Facebook addiction and issues


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  • Facebook – I can see some people grimace and some people give a a sly smileWho uses. Nope wrong question. Who does not use.WOW.New 8th wonder of the world -> People who do not use it.Many of us migrated from Orkut to Facebook
  • If Facebook Were A Country, It Would Be The 3rd Most PopulatedNever in the history of the world where some of the people who belong not only to the 2nd most populated country in the world but the 3rd as well.Visa -> Anyone with a browser device and internet access can become a citizen
  • When I looked at this statistics I felt that here Facebook may have overtaken IndiaAlso then I realized many of the people who are active on Facebook are Indians -> 46 million monthly active users/ monthYou never know – Politcians
  • A good news for all the men.The only country where the ratio is 1:1.5Fake profilesBut the good news it provides a platform for women to express themselves without censorship.
  • Heaven for gossipers and socialites.Quick instant sharing news.Quick updates from friends, families and crushes.“Facebook upload phenomenon” -> People click photos not for memories but to share
  • How many of you do this?I do this.I never realized how much of an importance I gave to Facebook till we did this presentation.Well this presentation is mainly for all those have risen their hands.Scary.
  • Well if you had answered yes you may be a Facebook addict.A lot of your decisions everyday may be centered around Facebook.So how do you get know if you are an Facebook addict?
  • Facebook addiction and issues

    3. 3. Over 1.3 billion users across 212countries
    4. 4. 618 million daily active users
    5. 5. Females constitute 60% of total users
    6. 6. 1 in every 13 has a FB A/C
    7. 7. Are you a FB addict??
    8. 8. If you login for more than twice a day
    9. 9. If u cant stop yourself from checkingFB notifications from phone
    10. 10. If u cant resist from sending friendrequests
    11. 11. If 8 out of 10 people shown in your FBpage are complete strangers
    12. 12. You become paranoid: "Why hasntthis person messaged me back?"
    13. 13. Over-Sharing
    14. 14. You become restless or troubled if youare prohibited from using FB
    15. 15. If you login before brushing your teeth
    16. 16. If you cant stop logging in evenbetween your routine work
    17. 17. 56% of FB users play GAMES% of GAMERSGamersNon gamers
    18. 18. 3 out of every 5 users
    19. 19. Over 60 million people were addicted
    20. 20. 4 million monthly users within 60 days
    21. 21. 6428 fans per day
    22. 22. Fastest growing FB game
    23. 23. FB @ Offices
    24. 24. Affects 12.5% of productivity
    25. 25. FB affecting Social and Family life
    26. 26. FB affecting youth
    27. 27. FB Addiction Detector
    28. 28. Giving up FB is like giving up smoking
    29. 29. Once you are addicted, its hard torecover
    30. 30. Lets hear it from C.A Pratik Duggar• The only one in TAPMI without a FB A/C• Had to go through lot of pear pressure andpressure from cousins• Has never felt that he was missing somethingin his life• He feels FB is just a tool to make youremotions public
    31. 31. ..............Cont• He even compared FB to a KNIFE• It was supposed to create bonding• He even felt that people are misusing this tool
    32. 32. FACE OF FB IN TAPMI• Lets hear from Sridhar who spends around 2hours daily in FB (min 2 hrs/day)
    33. 33. Calls himself as a FB fan, not an addict• Login more than two times a day• Likes around 5 -10 pictures a day• Has a habit of sleeping late because of FB
    34. 34. FB is an ENABLER
    35. 35. Is it Good or Bad ?
    36. 36. Supporting entrepreneurs• Manuel Otto- the founder of Stick Run• 15 year old
    37. 37. Platform for marketing
    38. 38. Has taken over E-Mail
    39. 39. Games for development
    40. 40. Source of information and news
    41. 41. Top 6 application developers in FB• Zynga• Thunderpenny• Schoolfeed• Scribed• Woobox• Pinterest
    42. 42. Effective and Efficient Networking