Introduction to Arch Week 11


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Introduction to Arch Week 11

  1. 1. Architecture as Identification of Place The Phenomenon of Place The Structure of Place The Spirit of Place
  2. 2. The Phenomenon of Place
  3. 3. “The existential purpose of the building (architecture) is therefore to make a site becomea place, that is, to uncover the meanings potentially present in the given environment .” Christian Norberg-Schulz
  4. 4. The Phenomenon of Place “What, then, we mean with the word ‘place’? Obviously we mean something more than abstract location. We mean a totality made up of concrete things having material substance, shape, texture and colour. Together these things determine an ‘environmental character’, which is the essence of place. In general a place is given as such a character or “atmosphere”. A place is therefore aqualitative, ‘total’ phenomenon, which we can not reduce to any of its properties, such as spatial relationships, without losing its concrete nature out of sight.” Christian Norberg-Schulz
  5. 5. The Phenomenon of PlaceOutside – inside, on the ground under the sky. Hildebrandt: Gollersdorf, Chapel.
  6. 6. The Phenomenon of PlaceOutside – inside. Stimmung. Giglio Castello. Nordic forest near Oslo.
  7. 7. The Phenomenon of Place Inside.Old Norwegian cottage, Telemark.
  8. 8. The Phenomenon of Place Stimmung.Desert village outside Khartoum.
  9. 9. The Structure of Place
  10. 10. The Structure of PlaceSettlement in the Landscape.Capracotta, Isernia.Urban inside.Il Campo, Siena.
  11. 11. The Structure of Place Visualization. Calcata, Lazio. Symbolization. Petra in Jordan.
  12. 12. The Structure of PlaceVisualization and symbolization. Castle in Alto Adige.
  13. 13. The Structure of PlaceThe Bridge . Zurich.
  14. 14. The Spirit of Place
  15. 15. The Spirit of PlaceIdentification. Nordic winter.
  16. 16. The Spirit of PlaceIdentification. Khartoum, Sudan.
  17. 17. The Spirit of PlaceSidewalk. Berlin.
  18. 18. SPACE AND PLACE: Architecture as Identification of Place The Phenomenon of Place The Structure of Place The Spirit of Place Exam preparation: Professor’s lecture and presentationFarrelly, L., The Fundamentals of Architecture, AVA Publishing SA, 2007. . You can also use the book listed in References .
  19. 19. Prepared by: Dr. Sc. Nermina Mujezinović architect Literature that was used for lecture preparation / Credits & References1. Schulz, N. C., Genius Loci, Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture, Rizzoli, Edinburgh College of Art Library