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Multi modal, technology enhanced support for distance learners - Richards


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Presented at LILAC 2017

Published in: Education
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Multi modal, technology enhanced support for distance learners - Richards

  1. 1. Multi-modal, technology enhanced support for distance learners the experience at De Montfort University
  2. 2. Respond at Text annarichards991 to 020 3322 5822 Quick questions
  3. 3. Context PG Cert PG Dip MSc CIH in charge of teaching, assignments, setting learning materials. DMU have responsibility for content and learning and personal tutoring DMU run these courses independently
  4. 4. Challenges Generic DL considerations • Part time, may be working unsociable hours • Lack of community/context • Technology dependent • Learning resources need to be DL friendly • Point of need support is particularly important. • DL students are strongly task- oriented & prioritise ease of access and ready availability (Tury, Robinson and Bowden, 2015) • They prefer practical learning that is immediately relevant and that provides concrete skills (Chen, 2014; Harkus, Rodriquez & Orlov, 2011) DMU Housing specific challenges • Reliant on DMU Resources but distance is not our default - e.g, postal loans • Students feel overwhelmed with amount of reading • Spending too much time searching/finding reading • Struggling with appropriate reading strategies • Understanding the different systems
  5. 5. Pre-course support Online PowerPoint and videoArticulate tutorials
  6. 6. In-course support DMU Resource Lists • DMU Resource Lists – to help with issues related to planning and finding course reading • Item importance, structure of the list • Links to ebooks and library services • Improved communication with students • Intuitive system • Dashboard providing feedback on use Teaching • Session for dissertation (MSc) students recorded on Panopto and broadcast live as a webinar • Aims to be interactive and responding to student questions/needs BUT • Difficult running it remotely and to in-person students • Students prefer face-to-face teaching but how to help with point of need support? (Shaffer, 2011)
  7. 7. Successes/opportunities DMU Resource Lists UDL friendly Tailored support • good engagement from Ros and the students • Wider discussions of learning and teaching with Ros and CIH • Directly addressing needs of students as well as responding to students • Using a variety of formats to address different student preferences and learning styles • Using new technology promoted by the university • Being proactive and working with students to ensure that their support needs are met
  8. 8. Going forward Improve the pre-course material Design ‘point of need’ e-material Continue to engage staff and students with DMU Resource Lists, including a survey of student opinion Collaborate with tutor on in-person support Improve general DL services Develop webinar offering for 1:1 tutorials
  9. 9. Questions?