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The changing role of women


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The changing role of women

  2. 2. Women’s Roles  Prior to 1900, most women were house wives.  Their jobs included educating kids at home, cooking and cleaning.  From the 20th century on, however, women have gained political, economic, and social power.
  3. 3. As previously discussed…..  DuringWorldWar I, women had to leave the house work and get jobs in the factories.
  4. 4. Because of that…..  TheWomen’s Suffrage Movement (getting women the right to vote) began to catch on.  Many countries, including Britain and America, gave women the right to vote after WorldWar I.
  5. 5. New Jobs Too!  During the 1920s, some women began to get new jobs outside of the home.  These jobs included jobs in medicine and journalism.
  6. 6. World War II  Similar to World War I, women went to work in factories during WorldWar II.  Some women also were medics and worked in the military in some countries.
  7. 7. Back to House Wives….  AfterWorld War II, in Western countries (like America), most women returned to the role of house wife.
  8. 8. But the Communist Countries….  Communist countries, such as China and the USSR, began giving women more rights and pushed for them to get jobs.  In China, they finally outlawed the practice of foot-binding.