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Tensions mount


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Tensions mount

  1. 1. Tensions Mount
  2. 2. Fears..... • America and its allies after World War II (Britain and France) feared communism would continue to spread throughout Eastern Europe and the rest of the world. • Meanwhile, the entire world feared the Cold War would turn “hot” and lead to a nuclear war between America and the Soviet Union.
  3. 3. ….And a Realization of Fear….. • The Soviets blockaded Western Berlin to try and kick “western” (American and British) influence out of the city. • America, Britain, and France responded by airlifting supplies to West Berlin and forcing the Soviets to stop.
  4. 4. So America Responds….. • The Berlin Blockade proved to the United States that they could have problems from the Soviet Union. • So in 1949, America, Canada, and ten European nations formed a military alliance called NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) dedicated to keeping the world safe for democracy.
  5. 5. And the Soviets Counter….. • The Soviet Union created a military alliance, the Warsaw Pact (Warsaw is the capital of Poland), composed of Eastern European countries they took from Germany. • These countries (Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, etc.) were not allowed to have elections.
  6. 6. …..with Satellite States….. • These nations became “satellite states,” nations that bordered the USSR and whose economies and politics were controlled by the USSR. • Containment was based on trying to keep other countries from becoming “satellite states.”
  7. 7. Continuing Revolutions….. • The Soviet Union tried to spread communism into Latin America, Asia, and Africa. • Countries that were having revolutions were easy choices. • The Soviets gave the revolutionaries money to create communist countries like America was doing to keep places from becoming communists.
  8. 8. ….through any means necessary…. • The Soviets also tried to spread communism by sending representatives to discuss the benefits of communism and allowed other countries to tour the USSR and see its successes.