Westfall Local School District Strategic Plan


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Westfall Local School District Strategic Plan

  1. 1. Strategic Plan
  2. 2. We believe that...All people are responsible for their All people have an obligation to helpactions. others.The uniqueness of individuals is Strong ethics, honesty, and integrityessential to creating a strong are necessary for effectivecommunity. relationships.Safety, security, and a nurturing A variety of experiences is vital to theenvironment are essential for understanding of yourself and thereaching ones potential. world around you.Critical thinking is needed forproactive decision-making. Hard work and perseverance are necessary for individuals to maximize their potential.A healthy life requires a balance ofwork, family, and spirituality. Every person has value and should be treated with respect.
  3. 3. The mission of the Westfall Local School District,as the educational hub of the community, is toproduce responsible, emotionally and physicallyhealthy students who excel in academics,technology, the arts, and graduate career orcollege ready. This will be accomplished in a safe,secure and nurturing environment by creativelyusing all resources; developing effectivecommunity partnerships; and, providing everystudent with appropriate, high quality, relevanteducation.
  4. 4. Objectives100% of our students perform at 100% of our students areor above grade level in core responsible communityacademic areas. members.100% of the students are 100% of our students areemotionally and physically desirable employees.healthy.100% of our students are 100% of the students expresscompetent to utilize modern creativity through the arts,technology in learning and technology, and academics.sharing with others.
  5. 5. ParametersWe will not tolerate All current and newbehavior that threatens programs mustthe safe, secure, and withstand a cost-nurturing environment benefit analysis.of our schools. Westfall Local School District will alwaysWe will not tolerate communicateineffective employees. effectively with students, staff, parents, and community.
  6. 6. StrategiesI. We will partner with alumni III. Westfall Local Schooland community and organize District will effectivelyresources to ensure student communicate to all students,success and to become the staff, parents, andcommunitys educational community, with the focus on the implementation ofhub. the districts Strategic Plan.II. We will align Pre K-12 IV. We will develop theinstruction and concentrate health, wellness, and lifeall efforts and resources skills of each student withtoward student achievement. emphasis on the Westfall beliefs and a focus on excellence.