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Tms Times 10 30 09

  1. 1. TAYLOR MIDDLE SCHOOL Art by Kierston Mitchell TMS Times Dance, Dance, Dance! By Jeremy Carr October 30,2009 TMS students didn’t go to the dance, really enjoyed the Volume 1, Issue 1 because the DJ was first dance of the great!” year! Next Month: The next dance Mrs. Shirley and Mr. We give props is slated for February, Moo to Tim Bailey for right around Valen- Faculty Spotlight thrilling us all with tine’s Day. Just re- Club News The Thriller, and to member that in order to Mrs. Hicks and the attend the next dance, Veteran’s Day Cele- bration student council for you need to make sure setting this up. “Tim was awe- Guinness World that you don’t go to some!” said Tahliyah Record Challenge TOC or have ISS the Jackson, “I loved week before the dance. What We’re Thank- every minute of it!” ful For! “Some people More student art thought they were and writing! just going to play November B-days country music,” said Ay’sia Henderson, “but those people are Inside this sorry now that they issue: Student Spotlight 2 Red Ribbon Week: Funky Hats, Cool Immortal Worlds 2 Cats, and Just say “no” to Drugs! Spooky Poetry 3 As usual, TMS really on Drugs Day showed school spirit and a • Wednesday—Shade Student Art 3 commitment to staying Out Drugs Day away from drugs during Ask Miss Shirley 3 “Red Ribbon Week” • Thursday—Team Up and Mr. Moo Against Drugs • Monday—students October maze 4 and staff received rib- • Friday—My Buddy & and jokes bons Me, Drug Free! Photo collage 4 • Tuesday—Put a Cap
  2. 2. Page 2 TMS Times Student Spotlight: Autumn Jensen Interview by Minerva Alderete 1. How is 4. What are your goals for this 9. What are your thoughts about your year year? the first dance of the year? coming -To get another Wal-Mart -I didn’t go, but everyone said along? sticker for my other shoe. it was ok. -It’s okay... 5. What subject do you like 10. Would you say TMS is an 2. Did most? awesome school? you find the -Band, because it is most fun. -Yeah! staff and 6. What is your favorite book students this year? Stay tuned for the next “Student welcom- -Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke Spotlight” interview along with a ing? 7. Who is your favorite teacher -Yeah, and why? “Teacher Spotlight” in the next they helped me feel better -Mr. Prinz because he makes issue of the TMS Times. Who about being a new student. Band and music interesting 3. What elective did you pick for me. knows? Minerva could be inter- and why? 8. What do you think of the TMS viewing you next! -Band, because I’m a band Library? geek at heart. I play percus- It’s very comfortable and sion. quiet. Question of the Month— What was the hot topic for October? Do you ever wonder what This month, I Monthly Question!!! everyone’s talking about at TMS? polled students Now you can find out with about what was “Question of the Month.” the hot topic for Here’s how it works. October, and Burritos Each month, I’ll put a question on here are the a box in the library, and you can results! Who's going with whom put in your answers. The most - Kirmesha What to do on popular answers will be featured Thompson the weekend in this article. Every month we’ll Money draw one answer and that person will receive a prize! World of Immortals...a story by Erin Nevins It was a dark and gloomy My mom was surprised glance, causing him to sit up day in the underworld. I was to see me talk about a guy in front straight and keep eating. (By eat- playing around with my food at of her, but then the realization ing, I mean scarfing all of his food the dinner table until my mother sunk in, and the surprise turned to down and asking for seconds!... interrupted the awkward silence. joy. “Well,” she smiled, “I think And the “endearing” glances “So, honey, did you find that is just wonderful!” mean that I would make sure to any guys you like?” But my little brother Ar- spend time with him—I think it’s I hesitated to look up to row wasn’t too happy for me. great to have my little brother be see my mother’s disappointment. “Why is it always about her?” he one of my best friends.) So, of course, I lied, “Well, yeah, mumbled. After dinner, homework, but I don’t know, he seems kind I shot him an endearing and dishes, I had to face my of, you know, like a show off?” mom, be continued...
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 Vampire in the dark By Autumn Stabeno It’s really dark, He’s too faraway, All I can see, Then he comes toward me, Is two red eyes, I don’t know what to say, Looking at me, He had the beauty of the sea, I want to run, Then he said something But my eyes are locked, that made my heart thud, His mouth is moving, With a pair of fangs, Maybe he talked? “May I suck your blood?” By Veronica Garza Ask Miss Shirley or Mr. Moo... Need advice? Ask Miss Shirley with my girlfriend, but I had to dence! get to know her before we - Miss Shirley or Mr. Moo in the library. started dating. So get to know Dear Miss Shirley, Dear Miss Shirley, him. Be friends, then ask him I like this guy, but my BFF goes out if he hasn’t already asked Hi! How are you? What can I out with him, and she knew I liked you. It might work. It did for do when my friends move and him, but I’m going out with some- me. leave me alone? one already. I can’t get this guy Miss Only Lonely - Mr. Moo out of my head. I’m confused. Miss Shirley -Love Dies Slowly What do you do when your It’s always sad and difficult friends talk behind your back? when a good friend moves Dear LDS, away. Especially when last -Miss Back-stabbed year you were such good Explain to your friend how you friends! You probably spent Dear Miss Back-stabbed, feel, and if she agrees, just go a lot of time together, and left with what your heart tells you. It’s sad, but the friend who talked behind your back isn’t other friends in the dust, so -Miss Shirley they may still be mad about really being a friend. I know it’s Dear Mr. Moo, hard to face any problem, but if that. So my advice is: don’t I really like this guy I met this sum- you don’t talk to them about it, be shy—try other groups! mer, but he doesn’t live in Taylor. I then it will only get worse, or Every group should be willing have his E-mail but, I don’t know... you it’ll be on your mind every to add a new friend, if they’re what do I do? time they try to be all buddy worth trying. Sure there are From Long-distance love buddy with you. So, my advice mean girls, but there are far is: be brave and confident, more nice ones close by! stand up for yourself, and Good luck! Dear LDL, you’ll be amazed at how your - Miss Shirley Well, I had the same problem friends will take to your confi-
  4. 4. TAYLOR MIDDLE SCHOOL 304 Carlos Parker Blvd., Phone: 512-352-2815 Email: jkrupala@taylor.isd. Smart students know... morning tutorials really help! Starting @ 7:45 every day! By Heather Steffek By George Delacruz Hey! What did you do for your Ice skating birthday? Party! I went to IHOP! ly te lu g ! so in Ab oth n Played Playstation! MAZE Answers: Count Duckula, Pumpkin Pi, He was all tied up, Spare ribs, He had “bat” breath!