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Reaching Out to Small Businesses by Providing Business Reference in a Non-Traditional Way


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By Nancy Tucker, Mauney Public Library

Presented on March 11, 2015 for the Trends in Outreach and Collaboration portion of the NCLA-RASS Conference Series--Trends in Reference 2015.

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Reaching Out to Small Businesses by Providing Business Reference in a Non-Traditional Way

  1. 1. Nancy Tucker Business Librarian Mauney Memorial Library Kings Mountain, NC
  2. 2. Libraries are Changing, and so should the way we provide services.
  3. 3. Embedded Librarianship “Embedded librarianship means moving librarians out of the traditional library, and into a new structure for providing reference.”
  4. 4. Embedded Business Librarian in Downtown Kings Mountain What I do: • Go door to door, meet with business owners • Find out their needs • Discover ways the library can assist • Demonstrate library resources • Promote library resources to Small Business owners • Assist with business research such as: • Business plan research • Target market • Industry research • Articles • Business plan research
  5. 5. Reference Databases for Small Business
  6. 6. Here are a few examples of the businesses I have worked with as an embedded business librarian in downtown Kings Mountain:
  7. 7. Building Partnerships • Community college • City / County Departments • Nonprofit organizations • Downtown businesses • Community organizations
  8. 8. Recommendations • Get out of the library and get into your community • Ask questions • Share stories of how you have helped others • Market your research
  9. 9. Conclusion • Libraries are changing, and so should the way we provide reference. • Make your library indispensable – Meet customers where they are. – Build partnerships in the community. – Don’t wait for patrons to come to you, actively seek reference opportunities within the community.