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How to Secure Print with Xerox


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How to Secure Print with Xerox

  1. 1. JD WilliamsonTechnology CoordinatorWestfall Local Schools
  2. 2. Click theOfficeButtonClick Print
  3. 3. Click the DropDown Menuto Select Printer
  4. 4. For this Demo I willbe using the XeroxRed Wing Printer
  5. 5. ClickProperties
  6. 6. Click theDrop Downarrow to SelectSecure Print
  7. 7. Insert a Passcode(Must be 4-10 digits) Click OK
  8. 8. Click OK
  9. 9. Click OK
  10. 10. Your Secure Print job has now been sent to the Red Wing Xerox Printer. Once you get to the Red Wing Xerox Printer select the job name enter your Passcode and your Secure Print job will begin to print.Hint: While saving your document place your name in the File Name to find your Secure Print job more easily while at the Xerox Printer. The next slide will show you a screenshot of the Job Name: Microsoft Word- Secure Print Demo- JD Williamson
  11. 11. If you have any questions please let us know…