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Facebook addiction


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Facebook addiction

  1. 1. Prepared by : Haneen Dweikat Submitted to : Eng . Haya Sama’neh .Principles of Scientific Research and Technical Writing (64300)
  2. 2. TitlesWhat is Facebook addiction? How do you know a facebook addictor ? How to Quit Facebook ?
  4. 4. How do you know a facebook addictor ?Are you addicted to Facebook?It starts with a simple exploration of your friends onthe site and suddenly you are logging in 10 times a dayto see if any of your friends have made updates to theirprofiles, changed their relationship status or haveposted new videos or articles.
  5. 5. Suddenly you are glued to your computer monitor and theonly thing on the screen is Facebook , and that’s reallyterrible .So , watch yourself isn’t that true it’s all happing now adys, keeping in touch with all up-to-date events can beachieved by Facebook but not by gluing your self to themonitor for that long and that frequently .
  6. 6. Statistics We made a  24 out of the 109 questioner relevant spend daily about 10 to our topic . hours on the site . Asked about 130  While about 58 students . spend about 3-5 109 answered that hours . they are addictive to  13 spend about 1-3 F.B , about 83.8% , hours a day on the while 21 only are site . not,  A little bit spendabout 16.153% . between 5-10 about 4.
  7. 7. So maybe your addiction isn’t that bad but apparently enough people are addicted“How to Quit Facebook.” her is a 6-step solution:1. Admit you have a problem – This sounds like the first step to any other addiction. Ask yourself “What did I just accomplish by checking Facebook?” If only I had that much self-control over my Facebook addiction. Well, at least admit to it!
  8. 8. 2. Define your goals on Facebook . I really hadmany goals with Facebook. Some people, maybe,their goals should be reach 5,000 friends. Thatsurely would get them to log in more frequently. Tryjust logging in to check on friends’ birthdays, keeptrack of old friends, etc. Once you catch yourselfgoing off track, log off. If only it was that easy!
  9. 9. 3. Make a Facebook Schedule – Seriously? If youfind yourself scheduling Facebook into your dailyschedule, this should be a serious warning sign. Heris the solution “after each Facebook goal, writedown how much time and at what frequency you’llneed to be on Facebook to achieve that goal.” Arethey serious? Based on the calculations theysuggested, you end up using Facebook for 6 hoursand 20 minutes a week. I think this is still a relativelysignificant amount of time, although I spend much more time on the site
  10. 10. 4. Think of other things you could be doing – Duh! This is ano brainer. I could be at the gym, socializing in the realworld or a million other things but there is a reason I loggedon in the first place. I’m starting to think that thesesuggestions are totally useless!5. Leave Facebook – This should have been number one! Ifyou are spending way too much time on Facebook, quit coldturkey. It’s like having your cell phone turned off for 24hours. Once you do it, you will realize how dependent youhave become and think twice about your usage.
  11. 11. 6. Find a substitute – This one is good. Facebook takingup too much time? Find another site that isn’t as good!“if you find you’re at a computer during critical relapsetime, find another website to log onto and read instead ofFacebook.”So how much time do you spend on Facebook? HasFacebook become an addiction for you?