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Research Driven Design

  1. Research-Driven Design Jackson Fox | UX Designer | DC Design Talks | 2/29/2008
  2. What is research-driven design?
  3. Research is all about observation of the user...
  4. research-driven design is grounded in the user’s reality...
  5. ...because we want to give people what they need, which isn’t always what they want.
  6. Research- Theory-Driven Data-Driven Driven Design Design Design Empirical Derived from Web observation theory analytics
  7. It’s all the same thing really
  8. Back in the olden days... (in the fifties actually)
  9. Intuition vs. Research
  10. Our theoretical heritage > Cognitive Psychology > Experimental Psychology
  11. Welcome our new social science overlords > Sociology > Social Psychology > Anthropology > even... Marketing
  12. We observe the user...
  13. > Usability Testing > Card Sorting > User Observation > Analytics > Contextual Inquiry > Focus Groups > Interviews > Etc... > Surveys
  14. Then we analyze the data... And we draw conclusions
  15. AKA, the “Wheel of Science” Theory Observation Hypothesis Generalization
  16. Good Times
  17. More trouble than it’s worth
  18. Research is only as much effort as you make it In science we talk about “experimental design” — choosing the right methods and the right samples
  19. Crushes the creative spirit
  20. Research informs design, it doesn’t replace it We use user research to ground our efforts in reality, and to validate our choices
  21. Not really scientific at all
  22. Quantitative Qualitative Counts and Qualities and measures characteristics Objective Subjective Neither is more “scientific” than the other
  23. What is “good” research? > Randomization > Implementation > Control > Analysis > Reliability > Interpretation > Validity
  24. In fact, it’s all just common sense
  25. Actually, that’s not always a bad thing Just because the results are “common sense” doesn’t mean that the effort is wasted
  26. In fact, many times we want the results to be common sense
  27. One last thing...
  28. E-Z Design Research TM
  29. Someone else has done a lot of work, and we get use it
  30. Design Papers Books Guidelines Prioritizing Web SURL Usability NN/g, UIE, Etc... ACM SIG-CHI Designing Interfaces But! Be critical of the research you see. Ask yourself if it’s good science.
  31. 1. Research-driven design grounds us in reality
  32. 2. Don’t be afraid of the touchy-feely stuff
  33. 3. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right ...and design research is worth it!
  34. Thanks! Jackson Fox UX Designer,
  35. DC Design Talks February 29, 2008
  36. Yay!