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The digital revolution


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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The digital revolution

  2. 2. • Computers originally were huge, room sized machines that were difficult to use. OLD SCHOOL
  3. 3. • Today, there are computers that fit in your hands! (SC finds this exciting!) And they can do the work of many old machines. BUT THEN TODAY
  4. 4. • The Internet, a collection of computers around the world, connects businesses and individuals. • Allows people to share information over long distances and allows people to work or play at home or at work. THE INTERWEBS….
  5. 5. • Cell phones provide communication on the go. • They allow users to utilize the internet whenever and where ever they find themselves. • Have changed a great deal over the years. • Originally were used to….. CELL PHONES
  6. 6. • The combination of these technologies has created an interdependent global economy that is further dependent on modern technology. GLOBAL MARKETPLACE