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Data Privacy using IoTs in Smart Cities Project


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Smart Cities is the next big IT thing that the Indian Government is planning. As it is lot of buzz and the draft policy is already made public, a better understanding of what has happened and what can be done with IoT in Smart Cities space will help to make adequately open but private Smart Cities. The session would look at learnings from previous government IT projects like UID, CSC etc. esp. from data privacy perspective and suggest recommendations for Internet of Things implementation in Smart Cities Project.

Session Outline
– Reading the Government’s Smart Cities and IoT Policy
– Smart Cities learnings from around the globe
– Data in previous government projects
– Challenges in Indian Smart Cities implementation
– Handling data in Smart Cities using IoT in India

Take Away
– Knowing typical IT operations in Government Projects
– Understanding details of IoT and Smart Cities plan of DEITY
– Data Handling for ensuring data privacy
– Recommendations for IoT implementation in Smart Cities Project

Session at the Confence held in Pune, India on 27-28 Feb 2015

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Data Privacy using IoTs in Smart Cities Project

  1. 1. Data Privacy using IoTs in Smart Cities Prerana Patil Mission Manager (IT) Umed- Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission
  2. 2. Smart Cities around the world Map of the 107 cities worldwide receiving ICF awards from 1999~2012 Source: Smart City Development Experience Research of Each Country –ICF Case Study Analysis, Lin Zi Xian (2012)
  3. 3. What is a Smart city? “Smart” = efficient (time, resources)  Homes/buildings, Transportation, healthcare, schools, IT…  Energy, Environment  Economy, Governance “Improved living” Sensors’ [System] People – use, share, crowdsource
  4. 4. Why IoT?
  5. 5. IoT Projections
  6. 6. Some questions- o Who owns the data in Internet of Things? o Who has control of it? o When it comes to privacy, how do I opt out if all these different devices collecting different data elements and how do I control where it goes? o What is more important - Efficiency or Privacy ; Usability or heterogeneity?
  7. 7. Expanded Attack Surface of an IoT System Legal Framework
  8. 8. Security Challenges in IoT • Shared data which has value – Big Data • Attacks on end point devices, quickly propagate • Open ecosystem • Wider and more prone communication channel; domino • No User Interface • Compatibility of devices in the system, No specific protocol • No specific OS for IoT devices • Security failures can be “life-threatening” • Product Reliability, Zero error • Not enough computing power
  9. 9. Securing an IoT System IoT Product Security needs - Data Handling Framework “Establish and manage trusted relationships between devices, and over the full lifecycle of these devices, ..(to) achieve greater control over the data and the sources and the consumers of that data.” • Access Control & Account Management (for devices w/o UI?) • Segregation of networks and accounts • Use of Secure protocols for data transmission • Firewall management & Antivirus updates • Providing remote updates for IoT devices
  10. 10. Security first approach “Treat security as fundamental element of Product Value Proposition” • Prioritizing Security over Speed-to-market • Security consideration as part of product design • IoT security teams and experts • Collaborating with other vendors • Partnering with security firms • Privacy enhancing technologies – RnD • New models and the architectures
  11. 11. Standards I high-throughput WLAN in the 5 GHz band. 802.11 n – RF Bandwidth ISO/IEC 29192 – implement lightweight cryptography on constrained devices
  12. 12. Framework changes Needs: • Finer Privacy policy • Security standards • Privacy Regulations and Compliance • Legal Framework Global Status: • US • Europe • ROW
  13. 13. ICT & Indian Governance UID, ePanchayats Open Government Data (OGD) Platform Telecom Sector, Surveillance Current State/Learnings: • Information Management • Access control & Network Protection • Data Security, Cyber Security • Policy & Regulation • “Privacy”? Sensitive data – Section 72 of Information Technology Act. 2000, IT Amendment Act 2008
  14. 14. Happenings “Govt turns to private firms for ideas on smart city plan” “Cisco to build Visakhapatnam as first ‘smart city’” “Govt plans Wi-Fi hotspots in 25 cities by June” “Noida expressway to get smart traffic management system” “Solutions for Slum Areas in Smart Cities” Draft Concept Note on Smart Cities – as on 10-09-2014 (link)
  15. 15. Draft Concept Note on Smart Cities Includes: Physical & Social Infrastructure, Economy, Social Services, ICT, Smart Governance, Financing, PPP Model, Trusts etc., Operational Procedures, Benchmarks, Urbanisation Policy, Disaster Management Case Study – Amanora Pune
  16. 16. Data Privacy for Smart Cities in India Needs: • Improved Data Centers , Networks, Data handling, Security standards • Capacity building – Awareness of people • Finer Privacy policy • Practitioner code of ethics • Datensparsamkeit • Data value chain • Intelligent (context -aware) privacy mechanisms • Privacy Regulations and Compliance, City charters • Legal Framework • Prioritization – time vs ….
  17. 17. Closing note Q& A Thanks! @PatilPrerana