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LGBT Employee Group States


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Various states of an LGBT employee group, including: (a) simple list (b) employee affinity group (c) employee resource group (d) business resource group/network. for more information.

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LGBT Employee Group States

  1. 1. Employee Group States Business Resource Group Employee Formal, Resource Group Business & Market-facing • Recruit for the company • Map organizational goals to business goals Employee Formal, Affinity Group Workforce-facing • Identify problems or barriers and present solutions • Identify employees at risk Employee Formal, still and get help List Inward-facing • Business networking • Educational • Career development • Public Service  Groups can be different things Informal, Inward-facing to different people • Personal networking • Social club  Think of “states” instead of • Cultural reinforcement “stages” • Safe haven Adapted from “Organizational Frame of Reference for Employee Groups” by Louise Young, Ph.D., Raytheon Company