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How to Use Interactive Content for Sales Enablement


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The way customers educate themselves on products and services has changed dramatically because of content marketing.

Customers are now in the driver’s seat of self education before they engage with the sales team. During this presentation, ion interactive’s Customer of Engagement, Audrey Ross and Director of Account Development, Asa Hochhauser share real-world examples of how ion successfully bridges the gap between marketing and sales using interactive content.

What you will learn:
- How to create content that is useful, usable and helps facilitate the sales process
- How to know when to share the right content at the right time
- How interactive content gathers data about users that can be leveraged during sales calls
- See real-world examples of interactive content for sales enablement

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How to Use Interactive Content for Sales Enablement

  1. 1. Interactive Content 
 for Sales Enablement
  2. 2. What’s Inside •Why Sales and Marketing alignment is important to sale enablement and how content plays a role. •How to get Sales to use the content you produce. •How the content you produce can fuel results.
  3. 3. Who creates the content that salespeople use in their selling efforts? Who creates content
 sales people need? salespeople-need-along-customers-journey/ Marketing
 39.4% Salespeople
 26.3% Other 5.8% Sales Ops/
 Legal 5.8% Product
 12.1% Sales
  4. 4. What content is marketing creating? Blogs Email Newsletters Social Media Content Ebooks/White Papers In-Person Events Webinar/Webcasts Video (pre-produced) 30% 32% 36% 38% 40% 40% 52% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  5. 5. Top Funnel/Lead Generation Focused Blogs Email Newsletters Social Media Content Ebooks/White Papers In-Person Events Webinar/Webcasts Video (pre-produced) 30% 32% 36% 38% 40% 40% 52% * 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s Research Report
  6. 6. Content Sales People are Creating Email Templates Social Media Posts Proposals Sales Presentations Sales Scripts/Pitches/Questions
  7. 7. Mid-Bottom Funnel Email Templates Social Media Posts Proposals Sales Presentations Sales Scripts/Pitches/Questions (focused on inspiring change
 and taking action)
  8. 8. Sales enablement… is the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help sales people sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process. -TOPO
  11. 11. Highly-aligned organizations achieved
 an average of 32%
 year-over-year revenue growth, while their less aligned competitors
 saw a 7% decrease. - Aberdeen Group Study 32%
  12. 12. Creating the Feedback Loop
  13. 13. How ion does it: •Monthly Strategy Meeting with Leadership-Dir/VP of Sales, CMO (bring action items to Sales/Marketing sync).
 •Follow up with executional Marketing/ Sales Sync. Leave with action items.
 •Marketing Sprint attended by Sales, 
 hold marketing accountable
  14. 14. Where do sales
 insights come from? •Marketing automation •Sales Tech •Conversations
  15. 15. Conversations The only one of these that isn’t static is sales conversations. And this is where the most valuable source for new content comes from. How do we bring this dynamic nature to the other sources we 
 use to gather insights?
  16. 16. Insights Sales Team Needs and Wants Role in purchase decision 37% 55% Potential ROI from solution purchase 19% 61% Budgeting for a solution 20% 66% Decision Timeframe 23% 66%
 Specific Pain Points Motivating Purchase 20% 71% Readiness to Buy 21% 72% Anticipation barriers to acquisition 14% 75% Currently Receive Want to ReceiveData Type
  17. 17. What is Interactive Content? An interactive content experience is participatory, often including a feedback loop in which the outcome of the experience is directly impacted by the interaction of the visitor.
  18. 18. Assessments Calculators eBooks Interactive
 Infographics Interactive
 White Papers Lookbooks
 & Tours Resource
 Library Solution
 Finders Quizzes Types of Interactive Content
  19. 19. Interactive Content for Sales Enablement If you add interactive content into your sales enablement mix it will allow for three things: Allow sales to supplement lead generation and lead quality efforts and provide better insights to marketing. Give sales access to effective content that the team will actually use. Better sales conversations that lead to more revenue and quick sales cycles.
  20. 20. Supplement
 marketing efforts •Teach sales how where to use (human marketing automation platforms) •Bring insights of what is working 
 and what isn’t to syncs •Bring more market awareness 
 to marketing team 1
  21. 21. ion interactive Assessment
  22. 22. ion interactive Program Builder
  23. 23. Vantreo Sales Calculator
  24. 24. Symantec Calculator
  25. 25. Access to content/ ensure usage Team needs to be trained and content needs to be discoverable. Examples: website, wiki, sales enablement software that plugs into CRM, interactive content. 2
  27. 27. Sales Asset Matcher
  28. 28. Symantec Resource Library
  29. 29. Sammons Financial Group Agent Toolkit
  30. 30. Sammons Financial Group Agent Toolkit
  31. 31. Corporate Visions Sales Toolkit
  32. 32. Better conversations
 = More revenue How to use the different pieces of content/buyer journey/what is helping get appointments and 
 close deals. 3
  33. 33. Surfacing insights Marketing automation to drive more sales qualified leads • Integrate interactive content into marketing automation campaigns. ABM/social selling • Sales distribute useful content in a personalized manner to drive deeper visibility into prospects world.
  34. 34. Brainshark Sales Readiness Assessment
  35. 35. Rocket Software Downtime Calculator
  36. 36. ion interactive Sell-Side
  37. 37. Benefits of using IC
 for Sales Enablement Align Sales and Marketing Increase the value of the 
 content you create Spend time with the right 
 prospects at the right time 
 resulting in faster sales cycles 
 and drive revenue.
  38. 38. twitter: @ioninteractive Thank You