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Data Sets You Free: Analytics for Content Strategy

The value of content strategy is hard to measure and even harder to forecast. For many content strategists, the hardest part of the job isn't even the content strategy work itself! It's getting your hands untied so that you can help the organization or client take action.

Data is what sets you free. By learning how to tell the story of your content and audience with data, you'll be able to move onward from just TALKING about content strategy to actually DOING it!

Included in this Content Strategy presentation:
1. WHAT data and analytics mean for our content as well as to our partners, colleagues, and clients
2. WHY content strategists should value and use data and analytics in their work
3. HOW to use the Excellent Analytics plug-in for Microsoft Excel to automate the inclusion of Google Analytics data in a content audit (no more cutting and pasting!)
4. HOW to use conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel to make opportunities for improving content pop
5. HOW to visualize and format data and analytics as you report out the results of your content strategy work, including 8 key learnings from Edward Tufte.

If you're ready to start using more data in your content strategy work, then this presentation includes actionable tactics, tools, and links to more information. Remember: you are what you measure - so start measuring the impacts of your work now!

Originally presented at Confab: The Content Strategy Conference in Minneapolis, MN on June 4, 2013.

For more information and tools that you can use to set your content free, see this associated blog post on the Confab Events blog:

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Data Sets You Free: Analytics for Content Strategy

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