Social Media & SM Marketing


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Slide presentation, Lecture Online Marketing & Social Media. University of Aruba. June 9th, 2011

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Social Media & SM Marketing

  1. 1. Edward M. ErasmusLecture Online Marketing& Social MediaUniversity of Aruba, June 9th, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• What is Social Media?• What is Social Media Marketing?• Why (consider) Social Media Marketing?• How will SMM contribute to your Strategy?• How to get started?• Conclusion and Key Takeaways
  3. 3. What is social media?
  4. 4. so.cial me.di.a…a whole network of sites whereusers can interact with one anotherwhether it is by sharing information ordiscussing various topics
  5. 5. Simply stated… Social media is peoplehaving conversations and sharing stuff online….
  6. 6. Social networking timeline
  7. 7. so.cial me.di.a
  8. 8. Social media tools (to name a few)
  9. 9. Contains profiles of Fortune 500 executives and leading entrepreneursAverage individual salary on LinkedIn is $109,000 
  10. 10. Registered Users100,000,000 +•Find contacts•Start and use groups•Create resumes•Use ‘signal’ for news/info•Link with slideshare•…and more….LinkedIn community in Aruba is growing fast!
  11. 11. A free, web‐based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non‐profit Wikimedia Foundation.
  12. 12. microblogging tool + social networkingRegistered Users190,000,000 +Updates per month54,000,000 +
  13. 13. Over 2 billion videos viewed daily 700 billion video playbacks in 2010 Base age demographic is 18‐54
  14. 14. •Create account•Create channels•Edit/create videos•Invite subscribers•Share content•Events•Post bulletins•…and more…
  15. 15. Other (less known) social media  platforms
  16. 16. Understanding the power of social mediaMemorable social media moments of past few years
  17. 17. US Presidential election 2008 The ‘Facebook’ election The Obama campaign used not only Facebook and YouTube,  but also MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, BlackPlanet, LinkedIn,  AsianAve, MiGente, Glee and others to engage you voters. Obama McCainSupporters on Facebook 2,000,000 600,000Followers on Twitter 112,000 4,600YouTube channel visits 18 million 2 millionYouTube channel views 97 million 25 millionObama had a social media strategyMcCain ..???
  18. 18. Iran elections 2009 Her Name Was Neda…The images of Iranian protests against the disputed election of President MahmoudAhmadinejad were widely broadcasted to the world through Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.The killing of young student Neda Agha‐Soltan posted on YouTube was probably the most widely witnessed death in human history.
  19. 19. Britain’s Got Talent 2009Susan Boyle…a surprise YouTube hit(2.5 million views in just 72 hours)Susan Boyle astonished the judges at the auditions for ITV1 show with her rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables’.The original video posted in 2009 has over 66 million views to date.
  20. 20. Bieber fever heats up YouTube 2009Over 1 million fans on Twitter before launching his first album…Discovered by a talent agent who came across one of the videos his mother uploaded to YouTube. Two months later he signed to a record label.
  21. 21. Most searched celebrityon the web‘Baby’ is most viewed YouTubevideo in history: > 559.000.000 times
  22. 22. From social media to social movement 2011Facebook and Twitter were considered askey players in the uprising in the MiddleEast
  23. 23. More stories gone viral...Victim’s bro gone renowned… The man with the golden voiceLaunched to worldwide‘fame’ with her single“Friday”: 161 million views
  24. 24. So how powerful is social media?.. “We’re still in the process of picking  ourselves up off the floor after witnessing  firsthand the fact that a 16‐year‐old  YouTuber can deliver us 3 times the traffic  in a couple of days that some excellent  traditional media coverage has over 5  months.” ~Michael Fox, founder of Shoes of Prey
  25. 25. Thanks to social media:• Towards a more social, collaborative,  interactive and responsive web• Opportunities for businesses to engage in  creative new forms of online  communication with (potential) clients. 
  26. 26. Social MediaMarketing
  27. 27. Social media marketingThe process of promotingbusiness or websites throughsocial media channels
  28. 28. By now we should have realized thatsocial networking is not a hype…..It’s a fundamental shiftin the way wecommunicate.
  29. 29. “In 2008, if you are not on asocial networking site, you arenot on the internet.”~IAB platform status report: User generated content, Social media, and advertising–An overview, April 2008
  30. 30. So why Social Media Marketing?
  31. 31. Three key reasons to startconsidering Social Media Marketing….
  32. 32. Reason #1 The ‘engagement’ factor…“Social Media is an excellent pointof initial engagement withconsumers – essentially the firststep in a purchase process.” ~Michael Orpen
  33. 33. “One thousand three hundred and thirty years in time     is spent    daily on ”Source:
  34. 34. 31%Users following a brand: Brand recommendations per month: 7,800,000 +
  35. 35. Dell’s Success in using Twitter• Fast to adopt (2007)• Segmentated users• Created special offering for each  of its segments• Created a community and build a  trust factor• Targeted ‘Sales messages’ to the  community
  36. 36. Reason #2 The ‘word‐of‐mouth’ factor… 78% of people trust recommendations of other consumers. While only 14% of people trust tv and radio advertisements.Source: Nielsen report “Trust in advertising”
  37. 37. Say goodbye to the era of  monologue
  38. 38. The new communication model is  dialogue
  39. 39. Some more interesting facts….The average person is exposed to  3000 advertising messages/day90% of people who can skip TV ads, do.
  40. 40. Reason #3 The ‘Gen‐Y’ factor”Technology is the major influencer ofGeneration Y’s buying behavior. Itinfluences how they find and compareproducts, as well as how they get theirproducts.”~Angela Hughes, Strategies for Reaching the Elusive Generation Y Consumer (2008)
  41. 41. Generation Y is here!!!Generation Y??
  42. 42. Generation YBorn in the mid‐1980s and later….• Generation Y (a.k.a. Millennials) are in  their 20s and are entering the workforce in  large numbers.• Companies cannot ignore the needs, desires  and attitudes of this vast generation.
  43. 43. Gen Y characteristics…• Tech‐Savvy• Continually Connected• Skim Text and Information Quickly• Influenced by Peers• Easily Bored• Attention‐Craving (recognition)
  44. 44. Millennials spend>16 hours/weekonline.96% of them havejoined a socialnetwork.
  45. 45. Staying ‘online’ is an integral part of Generation Y’s lives
  46. 46. Tomorrow’s consumers are  today’s “digital natives”
  47. 47. “Social media is like a snowball rollingdown the hill. It’s picking up speed. Fiveyears from now, it’s going to be thestandard.” ~Jeff Antaya, chief marketing officer of Plante Moran
  48. 48. How can Social Media contribute to your Marketing Strategy?
  49. 49. Traditional marketing  often focuses on the  four P’s:  Product Price • Place • Promotion
  50. 50. Social Media Marketing Penables you to add more  ’s to your  marketing & communication mix…
  51. 51. #1…..Participation• Offering customers a voice will lead  to a greater sense of ownership
  52. 52. Starbucks gave consumers a  voice....the result: over  50,000 product ideas
  53. 53. #2…..Personality (brand) What is a brand anyway?.....
  54. 54. A brand =…name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of a company.
  55. 55. Brand loyalty Strong human connection• SM offers an opportunity for a brand to show  its personality, without it looking like a  marketing plan or ad campaign.• SM Marketing is all about connecting with  people first as human beings and then as  customers later.• SM = branding through conversations!
  56. 56. #3...
  57. 57. • Forget B2C or B2B…… it’s now P2P (person‐2‐person)…customers want to connect and interact with  companies on a 1:1 social level…and those who can deliver that, will gain  substantial competitive edge..
  58. 58. #4… 24/ 7 Public Relations
  59. 59. • Show both sides of a story; • Can be used to provide comments, to dispel  myths and to correct incorrect information  that may be circulating;• Consultation can take place in an effective  way, as it allows for greater openness and  transparency. 
  60. 60. So…in essence….Product Price Promotion Place PersonalityParticipation (brand) P2P PR Customer loyalty + Reveneus R.O.I.
  61. 61. So how to get started?...
  62. 62. Getting started….1. Define your objectives2. Define your audience3. Define your strategy4. Choose your channels5. Plan a content agenda6. Decide on who will manage what7. Define measurement mechanisms8. Execute – evaluate – adapt – execute….
  63. 63. Conclusion Social media has completely changed the  landscape of marketing, and when executed  well, it has positive implications for multiple  divisions:• from consumer insights• to product development/innovation• to marketing• to corporate reputation
  64. 64. Key Takeaways….[3 P’s when launching SMM] •Purpose •Point of view •Patience Forget marketing, start engaging!
  65. 65. Some afterthoughts about SMM….• Core business: products / services Quality, promises, commitments, relationships• Social media is an ingredient, not an entrée… No replacement for all other marketing tools, instead: it should be integrated with other online  and offline marketing strategies
  66. 66. THANK YOU!!
  67. 67. Edward M. Erasmus, MAe.erasmus@fzanv.comerasmus.bpas@gmail.comFacebook: