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D2 career development v1


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Career Development V1
By: Ashraf Bedaewi

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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D2 career development v1

  1. 1. Career DevelopmentASHRAF BEDAEWIAll Rights Reserved © 2013Goal TrainerJune 24, 2013
  2. 2. • Define your skills, values, and personal characteristics.• Target opportunities that match your talents and interests.• Set your career goals and create action plans• Develop the tools to market yourself to potential employers.• Navigate and negotiate employment contracts• Evaluate your career aspirations on an ongoing basisObjectives of Career
  3. 3. • Understand why self assessment is a key factor in careersuccess.• Conduct a complete assessment of your personal attributes,values, skills, and career interests.• Identify and prioritize your personal attributes, values, skills, andcareer interestsLearning outcomes
  4. 4. Experience the ExerciseActivities: Self assessmentPart I: Listing your pride experiences.List positive experiences from your past that you are proud ofand that energize you. Choose your top six experiences andprioritize them.
  5. 5. Experience the ExerciseActivities: Self assessmentPart II: Writing your pride stories.Write a story for each of your six pride experiences.
  6. 6. Experience the ExerciseActivities: Self assessmentPart III: Charting your characteristics.Fill out an assessment chart for each story. Each chart willinclude descriptions of characteristics in the areas of personalattributes, values, skills, and interests.
  7. 7. Experience the ExerciseActivities: Self assessmentPart IV: Viewing and ranking your Personal Attributes list.View the characteristics you chose most often in describingyourself in your stories. If necessary, rank characteristics tobreak any tied scores.
  8. 8. Experience the ExerciseActivities: Self assessmentPart V: Based on the information you submitted, here are yourpersonal results!Submit your characteristics information in chart form. Thisinformation will generate your Holland Career Type as well asoccupational suggestions that complement these characteristics.
  9. 9. Experience the ExerciseActivities: Self assessmentPart VI: Complete this activity.Add any missing characteristics and your top knowledge areas tocomplete your summary chart.
  10. 10. Top 5 Skills required for a jobVideo
  11. 11. Learning outcomes• Learn how to conduct occupational research (print, online, and in-person).• Establish a learning plan and set educational goals.Activities:1. Occupational research2. Further education
  12. 12. Learning outcomes• Establish a learning plan and set educational goals.
  13. 13. Learning outcomes• Learn how to conduct an effective work search including bestpractices: work search, résumé writing, curriculum vitae,letter writing, interviewing skills, and negotiating job offers.
  14. 14. Learning outcomesActivities:• Work search• Résumé writing• curriculum vitae writing• Letter writing• Interview skills• Negotiating job offers
  15. 15. Learning outcomes• Demonstrate an awareness of on-the-job safety.• Identify appropriate ways to successfully adapt to theorganization.
  16. 16. Learning outcomesGetting prepared:1. Before you arrive2. Starting your job3. Early days4. Longer term success5. When it does not fit6. Working safely
  17. 17. Learning outcomesActivities:1. Avoiding the pitfalls of office politics2. Office politics follow-up3. On the job safety
  18. 18. Learning outcomes• Recognize the importance of periodic re-evaluation of your careerdirectionGetting prepared:• Re-evaluationActivities:1. Work/life planning review questions
  19. 19. QuoteBeing a good person does not Depend onyour religion, status in life, your race or skincolor, political views or culture.It depends on how good you treat others.
  20. 20. Career DevelopmentAshraf BedaewiAll Rights Reserved © 2013Goal Trainer23 June, 2013@ashrafhb