. 17. Links pass authority Local Chamber of Commerce Few people link to it, but those that do are trustworthy Link Farm BBC Loads of links to lots of links to it, but mainlyit, so it has lots of reciprocal and authority quite a few questionable links Your site g Cultivate links from trusted websites, they pass more authority
  18. 18. Links pass authority Business Local partner press Trade Local blog magazineBBC Your Local Chamber of Commerce site A diverse, but relevant, g of linking websites is best set
  19. 19. Don’t waste homepage links g Don’t waste ‘Google juice’ on privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc
  20. 20. Get inbound links to important pages Your homepage will always rank well, g give deeper, important pages some love so
  21. 21. I can’t get a link from Auntie Beeb g model: su novia
  22. 22. Au Contraire Russell Smith Editorial Development BBC News Website @Russell__Smith• Links essential to online journalism• BBC strategy to double outbound links from 10m to 20m a month by 2013 g
  23. 23. Thanks, Russell! g model: su novia
  24. 24. Keep it natural Is this• Number 5 on Google UK reflected on news• Number 1 on Google UK sites, social media, searc• Number 8 on Google UK h volumes? g
  25. 25. GOOGLE READS ALL YOUR CONTENT quality and relevance are key (again)
  26. 26. How does Google determine relevance? Looks pretty, AND made with code and text = Accessible, good experience Looks pretty, but is all images.(Even the words, they are part of the image, as if you’d taken a photograph of a motorway sign). Not computer readable = Inaccessible, poor experience The code and text returns below, but this is really, really bad. g A site that is accessible makes the web a better place for everyone. This is a good thing.
  27. 27. How does Google determine relevance? g
  28. 28. Domain level indicatorsDon’t change your domain name to match g popular search without setting up 301 redirects first a
  29. 29. Search terms in the file path g If your website isn’t built like this, you need to get a new website. Seriously.
  30. 30. Search terms in the Page Title g This also shows on Google’s results page, so make it snappy, useful and attract the click!
  31. 31. Search terms in the Page Headline Make sure your site is accessible for blind people – this mustnt be an image! g AND don’t waste the space by saying ‘Welcome to our site’
  32. 32. Search terms in the Alt Text g Make sure your site is accessible for blind people – label all images
  33. 33. Search terms in the copy gUse synonyms and keep it readable for humans. Don’t just stuff search terms in here
  34. 34. A Meta Description which ATTRACTS THE CLICK Becomes this on Google g View Source to see it. Right click white space in Chrome / Firefox / Safari and select “View Source”
  35. 35. YOUR PAGE MATCHES A SEARCHwhen it is good quality and highly relevant
  36. 36. I don’t know how people search g model: su novia
  37. 37. Maybe I can help? This is more reliable than AdWords data g
  38. 38. Thanks, Google! g model: su novia
  39. 39. Things. Not strings. g
  40. 40. Things. Not strings.The band (their albums, tour dates, populargtracks), the team (their scores, the gossip), the animal
  41. 41. Aim low(ish). Seriously. Search Demand Curve courtesy of SEOmoz g
  42. 42. intro where who do social you trust?media fits who do google your authority customers trust? credibility
  43. 43. intro where who do social you trust?media fits who do google your authority customers trust? credibility
  44. 44. who do your customers trust?Your potential customers will rely ondifferent sources of information or advice –who, or what, do they trust?And where are your potential evangelists?Discuss on your table, feedback in 10 minutes.
  45. 45. intro where who do social you trust?media fits who do google your authority customers trust? credibility
  46. 46. Become A Lebeouf Brand Be everyflippingwhere BTW – when you’re in the room, you don’t need to read these bits…
  47. 47. Turn Customers Into Beleibers Talk about brand loyalty
  48. 48. It’s So SpreadableYour audience is already segmented into groups who’ll spread different elements of your message
  49. 49. For Market IntelligenceLearn what people are saying about your brand, your competitors Respond accordingly
  50. 50. AuthoritySeed content that gets shared by, mentioned by and links from real people will get you rank on Google
  51. 51. More Web Traffic, More Leads, Less Money Seriously. Investment in intelligent use of social media gives you long term return in terms of visitors to your site and long term Google ranking
  53. 53. Doing The UsualUsing Job Boards, adding nothing but jobs to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  54. 54. Getting Imaginative 22% additional unique visits to the website
  55. 55. Short Term Campaign Seeded with influencers online and offlineUser Generated Content (UGC), well seeded. Genuine interaction with audience.
  56. 56. It’s Bootsy, babyFeel free to use YOUR FAVOURITE bass player when pitching
  57. 57. Keep The Audience Engaged 3 times the traffic
  58. 58. Summary• A multi platform approach – With success on one platform, feeding success on other channels and platforms• Engagement with existing customers for brand loyalty• The platforms help your message become ‘viral’• Listen, engage, improve perception of your brand• Builds the social authority of your brand• Like good PR, the ROI is often better than ads• With brand awareness, you’re fishing in a better pool of potential It’s part of the “coms” bit of marcoms. It doesn’t replace marketing, it augments it.
  59. 59. Who are the passionate ones? These will share your content and brand messages. They may not actually be the people who buy the most, but they’re noisy and have influence over…
  60. 60. The silent web visitor… These will visit your site, convert to leads, but are less likely to share … sometimes members of the press
  61. 61. Which will give you easy, free PR Not always quite as good as the real thing, but often surprisingly good
  62. 62. Style Guide Kick Off• What do we want from social media?• Who are your audience?• What do my audience want?• Who do they trust? – How can we get them to share our content?• What does that mean for my writing style? – (edgy, chatty, professional, informal?)• From a brand perspective how do we work it?• Who is empowered to do this?• How do we deal with negative comments? Get the brand guardians, free thinkers and social junkies in on the chat Take AT LEAST half a day to discuss it
  63. 63. If you’re really stuck Is there a common enemy?
  64. 64. Negative Comments• Be prepared for negative feedback – It’s rare, but it’s best to plan• Our rules: – If it’s valid and fixing it is what you’d normally do, fix it. NOW. • This might mean buying flowers • You will need to empower your team members – If it’s incorrect, inaccurate or misleading then engage with the feedback and gently correct the wrong stuff – If it’s likely to escalate – get it off social onto email – If it’s abusive – ignore it. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS Make everyone involved aware and responsible
  65. 65. intro where who do social you trust?media fits who do google your authority customers trust? credibility
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