Tms times april 2010


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Tms times april 2010

  1. 1. April 8, 2010 Taylor Middle School, Taylor, Texas Volume 1, Issue 4 TMS Times Staff Spotlight: Caring Custodians by Diego Villarreal Artwork by Felix Rodriguez Did you ever notice that no that our sparkling floors we get respect from peo- matter what, the school is and clean classrooms are ple.” Did you know? spotlessly clean when you due to the hard work of our April is National Poetry Both staff members have arrive in the morning ? custodial staff. worked in schools for many Month and National Card and Letter Writ- Even if the evening before Recently, we interviewed years, with Virginia working ing Month? It is also there was sumo wrestling two of them and found out for 9 years and Magdalena the month we cele- in the gym during Day of more about the people for a whopping 18 years. brate Earth Day on the Duck… “behind the scenes” who April 22nd. So next time you drop Even if that weekend, there keep the school running. something in the hall, pick So write someone a card in the form of a was an Odyssey of the TMS Times report Diego it up and throw it away. poem, but be sure to Mind Meet... Villarreal asked Virginia You’ll be giving our caring use recycled paper Or a Regional Band Com- and Magdalena what they custodians respect and and save a tree! enjoyed most about work- making their day! petition... ing at a middle Or a Power Lifting Meet… school. “I like Or a Valentine’s Dance…. working for and serving the kids,” Or just a very rainy day said Virginia. which led to over 700 hun- dred of us tracking mud Magdalena everywhere! agreed, and added Inside this issue: that it really makes I’m sure you have noticed, their day, “when but you might not realize Ask Mr. Moo and Mrs. 2 Shirley Advice from Drama Hat- 2 Riddle of the month: by Heather Steffek ers Survey Says... 2 What can be seen in the middle of the months Poetry Page 3 of April and March that cannot be seen in the Birthdays 4 beginning or end of either month? Put your answer in the can located in the li- Spring Maze 4 brary by May 3rd and you could win a large pizza and 2-liter soda to be delivered to you April Fools 5 during lunch! See Mrs. Krupala for details!
  2. 2. Page 2 TMS Times Volume 1, Issue 4 Ask Mr. Moo & Mrs. Shirley Dear Mr. Moo, Moo-Dude, Mrs. Shirley, My boyfriend has been acting weird around me. I have a crush on a girl in my class. How do So...lately I’ve had this really nagging He hasn’t been hanging out with me as much, I let her know I like her when I’m too shy to feeling, and I guess it is that I told my best and when I say “Hi,” he ignores me. What tell her? friend a really big secret about me & now I should I do? - Love is Hard think she told somebody. What do I do? - Feeling Invisible Dear Love-Dude, TMS Kid Dear Invisible, OK dude, if you’re too shy to Dear Kid, Have you changed your ask a crush out, think how If you don’t ask your friend, looks or personality? Be- hard it’s going to be to get you will never know, and it cause, if so, he may be un- with someone you know and may ruin a perfectly good comfortable with the situa- really, really like. So, I say, friendship. So, be honest tion and not know how to be a man and get it over with your friend and ask her. tell you. You may have to with. If she says “No,” But don’t accuse her, just be take the first step and start a that’s OK. There will be nice about it. conversation with him. other crushes. An Open Letter of Advice! Dear Girl Reading, away from the bad people, from guys, just make sure never give up on your you hear good things about You may think coming in dreams. Another thing: be them first. Again, this school would be outgoing! If you’re shy, it’s DRAMA is for haters! So fun...Ehhh! Wrong! I’m not not going to work! The stay away from it girls, just saying it’s really bad, but it’s guys here fall for shy girls, stay away… pretty bad. Jealousy, back- but it’s only because they stabbing, wild emotions, Sincerely, have a plan. Boys do: and everything else can cheating, breaking your DRAMA HATERS ruin your year. Advice: heart, stealing forgiveness! pick friends carefully, say I’m not saying stay away 25 Survey Says….by 20 Kirmesha Thompson This month we asked you on Survey- 15 Monkey which of these “lucky” and 10 magical creatures you’ve seen. 5 Here are the result by percentage. 0 But all of you should have said you’ve seen a Russian-speaking li- A pot of A garden A unicorn A dragon A talking Leprechaun A Russian- gnome speaking librarian gold dog brarian, because that’s Mrs. K! Prize Winner: Beatriz Molina!
  3. 3. TMS Times Volume 1, Issue 4 Page 3 Luck lucky me! oh! lucky me. ‘twas lucky for me Poetry Page! i looked upon he looked into his brown eyes of wonder…. Artwork by Lorena Sanchez, poetry by Shelby Roby Madness When you’re mad you scream, shout and go to the darkest place in your mind, You hurt people you know and love, even people you don’t know, But the truth is you are hurting yourself, Slowly the anger turns into tears, The tears turn into hatred, It’s like the sands of time, Slowly one by one each grain falls to the bottom of the hour glass of life, When your dreams become nightmares, WAKE UP! Maybe we should all wake up Artwork by Savannah Leslie, poetry by Frankie Cantrell. Spring Poem By Kierston Mitchell.
  4. 4. What did U do 4 your BiRTHDAY?? with my BFF!” “I Hung Out I went camping! Arwork by Mary Rose Fagan
  5. 5. Wake up from a fantasy view, And stare reality in the eyes, Live the way you want, Who And be who you are, And let’s see how far you will go, are these Poetry Page (cont.) Artwork by MaryRose Fagan
  6. 6. Page 6 TMS Times Volume 1, Issue 4 Doodle4Google Contest a trip to Washington DC, For the first time ever, two Both Kylan Wiley and a laptop, and the top TMS Students will be compet- Diego Villarreal completed winner will receive a ing in a national Doo- all the forms and turned in $15,000 scholarship. dle4Google Contest. In the drawings (see below) Wish them luck! contest, students had to create a Regional winners will receive Google logo with the theme of, a t-shirt with the logo, while “If I could do anything I national finalists will receive would....” Artwork by Diego Villarreal Artwork by Kylan Wiley
  7. 7. TMS Times Volume 1, Issue 4 Page 7 Inside Story Headline This story can fit 150-200 A great way to add useful con- your newsletter can also be words. tent to your newsletter is to used for your Web site. Micro- One benefit of using your develop and write your own soft Publisher offers a simple newsletter as a promotional articles, or include a calendar way to convert your newsletter tool is that you can reuse con- of upcoming events or a spe- to a Web publication. So, when tent from other marketing ma- cial offer that promotes a new you’re finished writing your terials, such as press releases, product. newsletter, convert it to a Web market studies, and reports. You can also research articles site and post it. While your main goal of dis- or find “filler” articles by ac- tributing a newsletter might be cessing the World Wide Web. to sell your product or service, You can write about a variety the key to a successful newslet- of topics but try to keep your Caption describing picture ter is making it useful to your articles short. or graphic. readers. Much of the content you put in Inside Story Headline This story can fit 100-150 or make predictions for your column that is updated every words. customers or clients. issue, for instance, an advice The subject matter that ap- If the newsletter is distributed column, a book review, a letter “To catch the reader's pears in newsletters is virtually internally, you might comment from the president, or an edi- attention, place an endless. You can include sto- upon new procedures or im- torial. You can also profile new interesting sentence or ries that focus on current tech- provements to the business. employees or top customers or quote from the story nologies or innovations in your Sales figures or earnings will vendors. here.” field. show how your business is You may also want to note growing. business or economic trends, Some newsletters include a Inside Story Headline This story can fit 75-125 selecting images that appear to Once you have chosen an im- words. be out of context. age, place it close to the article. Selecting pictures or graphics is Microsoft Publisher includes Be sure to place the caption of an important part of adding thousands of clip art images the image near the image. content to your newsletter. from which you can choose Think about your article and and import into your newslet- ask yourself if the picture sup- ter. There are also several tools Caption describing picture ports or enhances the message you can use to draw shapes or graphic. you’re trying to convey. Avoid and symbols.