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Results Flexibility Engagment Campaign @ Continental


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Parallel to our global roll our of flexibility (Mobile Work, Part Time and Flextime and Sabbatical) I designed an engagement campaign where we involved all our employees using enterprise social media. Videos will follow soon.

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Results Flexibility Engagment Campaign @ Continental

  1. 1. Bitte decken Sie die schraffierte Fläche mit einem Bild ab. Please cover the shaded area with a picture. (24,4 x 7,6 cm) Future Work - Flexibility Engagement Campaign For people, with people – review & results Sep 5th – Dec. 20th 2016 Harald Schirmer Leadership and Organizational Development
  2. 2. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign Employees’ needs are diverse, which calls for flexible working conditions if Continental is to remain an attractive employer. At the same time digitalization is creating new opportunities for flexible and individual working hours and workplace models, making it possible for employees to choose the time and place that enable them to put their abilities to best use. Our Flexibility at Continental 28 February 2017 2Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG
  3. 3. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign › Introduce our flexibility approach & actively ask for feedback › use the power of global diversity = better decisions › exemplify future opportunities by promoting role models › leading organizational change by transparency, appreciation and involvement › Provide training for giving feedback as well as digital communication & collaboration via repeating circles Our mission and goal Finding answers together: collective intelligence and flat networks 28 February 2017 3Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG provide training exemplify introduce leading change
  4. 4. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign Three main topics with global minimum standards: 28 February 2017 4Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Mobile Work Part Time & Flextime Work: Sabbatical:
  5. 5. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign To cover more than 90% of our global team members: 28 February 2017 5Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG
  6. 6. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign › 1 community moderator › 5 video interviews › 4 audio feedbacks › 4+ team members incl. legal team › 11 speakers including executive board › 11 questions asked › 16 weeks duration › External partner: Facts Input: 28 February 2017 6Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG
  7. 7. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign › Everyone involved (HR Executive Board, Works Council, Project Team for roll out & our Employees) shared their great appreciation of this new approach › “We did not expect such a positive & constructive atmosphere” › “The discussions and feedback really improved our quality” › “We gained very concrete and relevant insights” › “The impact on this open campaign could be experienced on multiple levels” Quality result feedback: 28 February 2017 7Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG
  8. 8. Quantity result: 681 175“actions” (contributions, comments, likes, views, votes) 43 644 wiki visits 45 comments 268 likes 11 132 community members 87 124 blog visits 52 articles 230 comments 1 175 likes 197 773 file downloads 816 forum reply’s 8 forums 65 topics 2 353 likes 37 valuable ideas 35 comments 384 votes 7 568 views
  9. 9. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign Great People Culture … values driven discussions Our trust & transparency completely payed off! 28 February 2017 9Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG zerobashing, complaining, negative comments
  10. 10. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 10Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Troy : (PROJECT LEADER) "[…]The ideas behind the campaign, were incredible, but the video engagement really left me with a feeling of the great culture of Conti. It separates us from our competitors, and makes us better. I see that we are committed to our employees."
  11. 11. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 11Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Angel: (SALES ADMINISTRATOR) "As an employee, it made me feel as though my voice was being heard, that my opinion mattered. […]"
  12. 12. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 12Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Florian: (WORKS COUNCIL) "New ways of working and workplaces are no longer just the trials of the innovators and early adapters."
  13. 13. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 13Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Helen: (Australia) This is a really exciting step forward.
  14. 14. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 14Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Martina: (SENIOR EXECUTIVE) "Devices can be switched off, mailboxes can be shared, knowledge can be documented, and also managers can be educated :-) New ways of working require new agreements among people and their leaders - this is the "price" we need to pay for our new flexibility."
  15. 15. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 15Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Nicole: (HEAD OF BUISENS UNIT HR) […] Friends and neighbors […] are enthusiastic about the opportunity that Conti provides to us as a family and could not imagine this would work in their companies."
  16. 16. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 16Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Jan: (BELGIUM) Good to see this support from the top and the sense of urgency to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and the new normal.
  17. 17. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 17Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Hema: (INDIA) These initiatives are definitely new age HR practices which will help us in becoming the preferred employer.
  18. 18. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 18Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Matthias: (SENIOR EXECUTIVE) "[…] Flexibility means something different for everyone, so the specific set up has to be jointly agreed between colleagues and leaders to make it work for the team."
  19. 19. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 19Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Xia: (SHANGHAI) I was so excited when i saw" flexibility", I am looking forward to stepping forward, that means more efficiency, more creative, and more trust.
  20. 20. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 20Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Annette: (LEADER) "I can only confirm how valuable this time off was both for me personally and for my professional development — and fully support to make this offer broadly available! Don't dream it — be it!"
  21. 21. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign 28 February 2017 21Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG Alessandro: (ITALY) This initiative is a great idea.
  22. 22. Public Flexibility Engagement Campaign and we just got started… 28 February 2017 22Harald Schirmer, © Continental AG