December week 3


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December week 3

  1. 1. Week of: December 16, 2013 Study: Christmas Around the World Investigation: Christmas traditions around the world and classroom family traditions Tuesday Sand and Water: Snow Slime Wednesday Dramatic Play: Train Station Thursday Games and Toys: Candy Cane Patterning Syllable Clapping Interest Areas Monday Library: Nativity Felt Board Phoebe’s Mom Shares X-mas Traditions Bell Guessing Game Pajama Day Polar Express Movie Friday Writing Center: Letter to Santa Large Group Nativity Story and Felt Board Phonics Cheer Read-Aloud Small Group Rudolf the Red Reindeer Polar Express Reindeer Food Story Time with Donna Paint a Train at the Easel Ohio Early Learning & Development Standards Use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials Ask questions/shows motivation and curiosity Cognitive Skills, Memory Gold Objectives, Dimensions & Indicators Outdoor Experience: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning Initiative/Curiosity Remembers and connects and experiences Reindeer Leaping Family Partnerships: Tuesday – Phoebe’s Mom shares Xmas Traditions, Wednesday - Swimming Wow! Experiences: Wednesday - Swimming , Friday – Giraffe’s Library Trip William’s Christmas Ping Pong Listens to and understands complex language Library Key ideas and details Small muscle: touch, grasp manipulate Uses fine motor strength: uses fingers/hands Uses refined wrist/finger movements