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Inspiring Route - Quantified Self

Quantified Self is a movement of people that track individual daily activities metrics through technology with the goal of self improvement. Quantified selfers believe that the meaning of life is improving his own talent, no matter which it is. From a business point of view Quantified Self allows companies to reach consumers while they change their shopping habits and to deal with them in a new and different way.

This report - part of the "Inspiring Route" project - analyses and understands the main themes related to Quantified Self through stories, examples, numbers, case studies.

Inspiring Route - Quantified Self

  4. 4. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Geshe Ben Gungyal Know thyself - 1.000 years ago 4 Source: Andrew Zolli, 2012 In Tibet, a Dharma practitioner called Geshe Ben Gungyal, neither recited prayers nor meditated. His sole practice was to observe his mind and counter delusions as soon as they arose. He collected black pebbles for negative thoughts and a white pebbles for positive ones. Over the years his mind improved until he reached the point when entire days went by without any black pebbles.
  5. 5. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Max Knoblauch Know thyself - today 5 Source: Mashable, 2014.
  6. 6. Where does this story start? QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 6
  7. 7. His goal is now helping individuals to be more effective and advising several companies. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE How do you feel? Ari Meisel curing Crohn’s disease 7 After years of intense pain and sixteen pills a day, he started tracking everything. He correlated his metrics with how much pain he was in and his mood. Ari learned to control the pain from Crohn’s. He’s now a speaker at TED and different seminars. Source: quantified Self, 2011;
  8. 8. Quantified self is a movement of people that track individual daily activities metrics through technology, with the goal of self improvement. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 8
  9. 9. Source: Wired, 2013 Tracking Awareness ^ ^ Behavior change QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 9
  10. 10. Source: Wikpedia,2013 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Some history about the movement 10 Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly suggested for the first time the term “Quantified Self” in an article on Wired Magazine Wolf spoke about the movement at TED The first international conference was held in Mountain View More than 160 groups met up sharing their stories about QS 2007 2010 2011 Today
  11. 11. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Quantified Self wasn’t born yesterday why now it matters 11 Easy to use Some tools let you track completely passively Precise Technology will make you forget excel monitoring Goals oriented Even small changes make big differences
  12. 12. Source: Market Revolution, 2014 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Drivers Testo slide 12 Technological mobile technology wearable technology human biometric sensors data storage Financial crowdfunding Social social networks community
  13. 13. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE What is quantified self about? We are not talking about datas alone 13 Source: Experimentable, 2013 datas technique community mindset
  14. 14. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Why tracking myself? 14 Inner being Outward appearance Well-being Self-fulfillment Competition Exhibitionism Source: Market Revolution, 2014; The Health Care Blog, 2011
  15. 15. “You can’t improve what you can’t measure” QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Testo slide 15 Source: Mattscape, 2010 The Quantified Selfer believes that the meaning of life is improving his own talent, no matter which it is.
  16. 16. One concept behind: feedback loop Businesses use datas to form their decisions, this is the same for us, QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE but for our life! 16 COMPARING MY GOAL STATES Source: Neema Moraveji, 2011 MONITORING ACTION
  17. 17. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE A dramatic change in patterns Ask Mint! 17 vs A model based on quantitative A model based on qualitative Source: Ted, 2010
  18. 18. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE A dramatic change in patterns Ask Fitbit! 18 vs A model based on do-it-yourself A model based on expertise Source: Ted, 2010
  19. 19. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE A dramatic change in patterns Ask Lift! 19 A model based on empowerment A model based on awareness vs Source: Ted, 2010
  20. 20. Source: Feltron, 2012. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 20
  21. 21. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE From fabric to byte The story of a revolution 21
  22. 22. Source: Nike Inc, 2014 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 22 “f you have a body you are an athlete” Bill Bowerman
  23. 23. Nike was born from the spirit of two sportsmen: Phil Knight, a middle-distance runner, & Bill Bowerman, a respected track and field coach at the University of Oregon Source: Nike Inc, 2014 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Nike 1950-1969 23 They opened the shop “Blue Ribbon Sports” - pledgeding $500 each - and they placed their first order of 300 pairs of shoes in January 1964
  24. 24. Source: Nike Inc, 2014 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Nike 1970-1989 24 Nike Moon shoe - the first ever shoe design with Bill Bowerman's waffle maker tread “ In 1980’s appeared the first ‘technology’ - Nike Air Technology
  25. 25. Source: QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Nike Titolo 1990-slide 2005 Sottotitolo slide Testo slide 25 “ The era of “Just do it” Nike became Sport with the capital letter Michael Jordan Marco Bellinelli Tiger Woods Mia Haam Roger Federer Brasil soccer team Nike Inc, 2014
  26. 26. 2006: the birth of Nike+ In 2006 Nike collaborated with Apple to create its first quantified self product: Source: Wikipedia, 2014 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Nike+iPod Testo slide 26 Nike+iPod is an activity tracker device and it consists of a small transmitter device “ attached to or embedded in a shoe, which communicates with iPod
  27. 27. The same mission, new ways to achieve it QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 27 Not only “analogic" products But also digital products and services
  28. 28. In 2012 Nike released Nike+ Fuel Band, an activity tracker & fitness monitor Source: Wharton, 2013 , Nike Inc, 2014, Digitaladblog, 2013 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Does it work? 28 In 2013 Nike’s profits leaped +18%, largely because of FuelBand “Life’s a sport, make it count”
  29. 29. The size of Quantified Self QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 29
  30. 30. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Activity tracking devices Let’s quantify 30 16 Source: Mobilhealthnews, 2013; Million devices shipped in 2013
  31. 31. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Runtastic users Let’s quantify 31 Source:: Mashable, 2013 25 million people in 2013
  32. 32. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Nike+ users Let’s quantify 32 Source:: Mashable, 2013 18 million people in 2013
  33. 33. 38 Countries QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Quantifies Selfers meet-ups Testo slide 33 Source: Quantified Self meet-up, 2014 29.837 users 161 groups 118 cities
  34. 34. 84% 83% 50% 46% Source: Internal data of Optimizeme based on ABI Research, 2013 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE What do I monitor more? 34 Physical (e.g. Blood Pressure, Weight, Sleep) Activity & Consumption (e.g. Exercise, Time, Diet, Travel, Email) Money / Personal Finance (e.g. Income, Spending) Emotional & Mental (e.g. Mood tracking, Happiness, Psychometrics) 21% Social (e.g. Meetings, Facebook Use)
  35. 35. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Investment in QS Startups Testo slide 164 Angel investors 35 1000 registered startups in 2012 318 million$ raised Source:: Cbinsights, 2013;, 2013
  36. 36. Source: Quantified Self, 2013 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Companies for any business 36 Learning 20 Money 33 Sleep 34 Electricity 36 Food&Drink 54 Productivity 55 Mood 59 Health 185 Location 57 Goals 87 Fitness 124
  37. 37. “From a business point of view” QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE models, strategy, consequences 37
  38. 38. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE TITOLO What did you have for breakfast today? 38
  39. 39. Source: Charles Duhigg, 2014. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE The habit loop cue > routine > reward 39
  40. 40. Source: The New York Times, Feb 2012. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE One you go habit you never go back Anti-Coupons shield: enabled 40 Once consumers’ shopping habits are ingrained, it’s incredibly difficult to change them. [It’s] hard for marketers, despite their displays and coupons and product promotions, to persuade shoppers.
  41. 41. When some customers were going through a major life event […] their shopping habits became flexible. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Hack the habit Time(ing) is Money 41 Source: The New York Times, Feb 2012. At those unique moments […] customers are “vulnerable” to intervention by marketers.
  42. 42. Source: QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 42 Quantified Self is a great opportunity for companies because it allows them to reach consumers during these moments and to deal with them in a new and different way.
  43. 43. The traditional 3-step mental model 2005 - Procter & Gamble theorized the First Moment of Truth (Fmot), that lapse of time (3-7 seconds) in which the consumer is located in front of the shelf and decide what product to buy among the various brands available. Source: thinkwithgoogle.coml, QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE The Shelf 43
  44. 44. The Zero Moment of Truth 2011 - Jim Lecinski Google has introduced a new concept, that of the “Zero Moment of Truth”: the time at which the consumer, once received the "stimulus" goes online to search for information and decide whether or not to buy product. Source: thinkwithgoogle.coml, QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE The search (after the stimulus) 44
  45. 45. The -1 Moment of Truth Even before you know what you need We introduce a new concept called “The -1 Moment of Truth”: the habit to buy has Source: Market Revolution, 2014. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE not yet been settled but the behavior change frame is open. 45 -1 moment of truth (Behavior change) First moment of truth (Shelf) Second moment of truth (Experience) Zero moment of truth (Decision-making) Stimulus
  46. 46. Source: QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Take the opportunity 3 scenarios for businesses 46 Customization Enabling Prediction Following through and support customer behavior change Identify customers forthcoming needs Make something unique for each one of my customers
  48. 48. Progressive “Snapshot program” Let customers track themselves Source:,, QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Need Create a car insurance, tailored for every single customer Market problem All the competitors offer the same products Idea How can we create customized insurances? 48
  49. 49. Progressive “Snapshot program” Give customers a device for self-tracking Source:,,, QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Solution Progressive gives clients a device called Snapshot in order to track their driving habits. The box makes possible to reduce — or, possibly, raise — insurance premiums for drivers based on their day-to-day driving habits. 49 More than 1.6 million drivers have participated in Snapshot program, saving an average of $150 per year.
  50. 50. Progressive “Snapshot program” Tailor product/services to every customer Progressive snapshot programme bases car insurance rates on how safely you Source: QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE drive rather than your credit score 50 IT WORKS ONLY IF It creates a real benefit for customer
  52. 52. GlaxoSmithKline “Niquitin Quitmasters” Source: QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Let smokers track and share their behavior Need Help people quit smoking Market problem Competitors strive to sell more products, working on advertisement Idea How can Niquitin help customers quit smoking? 52
  53. 53. GlaxoSmithKline “Niquitin Quitmasters” Let smokers find help in a community of people who want to quit smoking Source: QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Solution Create a platform that provides a digital Behavioral Support Program to help quitting smoking. You can track your smoking behavior, share your data with the community, and find tools and advice to help you succeed. 53 Sales of NiQuitin products, grew by 10 per cent during 2010 to nearly $35 million This week: 19 new plans created, 143,566,943 cigarettes not smoked, £35,891,636 money saved, 1454 quit plans completed.
  54. 54. Source: GlaxoSmithKline “Niquitin Quitmasters” Follow customers along the behavior change way “Quitting is a journey, not an event. You might slip up along the way, but that doesn't mean you've failed. Keep moving forwards step by step and you can still QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE achieve your goal of being smoke-free for good.” 54 IT WORKS ONLY IF it creates a shared value
  56. 56. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Nike+ Anticipate customers needs Need Know customers’ behavior and its changes Market problem Anticipate competitors to sell their shoes Idea How can I exploit the Nike+ Community 56 Sources: 06/2013 - 06/2013
  57. 57. Nike+ The things you need before you even know Sources: 04/2013 - 06/2013 QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Solution Create reminders and suggestions for customers, anticipating their future needs. Nike+ app send runners offers based on their self-tracked data, shared with the Nike+ community 57 Since the launch in 2006, the platform has built a user base of 7 million runners. Think of all the data this generates and the insights it provides to Nike.
  58. 58. Nike+ “Today the Nike Running app on my phone so kindly reminded me that I’m nearing 500 miles on my shoes and that ‘you’re never finished, but your shoes are’.” QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE Predict customer needs 58 IT WORKS ONLY IF Customer are engaged Sources: 06/2013
  59. 59. Source: Can obsessively counting every life aspects make ourselves really healtier? Can it make ourelves better? And what about making us Privacy Data dictatorship QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE The dark side of Quantified Self Critiques, risks, difficulties 59 happier? Data don’t tell Competitiveness Depersonalization Personal data can be stolen or sold, data don’t speak alone they need to be interpretated, QS can support wrong behavior habit, data can exasperate competition...
  60. 60. Source:, dec 2013. QUANTIFIED SELF - INSPIRING ROUTE 60 Quantified Self is not the destination, it is a tool in our journey to know and improve thyself and it is a platform upon which transcendent technologies can be discovered. You may love the data or decide it is an undesirable distraction from reality. Either way QS is helping shaping this future and you should prepare yourself for it. Mark Moschel
  61. 61.