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BiSciCol + VertNet: A Conceptual and Technical Framework for Identifying Specimens


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A conceptual framework for implementing solid identifiers for use in data aggregation frameworks and their impact on data publishing and downstream linking.

Published in: Education, Technology
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BiSciCol + VertNet: A Conceptual and Technical Framework for Identifying Specimens

  1. 1. BiSciCol + VertNet: A Conceptual andTechnical Framework for IdentifyingSpecimensiEvoBio Flash Talk 2013Aaron Steele, University of California, BerkeleyJohn Deck, University of California, BerkeleyRob Guralnick, University of Colorado, Boulder
  2. 2. VertNet
  3. 3. VertNet LifeCycle of a Record
  4. 4. • <1% DwC Triplet match between Genbank andVertNet• Identifiers are not awesome (not persistent,resolvable, or even globally unique)BiSciCol / Identifier Review ofChallenges
  5. 5. ark:/21547/R2 = Uniquely identifies processed data instance_separator = _550e8400-e29b...suffix =550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000The suffix is assigned by VertNet can be resolved using both theEZID and BCID systems using the suffix passthrough system.BCID Technology (from software bazaar)ark:/21547/ark:/21547/ = Scheme plus name assigning authorityR2R2 = BCID Group identifier, defines a common concept per dataset
  6. 6. A Conceptual and Technical Framework forIdentifying Specimens with (VertNet + BiScicol)
  7. 7. IC:CC:CN (Literal)ark:/21547/R2 (group)ark:/21547/R2_{LocalID}ark:/21547/S2_{UUID}ID’s in theData LifeCycleIdentifiers MaintainedIdentifiers MaintainedIdentifiers MaintainedIdentifiers MaintainedMachineInterpretation
  8. 8. PublisherIC:CC:CN (Literal)ark:/21547/R2_{LocalID}Aggregatorark:/21547/S2_{UUID}Using awesome identifiers we can track all metadatainstances from publisher to aggregator through ApplicationsMachine_interpretationVertNetEOLiDigBioGenbankResolverApplicationsAggregationsSource