Document Capture in the Evolving Mobile Workforce


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Discuss the top industry challenges and key solutions to enterprise content management (ECM). We’ll dig into difficulties and provide new solutions with document capture/scanning and OCR directly in SharePoint and Office 365. After discussing industry challenges, announcements and best practices, we’ll dive into a mobile app that will address common ECM challenges. The timeliness of solutions that address changes to business processes based on the evolving mobile workforce make this one webinar you do not want to miss!

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Document Capture in the Evolving Mobile Workforce

  1. 1. Document Capture in the Evolving Mobile Workforce Presented by
  2. 2. Specializing in • Scanning, Document Capture, Mobile Document Scanning • Intelligent Image Processing and Document & Data Capture • OCR/ICR Technology • Enterprise Content Management on Microsoft Platforms (SharePoint On-Premise, Office 365, MS CRM) About
  3. 3. About the Webinar • Understand ECM Industry Trends and SharePoint • Document Scanning/Capture & OCR Challenges • Efficient Document Management on the GO • Staying within the Microsoft Ecosystem • GRADIENT GScan Online & GScan Mobile Solution LEARN HOW TO: WITHIN SHAREPOINT
  4. 4. First SharePoint Admin Top social media influencer Community builder Global traveller Twitter @joeloleson Director of Enterprise Search Strategy BA Insight About Joel Oleson
  5. 5. 5 Trends Affecting ECM Strategy • Consumerization of IT and mobile workforce • Move to the cloud (SaaS) • Personalized solutions (Apps) • Leveraging Big data and BI • Social and speed of work
  6. 6. Consumerization of IT and Mobile Workforce “Most experts agree that mobile devices and applications present a goldmine of opportunity for organizations to make their employees more productive and their clients happier. Owen Unangst, Unisys
  7. 7. • Office for iPad • Mobility improvements in SharePoint 2013 Image credit: Flikr Creative Commons image from Carlos Varela
  8. 8. Story of ECM Image credit: Flikr Creative Commons image from Steven Depolo HaveYou DoneYour Expenses?
  9. 9. Move to the Cloud (SaaS) • 50% of Enterprises will use hybrid cloud by 2017 (via Gartner) • 80% of enterprises would experience a severe impact to their operations if there was a cloud outage of just a day (via Forbes)
  10. 10. • Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing business • 57% of companies are now using Azure • One in 4 enterprise customers have Office 365* *Source: Image credit: Flikr Creative Commons image from George Thomas
  11. 11. Simplifying the Loan Process
  12. 12. Personalized Solutions (Apps) Only 11% of end users access business applications from the corporate office 100% of the time (via Cisco)
  13. 13. • Office Mobile – Android and iOS • Office for iPad • SharePoint Mobile Access • Office 365 and Remote Workers Image credit: Flikr Creative Commons image from George Thomas
  14. 14. Simplifying the Buying Process
  15. 15. Big Data and BI Last year’s mobile data traffic was nearly 18 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. One Exabyte of traffic traversed the global Internet in 2000, and in 2013 mobile networks carried nearly 18 Exabyte of traffic.
  16. 16. • Power BI • Reporting • Delve (aka Oslo) • Data finds the user
  17. 17. Social and Speed of Work “So, in this mobile-first, cloud-first world that we live in, we're always connected, we're ‘always on.’ The pace of innovation and the pace of competition is faster than it's ever been before. And we all know it's only going to accelerate from here. Again, the reality is most of the organizations in the world, the speed of work is outpacing the technology that underlies it.” ~Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President Program Management Microsoft Windows System Center Products
  18. 18. • “Work like a network”
  19. 19. Story of the Bear…
  20. 20. The ChallengeCustomerNeeds • Transfer paper to a digital format • Indexing • Metadata • Content Type • Fulltext Indexing • Document Library Export • Document Search StandardsToday • Desktop (Fat Client) Application • Physically Attached Scanner • Dedicated Scanning Stations • Out-of-SharePoint • User Training is a MUST CustomerDesires • Modern HTML5 SharePoint Interface • No Client Installation • Handle different sources from One Place • Scanner; MFD / MFP; Mobile Devices; Cloud, etc. • High quality images at low file sizes • Fast SharePoint Metadata Indexing with no typing • Native SharePoint App
  21. 21. How do you Document Capture/Scan in SharePoint or Office 365?
  22. 22. Evaluating Adoption • IT often comes up with many new SharePoint releases, only to watch as many turn away from the solution. Why though? • In most cases, people are not keen on having to “learn something new”, go through hours of training, and finally come to the adaptive stage. • What if you didn’t have to go through training? Everything is as it was, you never have to leave the environment, and it’s only a few clicks?
  23. 23. What’s on the market? • So, is there anything on the market that actually does what the Customer Needs AND Wants, with as minimal training as possible?
  24. 24. Native SharePoint App
  25. 25. Suitable for all Organizations • Enterprise Segment • On-Premises Solution • Small / Medium Business • O365 App
  26. 26. Capture from any device:  Attached scanner  File Folder, MFD/MFP  Cloud  Mobile device
  27. 27. Auto-Advanced Imaging Functions  AutoRotation  AutoColor  AutoContrast  Adaptive Treshold  Auto Despeckle  AutoDeskew  Auto blank page removal
  28. 28. Minimize Human Error and watch Productivity Take Off Click-to-Index TM - Save time and forget typing!
  29. 29. No more typing, just right-click the data you need to be index
  30. 30. Sort Large Batches  1D & 2D Barcodes  Separators  Blank Sheets  Indexing Rules Enhanced Document Recognition
  31. 31. Release documents as Fulltext Searchable PDFs • Easily connect to the Cloud Storage of your choice • Retrievable anywhere, anytime
  32. 32. Be able to USE what you HAVE and Streamline your Workflows Integrates CRM
  33. 33. Multilingual Support Available in 23 languages and supports over 190 OCR languages • Automated setting based on SharePoint language setup
  34. 34. Mobile Document Scanning
  35. 35.