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Building & scaling a live streaming mobile platform - Gr8 road to fame

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Building & scaling a live streaming mobile platform - Gr8 road to fame

  1. 1. The GR8 Road to #fame Rishabh Jain To The New Digital
  2. 2. LIVE will be the new ‘Selfie’ by 2017 • #fame was launched on 15th April 2015 and was available for both Android and iOS from day 1. • Twitter’s Periscope was launched on March 26, 2015 and on May 26 2015 it was available for Android • Facebook Live launched in April. (6th April 2016)
  3. 3. Some terms that I would be using • DVR - Digital Video Recorder • Encoder - Compresses the video to standard format • Transcoding - converting a given video input into a digital format that is compatible with most types of Web players and mobile devices • RTMP - Real time messaging protocol • HLS - HTTP Live Streaming • OTT Platform - Over the Top, delivery of audio and video over Internet (e.g. • Beam - Instead of Stream we call it Beam • Adaptive Bitrate - Automatically adjusting the video quality depending on the bandwidth.
  4. 4. Contents What is #fame? The Solution Some Key Components The Need Evolution/Future
  5. 5. What is #fame? A platform that allows users to broadcast themselves LIVE How #fame is fairing  MAUs: 3M+  Watch Hours: ~17K / day  Interactions: ~15M / day  Multi-Country presence – India, Indonesia and Thailand
  6. 6. Key Milestone  Big Bollywood Events IIFA(Bollywood Awards), Movie Releases  Entertainment Event Streaming Sunburn Goa, NH-7 Weekender  Brand Promotions OLA, Myntra, Bacardi, etc  Celebrity Shows & Movie Promotions Afrojack, Akshay Kumar, S oha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu and many more TV and Bollywood ac tors
  7. 7. Contents What is #fame? The Solution Some Key Components The Need Evolution/Future
  8. 8. Product vision #fame approached TTN Digital to build a Live Video Platform with an aim to Disrupt and Democratize Talent Discovery ecosystem What #fame needed  Mobile first highly interactive and personalized (based on user behavior and preferences) social platform  User can start beaming live to whole wide world at the click of button; can watch Videos On Demand as well  International reach yet Hyper-local
  9. 9. Challenges- Business and Technical  Small turn around time: MVP < 3 months  Minimal Latency and adaptive quality in Live Streaming and across low bandwidths  Real time chat  Publish Subscribe at large scale and unpredictability  Diverse ecosystem of mobile devices  Early Movers Dilemma, Extreme Agility
  10. 10. Contents What is #fame? The Solution Some Key Components The Need Evolution/Future
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. The Story So Far April – May(2015) • Public Launch (Android, iOS) with improved features – Moderation, Instant Live etc. • CMS and Admin Jun – Jul(2015) • IIFA – Arch. And Prod. Scale-up • Landscape Mode • Stickers • Hashtags • Carousal Control • Sharing across App Aug – Sep (2015) • Revamped Go Live Experience • Follow Famestars On Sign-up • Consumer Learning Journey • Comments on Videos
  13. 13. The Story So Far Oct – Nov(2015) • Revamped UI / Navigation, Personalization, Social, FTL • Indonesia Launch Dec – Jan(2016) • Website Launch • Mobile Responsive Site • Revamped Search • Major Bugs and UI/UX Fixes • Thailand Launch • Regionalisation (S. India, GPS based) Feb-Mar(2016) • Portrait Beaming(Streaming) • Re-written chat Micro Service • Revamped Chat UX • Major Bugs and UI/UX Fixes • Own OTT Platform (instead of Youtube
  14. 14. Solution Architecture (Grails Plugin Based)
  15. 15. Thought Behind Initial Design Decisions  API First Architecture: Mobile First Application  Grails: RAD and good REST support  Wowza Server : Good support for protocols & mature community  PubNub : Leader in Chat and Instant Messaging Learning from the Initial Design  Databases can quickly become point of contention  Difficult to move fast with Monolithic architecture  Business wants to move fast but how does Engineering cope up Victims of our initial success
  16. 16. Learn & Adapt
  17. 17. Solution Architecture – Improved & Refined
  18. 18. Thoughts behind the Changes  Smaller chunks of applications should be easier to manage & scale  Expanding teams will be easier as smaller specialized apps  Database load distribution achieved partially Micro-services with Spring Boot
  19. 19. And We learn some more…  If not done properly, Micro-services can be a dependency hell  Few time consuming transactions can result in bad UX  Performance tuning starts from requirement understanding: Think to scale  We needed more database connections  There are better ways to do calculations & aggregations  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
  20. 20. Solution Architecture – Current AngularJS
  21. 21. Thoughts Behind the Changes  Existing APIs made AngularJS as obvious choice for Web App  Offloading certain calls to Nginx for Smart response caching  Hazelcast can handle complex queries as well.  Handling things asynchronously can save a lot of precious resources  Server level optimizations  Improves performance from same H/W  Spark, Kafka, Hadoop-YARN, Cassandra combination good for real time/batch aggregations & calculations.  Developers needed an integrated consistent environment on local machines  Docker
  22. 22. And The Learning Continues…  150+ servers with 5 different environments  MySql or Percona or AWS Aurora or Vitess or …  MongoDB Improvements (Read-Write Separation, Replication and Sharding)  Grails 3  Spring Boot  Real-time monitoring & pro-active corrections across multitude of services and 3rd party dependencies
  23. 23. And It’s relentless  Faster encoding mechanisms for better live streaming & viewing experience  Better resilience for surges  Intelligent and self-learning Personalization  More Data Driven decisions  Monetization possibilities and experiments
  24. 24. For Video Domain enthusiast
  25. 25. For Video Domain enthusiast (Behind the scenes)
  26. 26. Monitoring & Optimizations
  27. 27. Monitoring & Optimizations
  28. 28. Other Sources
  29. 29. Tech. Stack Data Storage
  30. 30. Contents What is #fame? The Solution Some Key Components The Need Evolution/Future
  31. 31. Live Steaming And Chat
  32. 32. Live Steaming And Chat- Technology making it possible
  33. 33. Search
  34. 34. Live Steaming And Chat- Technology making it possible
  35. 35. Contents What is #fame? The Solution Some Key Components The Need Evolution/Future
  36. 36. The Road Ahead Regionalization Monetization Private Beams Gamification Collaborative Beams Gratification
  37. 37. Rishabhjain15