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We aimed at influencing change and the transformation from traditional HRM to Strategic HRM, through analyzing HR organization & capabilities, while providing valuable insights and solutions on specific HR issues that clients face.

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Welcome to HRPRO

  1. 1. WELCOME TO HRPRO HR CONSULTING SPECIALISTS m-sd. 249 91 250 1035 m-jo. 962 79 510 4942 t. 249 83 499240 f. 249 83 499340 Elamarat St 7. Villa 41 P.O. Box 1314 P.C. 11111 Kh-Sudan
  2. 2. ABOUT HRPROThrough the years and due to the diversity of its HR projects, HRPRO™ has created its own unique best practices approach in tackling HR issues, we recognize the importance & relevance of the human factor for enhancing an organization’s bottom line. HRPRO™ is driven by the highest standards of quality, integrity, trust & commitment, while providing quality professional services; we are sensitive to our client’s requirements & keep their interest foremost. At HRPRO™, Quality is the corner stone on which we base our searches. We work to provide our clients with the best candidate for the job. We design our services to meet the client’s needs and their benchmark for quality. Our consultants have the personal and professional qualifications, the ability to merge with the corporate culture and the potential for success, which in the long run aid the company in achieving its goals. 2
  3. 3. VISSION Becoming the leading company that provides professional, integrated HR best practices in MENA region Mission We aimed at influencing change and the transformation from traditional HRM to Strategic HRM, through analyzing HR organization & capabilities, while providing valuable insights and solutions on specific HR issues that clients face.3
  4. 4. HRPRO SERVICES HRPRO Services include Our services are end-to-end HR solutions and incorporating packages that integrate the full cycle of business operations and address, in particular, all relevant issues to modern human resource practices. We are very focus on the following HR services: HR Consulting HR Training & Development HR Surveys & Diagnostics Services HR Software Solutions4
  5. 5. HRPRO SERVICES - HR Consulting Integrated Talent Management (ITM) IntroductionThe concept of ”Integrated Talent Management” becamepopular around five years ago – and since then organizationshave used this phrase to describe an integrated approach torecruiting, development, performance management,compensation, development planning, and learning. The goalhere is not only to make the Human Resources function operatemore efficiently, but more importantly to create an“integrated system” for managing people which lets theorganization rapidly and effectively respond to businessneeds. 5
  6. 6. HRPRO SERVICES - HR ConsultingIntegrated Talent Management (ITM)The World ChangesIn 2006 Bersin introduced Bersin Talent ManagementFramework, as part of High-Impact Talent Management®research program. Since then thousands of people andhundreds of companies have used this model to understandhow the various elements of talent management cometogether.But nothing stands still. As organizations have implementedthis whole approach, the world has evolved – and today theconcepts and best-practices of talent management haveprogressed.New Talent Management Framework, shown here 6
  7. 7. HRPRO SERVICES HR Consulting HRPRO™ has the experience in working and providing services to private and public sectors in the following areas: •HR Planning •Job Analysis, Design & Description •Organizational Structure Design/ Restructuring Downsizing •HR Audit and Systems Review •HR Operations Assurance •Measuring ROI on Training •Compensation, Benefits and Incentives •Reward & Retention System •Performance Management Improvement7
  8. 8. HRPRO SERVICESHR Training & DevelopmentWe organize and customize training packages based onclient’s specific needs. Training seminars and workshops can HRPRO Developmentbe delivered at client’s /company’s premises or off-site. ProgramsHRPRO™ delivers HR training programs focused onachieving your goals. Our development programs providecost-effective, rapid deployment of skills and conceptstailored to suit your organization’s current strategy,environment, culture, and specific requirements. Leadership & HR Management Certificate Specialist Certificates Specialist CBC BEST Manager BEST Employee CHRC 8
  9. 9. HRPRO SERVICES HRPRO T&D Methodology HRPRO™ training methodology leverages comprehensive concepts, best-practice frameworks, and training techniques aimed at providing a holistic view of the fundamental elements of each module. Our analysis at the beginning of the process is designed to ensure that managers and staff have the essential vocabulary, concepts and examples that apply to their specific environment. Most importantly, and key to our approach: HRPRO™ believes in working directly with you to leverage your deep understanding of your organizational environment and goals while shaping the service and results through our consultants’ expertise. Training Needs Training Content Effective Training Training Analysis Design Training Delivery & Evaluation & • Performance • Skills Check Methods Action Planning follow-up Analysis • Relevant • Select the best • Implantation • Post Training • Task Analysis Practice training • In-course Assessment • Skill Hierarchies • Content methods for evaluation • Action Plans • Describe Derivation best results • Course Audience • Sequencing correction • Determine Prerequisites9
  10. 10. HRPRO SERVICES HR Certificate Chartered Association of Business Administrators Chartered Association of Business Administrators is a not-for-profit professional body chartered federally under Letters Patent granted by the Government of Canada. CABA® is also a registered mark with the US Government Patent and Trade Mark office. The Association is of the opinion that the success of the new economy requires much more than simply responding to the market demand. Accelerating change, the information revolution, globalization, intensified competition, rapid commercialization of services and compressed strategy life cycles have all created a new business environment with unprecedented challenges. Ch.HRC (Chartered Human Resource Consultant) Certification www.charteredaba.org/schools.htm10
  12. 12. HRPRO SERVICES December Schedule12
  13. 13. THE TALENT‐POWERED ORGANISATION BEST By. Peter Cheese, Robert J. Thomas, Elizabeth Craig How it Works build distinctive capabilities in defining All organizations today, public and private, are talent needs, faced with challenges that involve the workforce Hugh Performance and the ability to retain and motivate the workforce to excel. Experienced workforce deploying members are in a constant move either for talent in the Business discovering right place sources of retirement or second careers. These challenges at the right time strategy talent could impact the service delivery effectiveness, efficiency, reputation and fiscal health of the organizations. developing talent It is time for a quick exit to the BEST ground to potential avoid an organizational disaster.13
  14. 14. BEST Why it Works All organizations consist of five critical elements that must work synergistically to result in a high performance product and/or service delivery. They are: systems; finances; processes; tools; and people. An organization can have the best systems, finances, processes and tools and still not be a high performance organization. The foundational element that provides the knowledge, energy, experience and coordination of the systems, finances, processes and tools is the people. Good people can always figure out how to overcome the problems and challenges created by the other four elements. The extent to which an organization’s expectations match its realities defines its success or misery gap. Highly successful organizations don’t have a major success gap or a large misery gap because they commit to and depend on a well balanced effective mix of the four elements under girded by an excellent workforce. •building organizational bench strength, •preserving institutional and implicit knowledge, •adjusting to a new style of leadership profile that is emerging among the younger leaders14
  15. 15. BEST In Action Susan Cantrell, James M. Benton, Robert J. Thomas, Meredith Vey and Linda Kerzel. 2005. “The Accenture Human Capital Development Framework: Assessing, Measuring and Guiding Investments in Human Capital to Achieve High Performance.” Accenture Institute for High Performance Business White Paper. Human Capital Development Framework15
  16. 16. BESTStructure BEST BEST Finances Systems BEST Manager BEST BEST People Tools BEST Employee BEST Processes16
  17. 17. BESTManager Course Modules This Program is designed to develop the knowledge • Organization in Context • Competitive and Economic Forces and skills required by a manager to work effectively • Legal Forces and Responsibilities within business organisations and to enable an • The Impact of Technology and Change understanding of the business environment. • The Socio-Political Environment • Accounting and Reporting The BEST Manager Program comprises four Modules. • Reporting & Recording Business Activity The four Modules are: • Using Financial Information • Written and Numeric Communication • Using Budgets and Managing Business Resources • Communication Theory • Communication in the Workplace According to pre • Verbal Communication assessment results This program is • Written and Numeric Communication program will be conducted as 5-day • Communication and IT designed to cover program, 6 hours per • Organizations the needed day, • Leadership • Human Resource Management competencies • Managing Yourself • Technology at Work17
  18. 18. BESTEmployee This Program is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required by an employee to work effectively within business organisations, we use the standard Behavioral well known work place competencies for such program. The BEST employee Competencies Program comprises the following competencies: Financial Competencies Functional According to pre assessment results Competencies This program is program will be conducted as 5-day designed to cover program, 6 hours per IT Competencies the needed day, competencies Sales Competencies18
  19. 19. BESTAssessment Why do so many organisations like BEST Assessment? In the current economic climate where organisations want to minimise costs and become more efficient they are looking closely at how they spend their training budget. More and more organisations are using BEST Assessment to identify where their training and development needs really are. This is allowing them to focus their valuable time and money developing the skills and behaviours that are going to have the biggest impact on improving their long term business performance.19
  20. 20. BESTAssessment How does BEST Assessment work? BEST Assessment normally takes place over two days. Day 1 – Introducing the BEST Assessment concept Day one consists of presentations (30-60 minutes each) to show the importance of such assessments; throughout the day employees being assessed will value the concept of change & why it’s important for business sustainability to be honest with self & others. Day 2 – Conducting the BEST Assessment Day two of BEST Assessment process is dedicated to questionnaire process, employees will answer series of questions based on what they’ve seen, and other information given, they then determine whether in their opinion it is good or bad practice. The BEST Assessment questionnaire contains X pages, covering 10 business competencies, we do believe these competencies are essential for each employee in the organization.20
  21. 21. BESTAssessment Developing employees after BEST Assessment BEST Assessment can form the basis of a structured employee development programme and is the ideal tool to clearly identify where individual development needs are. How you meet those development needs is up to you. What we can offer you a series of flexible and innovative solutions that can be tailored to suit individual employee’s need and also organisational objectives. We call them BEST Manager & BEST Employee programs.21
  22. 22. BESTAssessment Assessment Methodology Introducing the BEST Concept to employees clearly identify where Questionnaires about individual development practices , problems, needs are worthiness , value, etc. Analysis of findings and data collected22
  23. 23. HRPRO SERVICES HR Surveys & Diagnostics Services Our services in surveys and diagnostic studies are aimed at providing valuable insights specific issues that clients face, such services are usually part of a larger consulting solution but are offered as stand-alone products like: •Leadership & Talent Assessment •Corporate Culture Assessment •Employee satisfaction, engagement & loyalty assessment •Succession and manpower planning Assessment •Evaluating effectiveness of performance appraisals methods •Wage & Salary Benchmarking •Job Evaluation, Job Analysis , Job Description Examining •Retention & Turnover23
  24. 24. HRPRO SERVICES Surveys Methodology Key staff interview and meetings (10-15) with senior staff at Organization Questionnaires Survey Analysis of findings about practices , and data collected problems, worthiness , value, etc. Examine job relatedness and other elements24
  25. 25. HRPRO SERVICES HR Software Solutions Empxtrack Exclusive Partner in the MENA region25
  26. 26. HRPRO PARTNERS & MEMBERSHIPS In order to succeed in todays business world, we believe that companies need to focus on what they do best and partner with complementary technologies and services to provide a comprehensive offering. Through our network of partners we are able to create and maintain a high quality and affordable HR service by offering a professional and experienced team to fulfil all our customers HR needs in the MENA region MEMBERS26
  27. 27. HRPRO Client List27
  28. 28. HRPRO TEAM28 28