Quantified Self & Biohacking


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Introductory presentation to the topic of quantified self & biohacking at the QS & Biohacking Meetup Helsinki. 25th of March 2013.

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Quantified Self & Biohacking

  1. QUANTIFIED SELF& BIOHACKINGThere are three Things extremely hard,Steel, a Diamond, and to know ones self.Benjamin Franklin (1750)Teemu Arina Follow @tar1na & @meetin_gsDicole & Meetin.gs Blog: tarina.me
  2. What gets measuredgets managed.Peter DruckerAmerican management guru(1909-2005) 
  3. My storyTwo companies.Stress & little sleep.Bad “good” diet.
  4. Holistic Gut Healing Protocol
  5. Apps TracknShare 23andme Symptoms Genetics MyFitnessPal Pillboxie Diet Supplements Withings iTake Equanimity Zeo Meditation Sleep Dagaz Sleep Time Runtastic Heartmath emWave2 Exercise Stress Mgmt Fitocracy Pranayama Hydration Waterlogged
  6. Recovery Begin Symptoms Health Lights ReboundProtocol gone benefits on Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 6 Week 12
  7. Think twiceThe gut is the second brainThe brain has 100 billion neurons.The gut has 100 million neurons.Both are connectedwith the vagus nerve,regulating heartbeat & breathing.(parasympathetic nervous system)
  8. Biohacker – Wetware Hacker
  9. QUANTIFIEDSELFThe goal is to turn data into information,and information into insight.Carly Fiorina, former executive, president,and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co
  10. Notable PersonsTim Ferriss Dave Asprey Kevin Warwick Gary Wolf4 hour workweek Bulletproof Professor, cybernetics Contributing Editor,4 hour body executive University of Reading Wired4 hour chef Cyborgs & robotics Quantified Self
  11. Data DarwinismThe practice of using an organization’s data to survive,adapt, compete and innovate in a constantly changingand increasingly competitive business environment.Mike Faloney
  12. Data ScienceInformation is the oilof the 21st century, Bigand analytics is the Datacombustion engine. Data IntelligencePeter Sondergaard, Gartner
  13. Not everything that canbe counted counts,and not everything thatcounts can be counted. Albert Einstein
  14. Not everything that canTorture the data, and it will be counted counts,  andconfess to anything. not everything that counts can be counted. Ronald Coase, Nobel Prize in Economics Albert Einstein
  15. Transparent SocietyLight is going to shine into nearlyevery corner of our lives.David Brin
  17. Transhumanism is a class ofphilosophies of life that seekthe continuation andacceleration of the evolutionof intelligent life beyond itscurrently human form andhuman limitations by meansof science and technology,guided by life-promotingprinciples and values.Max More (1990)
  18. Did we see this script already? 1989
  19. Ref: Ray Kurzweil
  20. For boosting antioxidant levels and for general health, I take a comprehensive vitamin-"I take about 250 pills of nutritionals a day" and-mineral combination, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, grapeseed extract,Ray Kurzweil resveratrol, bilberry extract, lycopene, silymarine (milk thistle), conjugated linoleic acid, lecithin, evening primerose oil (omega-6 essential fatty acids), n- acetyl-cystein, ginger, garlic, l-carnitine, pyrodoxal-5-phosphate, and echinacea. I also take Chinese herbs prescribed by Dr. Glenn Rothfeld. For reducing insulin resistance and overcoming my type 2 diabetes, I take chromium, metformine (a powerful anti- aging medication that decreases insulin resistence and which we recommend everyone over 50 consider taking) and gymnema sylvestra. To improve LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, I take policosanol, gugulipid, plant sterols, niacin, oat bran, grapefruit powder, psyllium, lecithine and lipitor. To improve blood vessel health I take arginine, TMG and choline. To decrease blood viscosity I take daily baby aspirin and lumbrokinase. I reduce inflammination by taking EPA/DHA and curcumin. I have dramatically reduced my homocystein level by taking folic acid, B6 and TMG. I have a B12 shot once a week and take a daily B12 sublingual. Several of my intravenous therapies improve my bodys detoxification: weekly EDTA and monthly DMPS. I also take n-acetyl-carnitine orally. I take weekly intravenous vitamins and alpha lipoic acid to boost antioxidants. I do a weekly glutathione IV to boost liver health. Perhaps the most important intravenous therapy I do is a weekly phosphatidylcholine IV, wich rejuvenates all of the bodys tissues by restoring youthful cell membranes. I also take PtC orally each day and supplement my hormone levels with DHEA and testosterone. I take I-3-C, chrysin, nettle, ginger and herbs to reduce the conversation of testosterone into estrogen. I take a saw palmetto complex for prostate health. For stress management I take l-theonine, beta-sitosterol, phosphatidylserine and green tea in addition to drinking 8 to 10 cups of green tea itself. At bedtime I take GABA and sublingual melatonin. For brain health I take acetyl-l-carnitine, vinprocetine, phosphatidylserine, ginkgo biloba, glycerylphosphatidylcholine, nextrutine and quercertin. For eye health I take lutein and bilberry extract. For skin health I use an antioxidant skin cream on my face, neck and hands every day. For digestive health I take betaine HCl, pepsin, gentian root, peppermint, acidophilus bifodobacter, fructooligosaccharides, fish proteins, l-glutamine and n-acetyl-d-glucosamine. To inhibit the creation of advanced glycolysated end products I take n-acetyl-carnitine, carnosine, alpha lipoic acid and quercertin.
  21. Soylent – Post-Food Man Ref: Rob Rhinehart
  22. Inspiration from Science Fiction Tricorder a multifunction hand-held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, and recording data. Ref: Star Trek
  23. Personalized Medicine Ref: Proteus Digital Health
  24. Quantified Society App Store for the Human Body Quantified SelfQuantified Business Quantified Government
  25. www.tarina.me
  26. Meetin.gs – The smartest way to meetMeetin.gs makes leading Meetin.gs manages to hit theand coordinating mark where its simple to usemeetings easy. yet packed with great features.Lifehacker ArcticStartup
  27. www.meetin.gs tarina.meteemu@dicole.comTwitter: tar1na cloudcompany.cc dicole.com megasignals.com