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Agile SEO - Infrastructure Innovation by Iteration


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Originally presented on the "The Really Complicated Technical SEO Infrastructure Issues" panel at SMX Advanced 2011 in Seattle, Washington. The panel included Maile Ohye of Google, Todd Nemet of Nine by Blue, and was moderated by Vanessa Fox of Search Engine Land.

This presentation is a quick introduction to Agile SEO development, a methodology that can help you deliver more value to your customers more quickly. We'll take a look at a few of REI's SEO technical infrastructure optimizations, as well as see what the results were from making these optimizations.

One of the controversial points of discussion in the presentation was REI's use of the "rel=canonical" <link> element to reduce duplicate content caused by pagination.

Download the slide show and see the speaker notes for more information.

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Agile SEO - Infrastructure Innovation by Iteration

  1. AGILESEO Infrastructure Innovation by Iteration Jonathon Colman, in-house SEO for REI: Twitter @jcolman Source: Ross Land/Getty Images,
  2. Source: SEOmoz 4-essential-seo-infographics
  3. You’ve got strongmetrics, top-notchanalysis, a smartbusiness case, andbest practices forimplementation.Wow! You are anSEO Rockstar, baby.Source: Rugby Rebels, recommits-to-new-zealand-rugby/983.htm
  4. FAILSource: Ross Land/Getty Images Europe,
  5. Enter Agile – a way to deliver value tocustomers and get SEO done as part of a team. Source: Conversational Rugby,
  6. URL indexation from XML sitemaps
  7. Duplicate content reduction
  8. Performance: improving page load time
  9. Crawl budget: increase in crawling activity
  10. Stand as a team,Source: Ross Land/Getty Images,
  11. Work as a team,Source: Ross Land/Getty Images,
  12. Celebrate as a team, and…Source: Ross Land/Getty Images,
  13. What happens on the team stays on the team. Source: Ross Land/Getty Images,
  14. THANK YOU!Jonathon Colman, in-house SEO for REI: Twitter @jcolmanSource: Ross Land/Getty Images,