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  • Euro metternich

    1. 1. Age of Metternich “Error never had access into my mind”
    2. 2. Congress of Vienna Czar Alexander of Russia Lord Castlereagh of Britain #10 von Hardenberg of Prussia #21 Metternich of Austria #6 (Talleyrand of France) #22
    3. 3. Alexander of Russia Tried to expand into Central Europe Russia to get Poland and Prussia to get Saxony No one else wanted them to grow that big so smaller additions compromised on instead Started the Holy Alliance
    4. 4. Lord Castlereagh Irish protestant politician Forced to resign once early in his career over a duel with another British diplomat Was a workaholic who played a crucial role in the compromises of the Congress and fathered the Congress System
    5. 5. Metternich Huge ego, but well deserved Dominated Austrian government from 1809-1848 Negotiated a wife for Napoleon - his boss’ daughter! Guided the Congress as its host Strived for legitimacy, limiting French expansion and compensation while maintaining a balance of power Hated democracy, constitutionalism and nationalism
    6. 6. Limitation of France and Compensation Netherlands got Belgium to be a stronger road-block for French expansion Russia got part of Poland and Finland Austria got Lombardy and Venetia Prussia got Rhineland and part of Poland Britain kept captured Carribean islands and Cape Colony and Ceylon
    7. 7. Legitimacy Pre-Napoleonic rulers restored to their thrones New countries founded by Napoleon on nationalist principles were disbanded and restored to 1793 borders
    8. 8. Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1818 Allies agreed to evacuate France and allow them to join the Quadruple Alliance, making it the Quintuple Alliance Alexander proposed Holy Alliance, but Britain refused
    9. 9. Congress of Troppau, 1820 Called to crush the Naples revolution against their king Britain objected to acting against rebels Gave birth to Troppau Protocol, which called for Congress states to crush all rebellions against monarchs
    10. 10. Congress of Verona, 1822 Britain proposed supporting a Greek revolt against the Turks France offered to put down anti-Bourbon Spanish revolt, and Russians countered by offering to march 150,000 troops across Europe to intervene. Britain, now represented by George Canning and the Duke of Wellington, opposed all intervention and withdrew from Congress System
    11. 11. Death of Alexander I 1825 Decembrist Revolt against Nicholas I, his conservative brother and successor in favor of his older, more liberal brother, Constantine, who had abdicated Crushed within days
    12. 12. London Conferences 1830, 1832 Belgium recognized by all major powers as independent from Netherlands after armed rebellion. King Leopold I (of the Dukes of Saxe- Coberg) Greece recognized as independent kingdom by Russia, France and Britain. King Otto (of royal family of Bavaria)