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Tms Times 11 30 09


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Published in: Education
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Tms Times 11 30 09

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 2 DAY OF THE DUCK by Heather Steffek November 24 Everybody had a whole the event, and to all bunch of fun this year at the clubs and teachers the Day of the Duck! who helped out. It was from hitting each 8th graders other with a gigantic Abby Howard and stick, Gabby Matuke said, to racing another person “We liked the bungee in the End Zone obstacle jump and seeing Mr. Art by Avis Walls course, to watching your Shuck get dunked... favorite teacher or prin- over and over again!” cipal getting dunked in A huge crowd the dunking booth. watched and laughed as unexpected teachers fell in the water of the dunk- ing booth. Especially our very own principal, Mr. Kolek! Thanks to the counselors Mrs. Peterson and Mr. Schroeder for TAYLOR MIDDLE SCHOOL organizing and funding Veterans Day Assembly—photos by Esmerelda Rios and Kady Crump TMS Times Jessica Rodriguez repre- We were proud to give thanks to our veterans! The choir sang beauti- sents the band! Editor-In-Chief: Heather Steffek fully! Inside this issue: Especially the parents of TMS students like Estevan’s mom! Faculty and student spotlight 2 Student Poetry 3 Guinness World Record Challenge 3 How to Turn Japanese 4 Question of the Month 4 Maze/Pictures 5 Birthdays 6
  2. 2. Staff Spotlight: Wade the techno guy! by Autumn Stabeno What do you plan on doing for Instant mashed potatoes or normal? Thanksgiving? -Normal. -Work….. Coke or Pepsi? What do you do when you are not -RC. working? In high school what’d you think of -Eat and watch football. Thanksgiving? If you could have Thanks giving with -4 days off. any celebrity, who would it be and what do you think they’d eat? Last question, what came first, the chicken or the egg? -*long pause...laughs* Brett Favre, BBQ. -I need to see an instant replay! Would you ever kill your own turkey? -No but I’m okay if some- one else does. Stay tuned for next month’s Staff Spot- light of Tina Martinez you think he’d say? If you could talk to a turkey what do -Bummer of a month. Student Spotlight: Oscar Cardonas by Nancy Hernandez with your life? Become a po- lice officer 1. What r u doing for Thanksgiving? EATING! 5. What’s the best way to 2. What’s your favorite get a girl’s attention? Make the class fun. food @ Thanksgiving? Pumpkin Pie 6. What’s the last movie 3. What’s your favorite you saw? Did you like class and why? Math be- it? Why? Final Destination 3... and I liked it because it has a lot of cause I’m good at it. action. 4. What do you plan to do World of Immortals (Continued) By: Erin Nevins ...“ You really don’t like that guy do you?” and turned to me and said, “Why didn’t said my mom. I turned around and thought you say so? You know your father and I to myself, “Great, now she knows! Crap! are always here for you and you know You should have just told her the truth in that.” I tried to lighten the mood when I the first place! Well, being the princess just said, “Mom, I have told you that before, does the trick, since now every guy in the but all you said was to look deeper.” And I underworld wants to marry you.” was right. I thought to myself, Scarlet you did it again. I got done washing the dishes “Yeah,” I sighed, “I know I have and went up the stairs only to find my fa- to try to be the daughter you always ther waiting uthefor me. “ Scarlet, dear,” wanted, but mom, all of these guys just like he reassured me gently, “We just need to me for my high stature in society.” She try a different path. Bend the rules a lit- looked up from the dish she was scrubbing tle.” (To be continued) Page 2 TMS TIMES
  3. 3. Alice Human Sacrifice…...By: Lorena Sanchez But those notes they twisted end they She created a strange country while wearing There was once a dream swirled a strange smirk It was such a small dream Up until he created an equally mad world The new Alice was the country’s queen The dream thought The new Alice was that of a rose Was possessed by that deserted dream I don’t want to vanish- how do I make people Was shot down by a man who can’t take his All the people were left to flee notice me? own woes A gorgeous ruler now a body lost and The dream thought and thought, Left that flower blooming sadly red warped And finally came out with an idea The one who was loved by all is now left for So grand dead During this two children followed the red I can make people notice me and they will path make my world Had a tree party near a rose bush An invention from the queen The first Alice was gallant with a sword in It was the card of hearts hand The second Alice were children who looked She went off into the woods and off to Won- alike from birth derland Searching for this wonderland on earth She cut up anyone or anything that crossed her path Up until the earth was red to show her wrath Even though they have arrived not long ago The new Alice was deep in the woods Older sister is stubborn Was locked in like a watched fugitive Younger brother is smart If it weren’t for the red path she left behind They were the closest to Alice’s wonderland No one would think she been and she was Though they never made it out alive gone for good Third Alice was a child blessed with fine form They will continue to wander this twisted fairytale She would always take all of the Wonder- The second Alice was a sweet and gentle man land by storm He would always sing a song for his dear She seduced the town folks to do her work Wonderland Guinness World Record Challenge! By Pat Mesta Have you ever wondered how to 4 to 6 weeks to process. Then, if there is something else that get into the Guinness Book of they’ll either reject your idea or ac- could World Records? Well, my friends cept it, and send you the official be eas- and I did, and we want to break a guidelines for your category. ier, or world record, so here’s how you So far the only records we more apply. found that sound like we could do fun to Send an application in to are watching TV for 62 hours break. Guinness Book of World Records. straight (possibly, it also sounds Let us You can download it from: like a torture method.), wearing know! http://www.guinnessworldrecords. more than 70 socks on one foot at a com time, and eating 3 saltine crackers They receive over 50,000 in under 28 seconds. applications a year, so it does take Fun, right? We want to see V O L U ME 1 , I S S U E 2 Page 3
  4. 4. Cheat code of the month……..By: Gabrielle Matuke Rock Band 2: If you are trying to unlock all of the songs, here is the code: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue. —Source, Tip and Tricks Magazine How to turn Japanese in 10 easy steps….By: Minerva Alderete 6. Instead of saying “cute”, say 1. Change all meals to sushi. “kawaii”. 2. Say konnichiwa to everyone 7. Wear your hair in Odongo you see. styles. 3. Go to the library and check out 8. Plant a cherry blossom tree. volume 1 of Fruits Basket, Na- ruto, and Vampire Knight. 9. Go to an online translator and write a love note in Japanese. 4. Go on youtube and look up To- kyo Mew Mew, and Ino-Yasha. 10. Wear Kimono style clothing. 5. Purchase Pockey at a bookstore or Wal-Mart. Question of the Month—What do you eat at Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving Meals! Stay tuned for next month’s question! 200 Turkey Dressing And congratulations to 150 Ham Pumpkin Pie Nancy Diaz for winning the 100 Smoked Turkey Potatoes chocolate! 50 Gravy Giant Cookies By Kirmesha Thompson 0 Page 4 TMS TIMES
  5. 5. TAYLOR MIDDLE SCHOOL Phone: 512-352-2815 Email: jkrupala@taylor.isd. 304 Carlos Parker Blvd. Taylor, TX 76574 Once a duck, always a duck! By: Heather Steffek
  6. 6. Thanksgiving Jokes Why did the turkey cross the road? It was the chicken’s day off! What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving Day? The Turkey Trot! What kind of music did the Pilgrims like? Plymouth Rock! Why did they let the turkey join the band? Because he had the drumsticks! By Darion Diaz What did you do for your birthday this year? Wordfind by Chasity Hatch I egged Kyle’s Played Guitar Hero house!!!!!! Metallica with my Went to Gattiland! sis!!