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Future of education for EMMA MOOC


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This slide deck proposes the Future of Education as the realization of human telekinesis and telepathy as a result of merging the quantified, qualified, and connected self. By reaching a telekinetic and telepathic state of mind, more time is left to dedicate to each of our personal learning goals. But in order to reach this connected state we must provide more curated content (like MOOCs), achieve a better understanding of how the mind works, and promote open access and open data. The slide deck also offers two possible assignments.

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Future of education for EMMA MOOC

  1. 1. Future of Education: Merging quantified & qualified self into a networked learning brain Inge (Ignatia) de Waard
  2. 2. Learning is life’s true nature • Learning is in the DNA of life itself • Change is the Essence of the Universe. Panta Rhei - everything flows - said Heraclitos. Change is inevitable. • Current change: Augmentation of Body and Mind Therefore, we as a species are at the verge of a new learning era.
  3. 3. The Future of Education is personal, augmented, & connected • Diversity of humans = multitude of learning journeys. Learning analytics, big data, and the quantified self can enhance our personal learning journeys. • The qualified self = personal learning, replacing parts of formal schooling • Consequences: need for open data, equality through diversity, a sustainable society, and respect for all.
  4. 4. The challenge Two options: either share a project, or an overview for a critical essay. A project: • Provide 3 projects or information sites as background info • Describe in 300 words: goal, addition to education, and its critical steps to build a roadmap for your project Write critical essay overview • Provide a 800 word essay overview on why you reject this (or part of) idea of merging the quantified and qualified self to reach a telepathic & telekinetic state within a connected world to define the Future of Education.
  5. 5. Quantified, qualified, & connected So let’s look at: • The quantified self (and link to wearable technologies and telekinesis) • The qualified self (and link to MOOCs, and direct internet access) • And the connected self (with its challenge of telepathy) Quantified Qualified Connected
  6. 6. Quantified self • Living in a smart world: objects connected intelligently • Wearable technology: smart contact lenses , Wearables monitor mindset, sleep, and calculate our optimal cognitive or physical state • Cognitive science focus on learning to help concentration, e.g. music, The quantified self brings us closer to telekinesis.
  7. 7. Becoming telekinetic • External devices will become embedded e.g. subcutaneous. • Telekinesis frees cognitive time • Telekinesis is a natural human state, but now with extended limbs.
  8. 8. Qualified self • MOOC / SPOC… deliver curated content chosen by experts/editors/peers that work in specific fields. • Self-regulated learning: insights into the human brain and achieving learning success. • Epigenetics adapting your environment to increase your genetic learning state • Artificial Intelligence threshold with Google’s DeepMind using simulations of human neural network learning • Professional schools delivering just-in-time, updated content for diverse jobs The knowledge iteration from information inception to disseminationis shortened
  9. 9. Lifelong learning: less formal, more Flow Teenagers around the world use YouTube to share and enhance their sporting skills • 16 year old builds a cheap, effective pancreatic cancer detector • 15 year old discovers link between Mayan cities and stars • 10 year old unravels security flaw in Instagram
  10. 10. Connected self Learning online = information based learning Learning from peers = mentor based, deep learning
  11. 11. The telepathic challenge Telepathy = connecting with knowledgeable people that are more knowledgeable then us instantly
  12. 12. Consequences In order to reach this type of Future Education, some steps are necessary: • Collaborating across disciplines, tech and non-tech • Unravel the human brain and how learning can be improved • Be open to embedding technology (bio-hacking) • Enhance data openness & access (Big data, neurological data, learning analytics) • Personal learning must be enabled (Less barriers, open to all, support & scaffolding in place) • Multiple philosophical shifts must be studied: are we equal in our diversity? What are the risks of embedding technology? How does this affect our society as a whole and for each one of us?
  13. 13. The future of education For me, the future of education is an enhanced qualified and quantified human being that is able to learn in a connected and open way from others using telepathy in a telekinetic world. What is your idea?
  14. 14. Contact … 14 E-mail: ingedewaard (at) Blog: Twitter: Publications: Presentations: linkedIn: