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Facebook Addiction Disorder


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Facebook Addiction Disorder

  1. 1. EFFECTS OF FACEBOOK ADDICTION TO CEU-LV STUDENTS Abutar, Kean Daniele R. Bernardo, Joseal Christianne M. Biason, Cathrina Joy S.
  2. 2. THESIS ABSTRACT EFFECTS OF FACEBOOK ADDICTION TO THE GRADES OF CEU-LV STUDENTS Researchers: Abutar, Kean Daniele R. Bernardo, Joseal Christianne M. Biason, Cathrina Joy S. No. of Pages: 51 The Problem: Effects of Facebook to the grades of CEU-LV students Sub-Problems: 1. Surfing Facebook affects the grade. Methods Used: Descriptive Method
  3. 3. SUMMARY OF THE FINDINGS According to this survey, majority of the respondents had answered that Facebook was introduced to them by their friends with a total frequency of 100 (73% percentage). Majority of the respondents said that Facebook is addicting with a total frequency of 88 (64.24% percentage). The respondents said that Facebook affects their grades with 95 (69.35%) 57 or 41.60% of the respondents said that they spend 2-4 hours using facebook. With 73 or 53.28%, the respondents said Facebook alter real-world interactions. From the survey, 106 or 77.37% said that Facebook keeps them updated. 69 or 50.37% said that they feel satisfied for a entirely new form of communication. According to the survey, 79 or 57.66% said that Facebook meet their entertainment expectations.
  4. 4. Facebook does affect the students’ grades. 30 25 20 15 YES 10 NO 5 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th year year year year
  5. 5. CONCLUSION According to the numbers that we had tallied, the respondents mostly said that Facebook affects their grades. They give more priority on surfing Facebook than their studies. They never limit the time they spend on surfing Facebook and they stick to it.