Westfall Web Resources for February 2012


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Westfall Web Resources for February 2012

  1. 1. JD WilliamsonTechnology CoordinatorWestfall Local Schools
  2. 2. Click here to access: National Geographic for education Teaching Resources like national standards, education projects, and multimedia activities Navigate iconic National Geographic maps with new interactive features and tools for creating custom materials that can be easily printed and shared. Reference and News- discover a range of supports for learning about real-world issues, including news articles, a glossary, and an encyclopedia.
  3. 3. Click here to access: the SchoolTube website SchoolTube is a free online video hosting and sharing resource exclusively for K12 students, teachers, and school communities. All videos are produced by moderators to ensure appropriateness before posting. Students can explore topics such as academic subjects, sports, news and current events, and teachers can integrate relevant videos into classroom curricula.
  4. 4. Click here to access: Smithsonians History Explorer 371 Lessons and Activities from k-12 122 Interactive and Media resources 308 different Museum Artifacts 118 helpful Web Links with great resources
  5. 5. Click here to access: interactive tools and games Thinkfinity’s tools and games section of their website helps to engage students of all ages. Filter by grade level and resource type Grades K-12
  6. 6. Click here to access: ILLUMINATIONS -Resources for Teaching Math 371Explore our library of 107 online activities that help to make math come alive in the classroom or at home View a collection of 606 lessons for preK-12 math educators Check out hundreds of exemplary online resources, as identified by an editorial panel
  7. 7. Click here to access the Ohio Resource Center Browse by Ohio Standards, National Standards, and Resource Types Main features Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies
  8. 8. Click here to access: ArtsEdge 185 arts-based lesson plans and projects for classroom and afterschool Tips, guides, and articles to support teaching Multimedia search engine to find images, audio, music, and video clips
  9. 9. Click here to access: EDSITEment! Art and Culture, Foreign Language, History and Social Studies, Literature, and Language Arts Student Resources by subject matter Reference Shelf has many classroom resources Glossaries, Books, maps, and Galleries
  10. 10. Click here to access: Science NetLinks Find Science Lessons and Tools for K-12 Themes include: Earth Science, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Health/Medicine, Mathematics/Statistics, Natur e of Science, and Technology
  11. 11. ReadwritethinkClick here to access: readwritethink Lesson Plans, Calendar Activities, Printouts, and Student Interactive resources Explore Teacher Resources by Grade
  12. 12. • JD Williamson• Technology Coordinator• Westfall Local Schools• jwilliamson@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us