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  • The news reel we’ve just played was to illustrate the range of things that impact on a person’s health and wellbeing – negatively and positively.
    When we’re thinking about the children and young people in our care this can seem overwhelming – there are so many factors to take in to account, so many determinants that are outwith our control or sphere of influence.
    What we have to do is ensure that the part we play in this complex jigsaw is positive and meaningful. We are partners in this.
    The valuable role we in education play is to equip and support young people with the skills and attributes they require to make decisions about their own health and wellbeing and to enable them to cope with all of the other factors that influence this.
  • Hwb seminar part1of2

    1. 1. Policy Research and Practice
    2. 2. are connected bringing a a shared understanding across a whole learning community
    3. 3. Aspirations have been raised… All learners demonstrate skills, attitudes and attributes which are important for the world of work, such as judgement, resilience and independence
    4. 4. We have raised aspirations… All learners apply their knowledge and skills with increasing confidence and competence in dealing with familiar circumstances and new challenges in their daily lives as they grow and mature
    5. 5. Health and wellbeing has improved outcomes for children and young people
    6. 6. Positive relationships are at the heart of good learning and teaching
    7. 7. Which means… Children and young people can…
    8. 8. Travel safely and continue to develop the skills to be able to assess and manage risk
    9. 9. Manage and plan their learning: learners take more responsibility in being involved in decisions
    10. 10. Enjoy a choice of healthy nutritious food and water during the school day
    11. 11. Make healthier food choices outwith the school gate
    12. 12. The times they are a Changing?
    13. 13. The school provides many opportunities for outdoor learning
    14. 14. Health and wellbeing? Can you see it? Can you feel it? Across a learning community?
    15. 15. It is essentially about a ‘Readiness to Learn’
    16. 16. Every child has a key adult who knows them well and have opportunities for regular one to one discussions
    17. 17. The ethos in the school encourages strong, positive relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Learners are skilled at resolving conflict
    18. 18. Celebrations of achievement are seen and felt across the learning community. This brings a sense of belonging and connectedness
    19. 19. Young people leave school equipped with the coping skills and creativity they need to thrive in their rapidly changing world
    20. 20. Their experiences will lay the foundation for sustaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle as they develop into adults.
    21. 21. It takes a whole learning community to raise a child Community Partners Support Staff Partners Teachers Parents
    22. 22. A job well done if we can develop and foster a young person’s….
    23. 23. iness The term “Googliness” can be described as a ‘mash up’ of the unique characteristics and passion of an individual which makes them creative and innovative. Their essential job attributes would include their behaviour, morale, dress code, personal culture, business acumen, team working, IT skills and knowledge. It’s about making them employable…….