SPCA2013 - The Newest Trends in Document and Data Capture on Microsoft Platform


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The Newest Trends in Document and Data Capture on Microsoft Platform

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SPCA2013 - The Newest Trends in Document and Data Capture on Microsoft Platform

  1. 1. The Newest Trends in Document and Data Capture on Microsoft Platform. Rastislav Hlavac, CSO
  2. 2. Let’s start with numbers Working with us moves you forward 2
  3. 3. …years on the market of: 19 • Scanning • Intelligent Image Processing and Document & Data Capture • OCR/ICR Technology • Enterprise Content Management on Microsoft platform
  4. 4. of the TOP Microsoft partners for ECM solutions 1
  5. 5. Microsoft Industry Awards in a row for GRADIENT solutions 11
  6. 6. 3 … documents are processed by GRADIENT Solutions every second in the world … aggregated to 20 Million documents every year.
  7. 7. Our Family Photo Album Working with us takes you among the strongest 7
  8. 8. members… Just a few members…
  9. 9. Image Scanning History 9
  10. 10. Image Scanning History
  11. 11. How it all started • • • • *1957 US National Bureau of Standards team led by Russel Kirsch drum scanner
  12. 12. 50‘s Drum Scanners 80‘s 90‘s HIGH VOLUME Flatbed 4 - 100 ppm 1 ppd 2K+ 1 ppm Single side OCR / ICR Software Centralised scanning Y2003: $ price drop down Tomorrow MFP / D 100+ ipm On-theboard OCR Just an image Today MFP‘s massive grow Goes Mobile ?
  14. 14. Document Capture Trends Professional Document Scanners • Dedicated for High Volume digitalization of Archives • Where High Image Quality is required MFP / MFD • The most preferred Device for daily Document Capturing • Image Quality Enhancement by Software
  15. 15. Document Capture Trends Mobile Capture • Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop with built-in Camera • Capture Quality grows up • Forbes: “for many companies, getting their mobility off the ground and successful is their highest priority for 2013.”
  16. 16. AIIM Mobile Capture Survey The Operations Manager quoted the AIIM survey findings: • 51% of users of mobile capture report a payback period of 18 months or less, with 71% seeing a return within 2 years. • The ability of employees to locally capture and interact with back-office processes would improve response to customers by a factor of three times, according to 45% of respondents. The average was 3.2 times. • 45% of respondents consider that if travelling and remote staff could input directly to back-office processes, productivity would improve by a third. The average suggested improvement is 36%. Source: aiim.org
  18. 18. ECM – Magic Quadrant 1. Document management 2. Image-processing applications 3. Workflow/business process management (BPM) 4. Records management 5. Web content management (WCM) 6. Social content 7. Extended components
  19. 19. CHALLENGERS NICHE PLAYERS ECM – Magic Quadrant LEADERS VISIONARIES Source: gartner.com
  20. 20. ECM – Magic Quadrant 1. Document management 2. Image-processing applications 3. Workflow/business process management (BPM) 4. Records management 5. Web content management (WCM) 6. Social content 7. Extended components
  21. 21. Document Capture for SharePoint What are the customer needs: • Transfer Paper to a Digital Format • Indexing • Metadata • Content Type • Fulltext Indexing • Document Library Export • Document Search
  22. 22. Capturing Products for SharePoint What‘s a standard today? • Desktop (Fat Client) Application • Physically Attached Scanner • Dedicated Scanning Stations • Out-Of-SharePoint • User Training is a Must
  23. 23. Capturing Products for SharePoint What the Users would like to Get: • Modern HTML5 SharePoint Interface • No Client Installation • Handle Different Sources from One Place • Scanner; MFD / MFP; Mobile Devices; Cloud, etc. • High Quality Image at Low File Size • Fast SharePoint Metadata Indexing with no typing • Native SharePoint App
  24. 24. Capturing Products for SharePoint What current „SharePoint native“ Apps deliver? native“ • MFP, Mobile dev., Cloud storage ? • HQ Image Pre-processing? • Low Image Size? • Fast No-Typing Indexing? • Easy Implementation? AND MUCH MORE! WE NO! DO!
  25. 25. 50‘s 80‘s Drum Scanners Flatbed 1 ppd 1 ppm Just an image Single side 90‘s Y2K+ Today Tomorrow HIGH VOLUME MFP / D 4 ppm 100+ ipm Quality for all On-theboard OCR OCR / ICR Software Goes Mobile B Y O C D
  26. 26. BYOCD Capturing ??? „Bring Your Own Device“ Device“
  27. 27. Device“ „Bring Your Own Capturing Device“
  28. 28. FEATURES
  29. 29. Smash the Scan & Capture Barrier • SharePoint 2010 & 2013 • Office 365 Integration • Choose your input: Attached scanner File Folder, MFD/MFP Cloud Mobile device
  30. 30. Batches of Mixed Document Types • Batch the documents all together • Then Identify and Index quickly & easily Invoices Orders Contracts Bills of Landing…
  31. 31. Enhanced Document Recognition • Sort Large Batches: Barcodes Separators Blank Sheets Indexing Rules etc.
  32. 32. Clearer Scans • Automated adaptive Image pre-processing AutoRotation AutoColor AutoContrast Auto blank page removal AutoDeskew Barcode recognition Document categorization UI Localization highsize! delivering high-quality image at low image size!
  33. 33. Watch Productivity Take Off • One-Click Indexing Save your time Forget typing
  34. 34. Document Capture Goes Mobile • Easily connect to the Cloud Storage SkyDrive Dropbox and many others…
  35. 35. Fits Everywhere Enterprise Segment • On-Premises Solution Small / Medium Business • O365 App
  36. 36. Localisation • Available in 23 languages • Automated setting based on SharePoint language setup
  37. 37. LIVE DEMO
  38. 38. CASE STUDY
  39. 39. CASE STUDY “Thanks to the GScan Online App we achieve 68% improvement of efficiency for processing cases connected to the logistic documents” • R. Grac, Member of the Board of Directors Grac ac,
  40. 40. CASE STUDY – Solution Summary • Branch: Light Industrial Services • Customer Profile: A business company specializing in import, export and re-export of semi-finished non-ferrous metal goods • Background Overview: • scattered IT applications • lots of hardcopy documents • some digitalization initiatives implemented that lack
  41. 41. CASE STUDY – Solution Summary required: ALUMAX required: a single solution for working with documents and digital content including scanning devices Solution have to be used within Office 365 platform access from any point internal flexibility in its business activities reduced time for own business cases processing
  42. 42. CASE STUDY – Solution Summary Main benefits: Accessible from any point Support for scanning devices directly in SharePoint. Online. Advanced algorithms for digitalized image processing Direct linking of profiles of GScan Online with SharePoint content type Automated metadata recognition with the help of One-Click Indexing
  43. 43. CASE STUDY – Solution Summary objectives: ALUMAX established the following objectives: Solution availability from any point Support of the entirety of the company´s complex workflow, from work with MS Office documents, to common work spaces for the company´s employees, all through a user-friendly and scalable set of interfaces Elimination of paper communication
  44. 44. SUMMARY
  45. 45. Capturing Products for SharePoint What Type of Documents? • Finance (Invoices, Orders, Packing Slips, Contracts, Bills of Lading, Delivery notes, …) • Banking & Insurance (Mortgage / Insurance Contracts, Client Documentation, … ) • HR (Application Forms, Perfomance Reviews, …) • Claims; Correspondence; Mailroom; Customer Service, …
  46. 46. SUMMARY Unique product No client installation required Pure HTML5 platform Based on ASP.NET Revolutionized capturing process within SharePoint State-of-the-Art Technology
  47. 47. SUMMARY It is so simple: Click “Get” button in SharePoint Enjoy the results in highest possible quality featuring: Fully web-based product with all important functionalities Designed to be used directly in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Designed to be used directly in Office 365 Supports Cloud and on-premises SharePoint
  48. 48. www.gscanonline.com … when do you plan to use it?
  49. 49. www.gradientecm.com www.gradientecm.com gradient
  50. 50. And…