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Q2, modyul 1, gawain 1


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Q2, modyul 1, gawain 1

  1. 1. MODYUL 1 Pag-aalsa Laban saPang-aabuso
  2. 2. Gawain 1Pag-aalsa ni Tamblot, 1621 - 1622
  3. 3. Paglalahad
  4. 4. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Si Tamblot ay isangbabaylan o pari. Tutolsiya na yakapin angbagong relihiyongKatolisismo.
  5. 5. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Isang tugon laban sa mgapatakarang kolonyal na ipinairalng mga Kastila ang PAG-AALSA. Gaano kadalas okarami ang pag-aalsa laban saEspanya bago ang rebolusyonng 1896?
  6. 6. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Basahin ang puna niFrancisco Leandro de Viana,isang piskal (abogado) saAudiencia ng Maynila, sakanyang “Memorial of 1765.
  7. 7. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 … it ought to be borne in mind that, fromthe first years of this conquest [1521] until theone in which we now are [1765], nearly all theprovinces have at various times rebelled andrisen in arms; and not one of … [us] doubts thatfor this kind of offense the Indians ought to bepunished by an increase of their tributes, thatthis may serve them as a warning andexample; for they [thus] lost the right to betreated with the mildness which their firstvoluntary submission deserved. Francisco Leandro de Viana, “Memorial of 1765,” sa Blair at Robertson 48: 248.
  8. 8. Pagsusuri
  9. 9. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Anong impormasyon angmakukuha at mahihinuha momula sa sipi?Kadalasan odami ng pag-aalsaImpormasyongnakuha atnahinuha mulasa sipi
  10. 10. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Suriin ang sipi gamit ang concept mapKONTEKSTO AKTOR PAGKILOS SANHI EPEKTO
  11. 11. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 KONTEKSTO. Kabuuang kalagayan ngpanahon, lugar at komunidad, kasama angkultura nito AKTOR. Sino ang kumilos at angkanyang personal na background, hangarin atinteres. PAGKILOS. Mga ginawa ng historikal naaktor na nagbigay-daan o nagdulot ng epekto oresulta SANHI. Dahilan ng pagkilos EPEKTO. Resulta o kinahinatnan ngpagkilos
  12. 12. Pagbubuod
  13. 13. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Bakit nag-alsa siTamblot?
  14. 14. Paglalapat
  15. 15. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Ano ang iyongmagiging saloobinkung pipilitin kangmagpalit ka ngrelihiyon?
  16. 16. Pagtataya
  17. 17. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 1. Pagbasa ng sipi mula kinaPedro Murillo Velardo, Historia de laProvincia de Philipinas de la Compañade Jesus, 1749 at Casimiro Diaz,Conquista de las Islas Filipinas, 1890sa “Insurrections by Filipinos in theSeventeen Century,” Blair atRobertson, 38: 87 – 91(Gawain 1.5)
  18. 18. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 KONTEKSTO The majority of the ministers in the island of Boholhad gone to Zebu, to celebrate the feasts of thebeatification of St. Xavier; in their absence …. [t]hediwata,* or demon, appeared to some Indians in thewoods … and commanded them to quit the gospel …and the Spanish vassalage, and take refuge in the hills;and to build him a chapel, where he would aid them andgive them whatever they needed to pass their lives inhappiness and abundance, without the encumbrance ofpaying tribute to the Spaniards or dues to the churches.
  19. 19. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 AKTOR Two or three Indians … became priestsof this diwata [one of the priests was calledTamblot], in order to persuade the people toapostasy and rebellion.… four villagesrevolted; only Loboc (which is the chiefvillage) and Baclayon remained firm in thefaith, and in loyalty to the king.
  20. 20. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 PAGKILOS Information of this reached Zebu, and immediately Don Juan de Alcarazo,alcalde-mayor of Zebu, went to quiet the island; he invited them to make peace, forwhich the rebels did not care. Their boldness increasing, they burned the four villagesand their churches; they flung on the ground the rosaries and crosses, and pierced animage of the blessed Virgin eighteen times…. Thereupon the chief ordered troops fromZebu, fifty Spaniards and a thousand friendly Indians…; and on New Year’s day, 1622,he began a march to the mountains, where the insurgents were…. more than 1,500rebel Indians attacked our vanguard…; but when our muskets were fired so many felldead that the rebels began to retreat to a bamboo thicket. When we followed them aheavy rain fell, which encouraged the rebels, for they said that our muskets were thenuseless. But Heaven favored our cause…. The rebels fled into the mountains; and ourmen arrived at a village of more than a thousand houses, in the midst of which was thetemple of their diwata. Our troops found there much food, various jewels of silver andgold, and many bells of the sort those people use—all of which was given to our Indians.…Captain Alcarazo… commanded that some of the rebels be hanged, and published apardon to the rest; and he returned to Zebu, where the victory was celebrated.
  21. 21. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 SANHI to take away the fear which they naturally fear toward theSpaniards, these [native] priests told them that, if they would attack theSpaniards,1. the diwata would cause the mountains to rise against their foe;2. the muskets of the latter would not go off, or else the bullets wouldrebound on those who fired them;3. if any Indian should die, the demon would resuscitate him;4. that the leaves of the trees would be converted into saranga (a largefish);5. when they cut bejucos [cane or palm], these would distil wine insteadof water;6. from the banana leaves they would make fine linen; and,7. in short, that all would be pleasure, enjoyment, and delight.
  22. 22. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 EPEKTO This success had very important results, for it checked the revolt of otherislands and other villages—who were expecting the favourable result which thedemon had promised them, so that they could shake off the mild yoke of Christ,and with it their vassalage to the Spaniards. Many of them, now undeceived,accepted the pardon; but others, who were stubborn, fortified themselves at thesummit of a rugged and lofty hill, difficult of access, and closed the road [to it]with brambles and thorns…. Six months later the same Don Juan Alcarazoreturned, to dislodge those rebels with forty Spaniards and many Indians. Aftersuffering great hardships in making the paths accessible, nearly all his menwere hurt, by the time they reached the fort, by the many stones which theenemy hurled down from the summit; but our soldiers courageously climbed theascent, firing their muskets, and killed many of the rebels, putting the rest toflight. Thus was dispersed that sedition, which was one of the most dangerousthat had occurred in the islands—not only because the Boholanos were themost warlike and valiant of the Indians, but on account of the conspiracy
  23. 23. Glosari oTalasalitaan
  24. 24.  Apostasy … pagtakwil sa paniniwala Ascent … pag-akyat Babaylan … paring babae o lalaki sa relihiyon ng mga sinaunang Pilipino Beatification … pagdeklara sa Katolisismo pagiging santo o santa Bramble … mababa, mayabong at matinik na halaman Check the revolt … pigilin ang pag-aalsa Conspiracy … sabwatan Delight … kasiyahan
  25. 25.  Dislodge … tanggalin Disperse … itaboy Diwata … anito o ispiritu ng sinaunang panahon Dues … bayad Encumbrance … pasanin, abala Foe … kalaban Fortify … palakasin Hurl … ibato Insurgent … rebelde Lofty … mataas
  26. 26.  Musket … uri ng baril Pardon … patawarin Pierce … tusukin Quit the gospel … iwanan ang pananampalataya Rebound … bumalik Refuge … kanlungan Resuscitate … buhayin Rugged … mabato, magaspang Sedition … pag-aalsa
  27. 27.  Shake off the mild yoke of Christ …iwanan ang banayad na implwensiya ni Kristo Stubborn … matigas ang ulo Summit … tuktok Thereupon ... sa lugar at oras na iyon Thicket … mababa’t mayabong na halaman Undeceived … hindi naloloko Valiant … matapang Vanguard … tanod sa unahan ng hukbo
  28. 28. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 Pagsusuri sa sipi at punan ng 2.impormasyon o ibuod ang salaysaygamit ang table.KONTEKST AKTOR KILOS DAHILAN EPEKTO O
  29. 29. Takdang - Aralin
  30. 30. Pag-aralan: Bakit nag-alsasi Maniago?
  31. 31. KEYANSWERS
  32. 32. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 X Anong impormasyon ang makukuhaat mahihinuha mo mula sa sipi?Kadalasan o Mula 1521 hanggang 1765, halos lahat ngdami ng pag- mga lalawigan ay nag-alsaaalsaImpormasyong • Masasabing hindi naging mapayapa ang proseso ng kolonisasyon. Nagkaroon ng malakasnakuha at at maraming pagtututol ang mga Pilipino.nahinuha mula • Hindi pinansin ang dahilan ng mga Pilipino sasa sipi pag-aalsa. Bagkus ay lalo pang pinaigting ng mga Espanyol ang kanilang pagsupil sa pamamagitan ngpagtaas ng tributo.
  33. 33. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 X KONTEKSTONaganap ang pag-aalsa saBohol noong 1621-1622 habangkaramihan ng mga pari ay nasaCebu upang ipagdiwang angbeyatipikasyon ni San FrancisXavier.
  34. 34. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 X AKTOR Tamblot kasama ang isao dalawa pang paringkatutubo (pari ng mgadiwata) at apat na nayon
  35. 35. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 X SANHI• Ibig bumalik ng mga katutubosa dati nilang relihiyon attalikuran ang Katolisismo.• Naniwala ang mga rebelde nakung bumalik sila sa dati nilangrelihiyon, giginhawa ang
  36. 36. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 X PAGKILOS• Nag-alsa ang apat na bayan sa islang Bohol; ang Loboc atBaclayon lamang ang hindi lumahok sa pag-aalsa.• Pumunta sa Bohol si Juan de Alcarazo, alcalde-mayor ng Cebu,para supilin ang pag-aalsa, ngunit hindi pumayag ang mgarebelde. Sinunog nila ang apat na nayon at mga simbahan nito.Inihagis nila sa lupa ang mga rosaryo at krus at sinaksak ng 18beses ang imahen ng Birhen Maria.• Sinalakay ang mga nag-aalsang Pilipino ng 50 Espanyol at isanglibong alyadong Pilipino sa unang araw ng 1622. Inatake ng 1,500na rebelde ang puwersang Espanyol ngunit sinagot ito ng mgasuperyor na armas ng mga Espanyol.• Tumakbo sa bundok ang mga nag-aalsa at dito nakita ng mgaKastila ang isang pamayanan, templo ng mga diwata, maraming
  37. 37. PAG-AALSA NI TAMBLOT, 1621 - 1622 X EPEKTO• Binitay ang ilang rebelde atpinatawad ang iba.• Nasupil ang pag-aalsa sa mgakaratig na nayon at isla. Iginiit ngEspanya ang kanyangkapangyarihan.• Ang mga nakatakas ay nanatili sa
  38. 38.’s Module, Q2, pp. 1-6Teaching Guide, Q2, pp. 46-48
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  40. 40. MARAMING SALAMAT PO! Inihanda ni:JARED RAM A. JUEZAN Teacher I, Araling Panlipunan III August 5-6, 2012