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ion "Better" Series Part 2: Creating Better Content Keynote


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In Part 2 of our "Better" Series, we focused on creating better content with interactivity. View the keynote to discover 3 benefits of using interactivity to boost your content marketing efforts; 3 tips on how to get the most out of your interactive content; and 3 examples of companies successfully using interactive content.

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ion "Better" Series Part 2: Creating Better Content Keynote

  1. 1. SubheadCreating Better Content Know the content that resonates with your audience to improve campaign effectiveness and lead quality. ion “Better” Series
  2. 2. Presenters Clément Hernandez Marketing Coordinator ion interactive Stephanie Mansueto Senior Content Strategist ion interactive
  3. 3. Tweet Us @ioninteractive #ionbettercontent
  4. 4. Subhead Kicking It Off Part 2 of the ion “Better” Series
  5. 5. Bring your brand to life with memorable content that cuts through clutter Know the content that resonates with your audience 
 to improve campaign effectiveness and lead quality Gain audience insights to improve content effectiveness Know who you’re talking to and what they need in order to have data-informed conversations Speed up your sales cycle with informed conversations that convert Better content, qualified leads, and higher sales = more revenue awareness
 revenue Interactive Content Funnel ion makes marketers more effective through better…
  6. 6. 3 Problems Marketers Face When Creating Content 1.Content creation is time consuming (well-written, accurate, backed by research) 2.Content can be hard to measure (outside of social shares, comments. What are you using?) 3.Running out of content ideas (what inspires you, where should buyers go next)
  7. 7. Interactivity’s Impact on the Content Experience 96% of respondents believe that content interactivity affects buyers’ decisions throughout the journey Did you know: interactive content encourages users to engage with content naturally? This helps marketers make more informed about what resonates with the audience. Source: Demand Metric. Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey. 2018, p. 22, 23, 27. 96%
  8. 8. What is Interactive Content? In its simplest form, interactive content is content created with the goal of capturing user attention and encouraging them to take action. 
 Interactive content gives you the power to understand what resonates with your audience through built-in tracking and data points.
  9. 9. Time for a Poll!
  10. 10. Content Marketing Measurement 66% of study participants have only basic or no measurements of content marketing effectiveness. Did you know: interactive content helps us understand what resonates with our audience and what may have had less of an impact. Source: Demand Metric. Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey. 2018, p. 22, 23, 27.
  11. 11. Popular Types of Interactive Content Assessments Interactive Infographics Interactive eBooks Quizzes Calculators
  12. 12. 3 Benefits of Using Interactivity to Boost Your Content 1. Education 2. Personalization 3. Data-Driven Insights
  13. 13. Benefit 1: Education Provide users with the content they need to make better buying decisions. A more educated buyer is a more qualified buyer. TIP: For marketers who are focused on educating their audience, we like to recommend an interactive ebook or infographic, where you can present meaningful data points about your product or service.
  14. 14. Benefit 2: Personalization Interactive content puts buyers in the driver seat. When prospects have the ability to personalize content displayed based on their own selections, they’re more likely to convert. TIP: Watch how your audience engages with the content. Gaining that additional insight gives visibility in how best to follow-up, whether that’s with another piece of content down the funnel, a drip campaign, or a sales conversation.
  15. 15. Benefit 3: Data-Driven Insights With interactive experience data, marketers know who’s consuming what, how they’re engaging, and which tests, variants, and campaigns are driving conversion results. TIP: Once your interactive experience has launched, start reporting and tweaking the content in order to determine what resonates most with your audience. How? Run an A/B test.
  16. 16. Pitney Bowes GE Korn Ferry Companies Using Interactive Content
  17. 17. Live Chat! Questions? Comments? What are your thoughts? @ioninteractive #ionbettercontent
  18. 18. ion makes you better. better awareness
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